RP 38 the smallest catamaran of the pleasure series built by Marine Technology Inc

RP 38 is a high performance recreational catamaran built by Marine Technology Inc (MTI) an industry leading shipyard American  in the production of fast and safe boats.

MTI initially made a name for itself for building winning racing boats for national and world offshore competitions.

The shipyard is known and appreciated not only for the production of comfortable and safe high performance catamaran style pleasure boats with inboard and outboard engines, but also for the quality of the constructions of Center Console Vee-Bottoms and obviously offshore competitions boats.

RP 38 is the perfect boat for an offshore adventure a perfect integration between luxury performance and comfort with many of the same components used in MTI’s winning boats in the offshore world championships.

The technical specifications of the project are the end result of the extensive knowledge and experience in the high performance boat sector of Randy Scism founder of the shipyard.

To increase stability the hull has the lowest possible center of gravity with a V-shaped keel that makes driving pleasant, comfortable and safe with exceptional maneuverability both at high speed and in rough waters in trajectory and in turns.

The keel was designed through a sort of twin keels, linked to the direct sporting experience of Randy Scism, several times offshore world champion, for a long time in charge of the Victory Team, the invincible squadron that has brought so many victories to Dubai, the capital of one of the seven United Arab Emirates, in the Offshore Class 1.

Randy Scism has been able to wisely transfer all his experience acquired over the years in national and world offshore competitions, first as a pilot and then as technical director, in the high performance nautical sector.

To make the RP 38 more for recreational use than a racing catamaran, the luxury and comfort have been increased to the highest levels while retaining the same performance characteristics as racing boats.

The catamaran is 38 feet (11.58 m) long and 10 feet 6 inches (3.2 m) wide; weighs 9,500 pounds (4,309 kg); fuel capacity 260 gallons (984 l).

It features modern crisp fine lines that reflect advanced technical specifications for enhanced comfort and performance, and has been constructed using an epoxy process, cored, vacuum packed and post cured. It is currently among the lightest and strongest to be found on the market with maximum maneuverability and performance.

RP 38 is the smallest of the pleasure series, which includes models in the 38 to 52 foot range, the best high performance custom catamarans built by MTI for fast boaters.

This catamaran style boat was built for the pleasure of racing and for the cockpit an atmosphere of sporty top luxury was created.

The upholstery of the seats with wide padding is coordinated with the color of the boat’s exterior. The entire cockpit of the control station equipped with cup holders and comfortable storage compartments is protected by an enveloping windscreen that covers all occupants.

 From the diamond-patterned seams of the seats to the contours of the entire upholstery, everything has been created with perfectionism and scrupulousness to satisfy the most demanding customers who appreciate the quality of the details.

Due to its small size it is more easily manageable than its bigger brothers, nevertheless the boat still offers a cockpit with 6 seats, comfortable stowage areas, and easy access to boarding.

The two forward seats of the pilot and co-pilot are divided by a central support, where the throttle levers and the gearbox knobs are installed separately to allow the pilot and co-pilot to divide the tasks during navigation. The control station was built to best meet the needs and preferences of the driver with the dashboard made with the most advanced control and command systems of the moment.

Immediately behind are the other four guest seats with ample legroom available.

This racing boat transformed into catamaran-style pleasure craft is equipped with the latest in electronic technology and the latest high-end audio systems and state-of-the-art LED lighting systems above and below the water.

Also for RP 38, like all MTIs, the boat is modeled according to the owner’s personal tastes to be the boat he has always dreamed of owning.  

In fact, customers can decide on the colors, the hull graphics and choose from a large list of options, such as the navigation system, the engine and the cockpit fittings.

The end result is to create an exclusive boat easily distinguishable from the others that truly reflect the personality and uniqueness of their owners.

RP 38 can be powered by a wide range of Mercury Racing engine packages preferred by the shipyard because they are not only fast but also, durable and reliable and fuel efficient, all able to push, weather / sea conditions permitting, the boat with a ready acceleration to a three-digit maximum speed.

Among the configurations positively tested on the RP 38 catamaran is the one that features a pair of Mercury Racing 860hp sterndrive 9.0-liter engines equipped with the exclusive four-valve aluminum cylinder heads of Mercury Racing and the double valve train of the overhead camshaft which greatly improves engine performance and durability and allows the engine to produce 860hp at 6800rpm on 89 octane pump fuel (Rec 90). Another possible configuration is that with 2 Mercury Racing sterndrive engines of 1,100 hp each.

These engines are compatible with Mercury Racing’s Zero Effort digital controls which provide an intuitive experience, precisely signaling the driver’s intention to engines equipped with Mercury Digital Throttle and Shift (DTS) technology. They are also compatible with CNC propellers and dry sump M6 and M8 transmissions for maximum efficiency and power. 

The possibility that the RP 38 is driven by other even more powerful engine configurations is not ruled out.