Elan GT6 the first sailboat of the Elan Yacht yard with Porsche Design

Elan Yacht is a Slovenian shipyard that builds fast quality sailing boats. After a long time from its last project, the GT5 finally the shipyard proposes its new certainly innovative model called GT6.


The boat’s high-performance hull and sail plan were designed by British design studio Rob Humphreys, who have designed all GT Elan models to date. While the great novelty of the latter model is that the deck and the interiors were designed by FA Porsche, the Porche design studio, which for this boat has crossed over into the nautical sector, leaving a very strong mark of its design that characterizes it. always in the automotive world.

It is the first time that this prestigious car brand offers its collaboration for the design of a sailboat, while it has already offered its participation in the sector of high-performance motor boats, precisely with the Fearless 28 that was born from the collaboration of Miami-based Fearless Yachts with the German team of Porsche Design. This motor boat is very reminiscent of the automotive style of the Porsche Carrera GT.


The new GT6 model is a real fast and comfortable Gran Turismo with a very important sail plan with a total sail area, mainsail plus jib of 113.74 square meters. The light and sturdy hull was built with vinylester resin and 3D VAIL infusion technology developed by the shipyard.

The overall length of the boat is 49.90 feet, (15.20m); maximum beam 14.70 feet, (4.49m); hull length 47 feet, (14.32m); maximum draft 8 feet, (2.45 m); displacement 12,450 kg; ballast 3,900 kg; fuel capacity 80 gallons, (300 l); water capacity 132 gallons, (500 l); “T” keel and double rudder blade. The propulsion of the yacht is always guaranteed due to the presence in the engine room of a 60 hp Volvo Penta 60 engine but the possibility of installing not only other types of engines but also of higher power is not excluded. These are the main technical features.

Having said that, to analyze the particularities of this boat we must start from the stern immediately behind the cockpit, where the two twin control wheels with the relative seats are set up, where the imprint of the Porche design studio is very strong. All the maneuvering devices are hidden and converge near the two twin wheels of the wheelhouse where there are two manually and electrically operated winches that allow a single person to carry out all the adjustment maneuvers on the entire sail plan.

The two wheels are installed together with the navigation control instruments on two exclusive columns with a unique and original design that seem to be suspended in a very elegant area, slender in the shape of gull wings accompanied by two handrails.

Even the two large stern lockers that also serve as seats for the helmsman on the two control wheels are equipped with handrails and have a unique shape, light in fact they are the final result of a great design work, which only a study of level as Porsche could achieve. One locker contains an external fridge, the other a barbecue.

When sailing, there is all the extra space needed in addition to the two seats on the lockers, there is also the possibility of maneuvering the boat through other comfortable side seats adjacent to the stern lockers.

The visibility on the instruments on the columns is excellent in all directions, even laterally.

The transom ends with a large beach that descends on command and opens almost to sea level, which in addition to facilitating guests to enter and exit the water, there is plenty of space to sit on one of the chairs supplied to the boat and unwind relax and sunbathe and enjoy the wonders of the sea up close.

In addition, the beach is equipped with a ladder with 4 steps with two sturdy handrails to facilitate exit from the water. When the beach is pulled down, a long stowage space is accessible, where you can store many things such as a tender. This space can also be reached through a trap door in the synthetic teak walkable area between the two control wheels.

The cockpit is sheltered by a light bimini and protected by a very high guard, on both sides there are two sofas with tables, in the middle a long free teak deck, with a large hidden locker, taking advantage of this central space the two tables, when necessary, they can be extended and rejoined and form a single table for a maximum capacity of 8/10 people.

Another thing to highlight is that the two sofas on the two sides of the cockpit can be extended and transformed with the help of mattresses into two comfortable sunbathing areas through retractable tables.

The passage from the cockpit to the wide gangway is very easy and without any obstacles it is possible to walk up to the bow using, if necessary, the help of a long handrail.

The bow consists of a large triangular space with manholes and portholes flush with the floor that do not create any problems when walking.

This whole area can be used and equipped as you wish to spend most of the day outdoors in close contact with the sun and the sea. On the extreme tip we find a sail locker equipped with ladder and another locker for the anchor and chains with its auxiliary controls, the main ones are present in the cockpit, and a retractable bowsprit in carbon fiber.

The descent below deck takes place via a staircase that is accessed from a hatch located aft of the mast. For those who look at the interiors for the first time, the thing that stands out is the attention to all details, the quality of the materials used and the exceptional craftsmanship.


The interiors are characterized by a huge full beam saloon that offers a splendid 180 ° view and a galley wisely moved further forward where the movement of the yacht at sea is more comfortable and there is minimal skidding due to pitch and roll.

