Selva GT 342 the little big luxury tender.

The Selva GT 342 luxury tender is stable and pretty fast, very useful to enrich the tours of the owners of large yachts but not solo.Un perfect dinghy for tender for soatare directly on the beach  or to land where the yacht can not or just to stay in closer contact with nature and with water, both the sea and the lakes.

  The boat is only 131,89 in (inch) long and 68,11 in wide and was built  with large tubular 16.92 in

La comfortable capacity of 4 seats including that of the console, but you can carry up to a maximum of five people.
There is also space for three peaks distributed over the entire length of the tender.

  The interior length is 105,12 in, while the interior space is just 32,68 in wide and has been suitably shaped to facilitate the embarkation and disembarkation of persons on board. The main feature of this inflatable boat is the presence of very fiberglass used for the construction

 In fact, completely built in fiberglass hull provides greater robustness and high hydrodynamic efficiency with the ability to for soatare directly on the beach without concern, of course, where you can, without agonize scraping of pebbles.
E ‘of fiberglass not only the hull, but also the support of the cleat of the bow and, above all, the aft arc that joins the cockpit of the outboard to the structure of the stern sofa.

 For the operation of this boat you have been chosen to use an outboard motor of 40 hp Selva Aruana made with this power to support even the water-skiers.
In fact the engine is produced by Yamaha, even if the support and warranty is guaranteed by the Selva through a convenient trade agreement both of the two companies for both the customer. In fact, it is expected for those who buy from Selva is the boat is the engine, a very competitive price compared to other rafts of the same type.

There is also the possibility to power the boat through an engine Selva Kingfish 25 hp. We say that this solution is also the most recommended not only because most economically advantageous but especially for those who have a great experience in governing great power rafts as the solution offered for the 40 hp.
  Small boats and powerful must lead them politely during the speed variations as to the moderate size immediately respond to commands so you have to have the ability and the time to trim, rudder and engine gas.

If you set a cruising speed of around 17 knots the boat enables a very stable sail in total comfort whether you are traveling alone or fully loaded. The situation does not change even in turns for the hull and the big tubulars boat.

   You can still navigate with ever higher speeds in full security and stability. With an engine of 40 hp the top speed reaches about 27 knots at 5,500 rpm.
For those who want to have a small boat, graceful and powerful Selva GT 342 is a viable solution for the quality of the materials used for its construction, but especially for the price. In fact, for those who choose the Selva GT 342 dinghy with engine 40hp, the total price is EUR 13,630, while the one with the engine 25 hp the price is 12,480 euro.

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