MTI RP 52 outstanding performance in a wide variety of conditions

The American shipyard MTI (Marine Technology Inc.) of the American offshore champion Randy Scism, produces exclusive and very fast boats signed Randy Scism.

 A shipyard known and appreciated not only for the high performance of its models, but also for the quality of the comfortable and safe constructions, characterized by mono and catamaran hulls linked to the direct sporting experience of the owner. We are in fact talking about Randy Scism, several times offshore world champion, for a long time in charge of the Victory Team, the invincible squadron that has brought so many victories to Dubai in the Offshore Class 1.

The shipyard manufactures pleasure boats that retain all the performance characteristics of a racing boat customized according to the request of wealthy and demanding customers who are looking for the pleasure that is felt by darting on the water at very high speeds and MTI builds each boat keeping I take into account the needs and preferences of the customer by providing quality craftsmanship, advanced electronics and the most modern features that the nautical industry can offer at that time with great attention to detail without neglecting the comforts on board such as icemaker and powerful stereo in the cockpit.

The hulls are made through composite artifacts, which are largely in carbon while the hull design is patented to ensure a pleasant ride, through V or Vee Bottom hulls, characterized by a sort of twin keels, similar to a catamaran, to ensure a stable, safe and predictable boat at all speeds with remarkable handling.

On the hull there are two steps that allow the hydrodynamic lifting of the hull and allows the water to slide off easily, reducing the friction surfaces and the drag of the boat. The steps built on the bottom of the boat, fundamental in a fast boat, are the result of numerous tests carried out and of the experience of Randy Scism throughout his career both as a pilot and as Technical Director to identify the right position, height and the inclination they must have to minimize the hydrodynamic resistance that opposes the advancement of the boat.

Randy Scism’s Vee Bottoms are extremely dry boats even in extreme conditions. The strong flaring of the bow sections gives safety in rough waters and increases comfort in navigation by limiting the rise of splashes.

Over the years, Marine Technology Inc. has become the industry leader in the production of both offshore and pleasure boats with high performance center console style with a V-bottom and catamarans distinguished by racing and pleasure series powered by sterndrive and outboard engines. .

Among the customizable pleasure catamarans of the MTI pleasure series made to satisfy yachtsmen eager for high performance and comfort with luxury features we find MTI RP 52 which is the largest model in the series an extraordinarily fast boat offering exceptional performance in a wide variety of conditions built by MTI for all boaters passionate about high performance boats.

MTI RP 52 is 52 feet (15.85 m) long 11 feet 6 inches (3.5 m) wide has a fuel capacity 270 US gallons (1022 liters) The dry hull weighs 13,5000 lbs (6,123 kg).

The first model was built about 10 years ago with the six-seater cockpit fully enclosed with two Mercury Racing 1650 sterndrive engines and reached a top speed of 185 mph equal to 298 km / h. The full carbon fiber boat featured a canopy structure and like racing boats was equipped with roll bar, double butted walls and 2 inch thick polycarbonate impact windows with electric main roof access hatch. The six forward-facing bucket seats were fitted with a five-point safety belt and each seat also had its own emergency oxygen system. The hull was equipped with two escape hatches, one in the bow and one in the stern, in case of overturning. At that time, she was the fastest pleasure boat the MTI had ever built.

The customer who first ordered this model at first wanted a racing boat with a slightly nicer cockpit and no side numbers, powered by a pair of 1,350hp Mercury Racing 1350 engines with 91 octane fuel, but then he started hearing about Mercury Racing’s 1,650hp engines and decided to install these engines to go even faster knowing it would have to run carrying race fuel. When the boat was finished in the fall of 2013 the boat was tested at Lake Ozarks in Missouri along with Randy Scism, with an M8 transmission and 38-inch five-blade propellers with some modifications after several runs, the 52-footer reached 185 mph with great satisfaction of all starting from the owner who had sensed from the beginning that his boat powered by the new Mercury Racing 1650 engines would reach top speeds between 170 and 180 mph.


Driveability, efficiency, safety and performance were and remain the main characteristics of this boat, always built with more advanced technology that with the passage of time is increasingly updated and deepened starting from the processing techniques in the treatment of lightweight reinforced composites and the new engines. Mercury Racing. 

Today MTI RP 52 is a catamaran style pleasure boat with the best handling and performance with luxury features from a revolutionary advanced design built with a state of the art manufacturing process powered by durable and reliable engine packages. The 52 is available in open or closed cockpit configurations with air conditioning.

MTI RP 52 features a large cockpit that can accommodate up to 6 or 8 comfortable seats with cushioned seats and five-point harnesses to always keep all passengers safe including the pilot and co-pilot. It is built to make excursions to the sea as pleasant as possible therefore it is equipped with a refrigerator compartment, a wind deflector, cup holders, convenient storage areas, access to boarding, large screen electronics, lighting and so on and with numerous options and functionality to offer the ability to create the ultimate in luxury and performance by choosing from a number of reliable Mercury Racing engine packages to complement the build. In the case of a closed driver’s cabin, the entrance is managed by a large electrically operated hatch,

Like all MTI catamarans, RP 52 is also customizable the shipyard is famous for turning the wishes and dreams of the most demanding customers into reality plus you will be able to surround yourself with comfort, electronic technology and the latest high-end audio systems from a list of available options and for the nightlife on the quay, you can decide to install among the most advanced LED lighting systems above and below the water. Each 52 is uniquely built to match its owner’s tastes and lifestyle. Therefore each MTI built is unique because they truly reflect the personality and uniqueness of their owners

All MTI catamarans made using an epoxy process, cored, vacuum packed and post cured. This makes the boats the lightest and strongest on the market for maximum handling and performance. MTI sets the industry standard for finish quality and durability at the highest level.

Depending on the seas being sailed and the desired speeds, the shipyard helps the customer to choose from a wide range of Mercury Racing engines and transmissions. For those who love the most exuberant performance, the recommended configuration is the one that includes a pair of Mercury Racing Dual Cal 1550/1350 sterndrive engines compatible with the M8 transmission and digital zero Effort controls and CNC propellers also by Mercury Rancing

The advanced control system allows the operator to change the engine power level via an electronic remote control. The Race Keychain transforms the engine into a purebred racing car, delivering 1,550 horsepower with 112 AKI racing fuel. The Pleasure keychain is selected when more leisure driving is needed, creating 1,350 hp with 91 octane fuel.

Or a pair of Mercury Racing 1750 sterndrive engines with an astounding 1,750 horsepower each for a total power of 3,500 hp the most powerful engine ever produced by Mercury Racing offers enormous torque for unmatched acceleration and exorbitant top speed.