The saloon and galley are covered by a beautiful aerodynamic superstructure that has a shape, very much like the automotive style designed by Porsche Design. In addition, the glass surfaces of this particular structure create panoramic and bright interiors that are protected in any climatic condition and makes the boat unique in its kind.

The salon is the first room of the interior that we find near the entrance which occupies the entire width of the beam. We have a first “L” -shaped sofa on one side with a central table whose height is automatically adjustable on command, in addition we can add other chairs in the free part of the table that are supplied with the boat that can be used, even outside and have their own dedicated stowage.


On the affixed side we have another “L” -shaped sofa with a tilting table for correspondence and a retractable television that can rotate in all directions so visible in every point of the living room and also from the nearby kitchen. The entire room, living room plus kitchen, is surrounded by numerous cabinets at the end of which there are 14 with a particular design with piston openings that cushion the fall of the opening doors.

The galley moved towards the bow is equipped with a double sink, a large fridge, a freezer, a hob with multiple burners with normal oven and another very practical retractable microwave because when not in use it keeps itself hidden thus recovering useful space in the kitchen. in addition there are the right dedicated spaces for placing various jars. The boat is full of functional details not only aesthetic that make life on board more comfortable.

The GT6 sailing yacht guarantees maximum comfort both in the standard version with two cabins and two bathrooms and the optional version with three cabins and two bathrooms.   

The sleeping area, in the optional version, has two aft cabins, plus a bathroom. While at the bow there is another master cabin, always with a private bathroom.

The two aft cabins are not the same, one is slightly narrower and lower due to the presence of a stern locker on deck, however it is large with a soft-closing door to absorb vibrations, at the entrance, we immediately find a refined piece of furniture hanger with ample space to stow other personal things. The bed is very spacious with a very high edge, where you can lie down, sit and read a book with the help of a special reading light and a porthole that opens at the top to let in natural light and fresh sea air for the exchange of air. The other aft cabin is just bigger and taller but has the same features.

Then we have the bathroom that serves the two cabins with an electric toilet with fresh water with a very large cup, with an optimal space. The height of the bathroom is about 2 meters and is furnished with a piece of furniture very enriched by various drawers and cabinets with sink and large mirror and a spacious shower with internal seat all well finished with wood and selected materials of excellent quality.

The forward cabin is a truly exclusive, very spacious and quite high master cabin, where you immediately notice the touch of the Porche design studio. With a large wardrobe at the entrance and a beautiful, particular and original double bed with enough space that allows you to go down from all sides. The entire cabin is surrounded by seven refined and functional cabinets and more stowage space can be found in the chest of drawers under the final part of the bed. Natural light is not lacking because we have two large windows, one on each side of the cabin, a top opening porthole and even a manhole on the attic of the cabin just above the central position of the bed. The bow bathroom as well as the aft one is very spacious set up with a choice of accessories and top quality materials with a fabulous shower box,here too the doors are protected to avoid vibrations.

The base price of this boat in the standard version is € 369.900 plus VAT.

It is certainly a candidate to be one of the best sailing boats of the year for innovation, performance, liveability, construction, aesthetics and value for money. Even if in the end, like all things, it is the market, the choice of the owners that decree the real success of a boat with the number of units that can be sold.   

At the moment there is great satisfaction from all the players who have contributed to creating this excellent boat starting from the new ownership of the shipyard that has strongly desired the collaboration of the Porsche Design studio for the realization of this new project.

The boat can be tested at the shipyard’s test center in the port of Portoroz in Slovenia, a few kilometers from the Italian border. While the operational headquarters of the yard is located Begunje na Gorenjskem a town in the municipality of Radovljica in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia.


In this regard Marko Škrbin, director of the marine division of Elan has released the following statement:

“Our new powerful flagship model offers the most demanding sailors all the benefits of Elan’s build quality and Humphreys performance with the design style of Studio FA Porsche.” “With the GT6 you can sail further, faster, sail in comfort and arrive in style.”

While the team of Studio FA Porsche in a joint note released the following communication:

“The idea behind the design of Elan’s new GT6 yacht designed by Studio FA Porsche is to create a modern and unique sailing experience that combines nature and technology while traveling on the high seas.”. “The external focus of the yacht” on the combination of minimalism and dynamics, while bringing water sports closer to nature. The result is a splendid aft deck composed of sculpted volumes inspired by the aerodynamic elements used in sports cars “

Elan  GT6 la prima barca a vela del cantiere Elan Yacht con Porsche Design

Elan Yacht è un cantiere Sloveno che costruisce veloci barche a vela di qualità. Dopo parecchio tempo dal suo ultimo progetto il GT5 finalmente il cantiere propone un suo nuovo modello certamente innovativo dal nome GT6. Continua a leggere “Elan  GT6 la prima barca a vela del cantiere Elan Yacht con Porsche Design”