Eliminator Speedster 255 handling, elegance and performance.

Eliminator Boats is a top-level company famous for its production of beautiful customized fast boats. This company was born in 1969 from the passion of building fast and exclusive boats, of its talented founder Bob Leach who started building boats for some friends before his passion became a job with the creation of a real commercial company one of the most important in the construction of custom boats. The company translates customers’ dreams into reality through designs that always use more advanced technologies.


This was precisely the secret of success where the customer can model the boat according to his personal tastes by choosing the colors of the graphics, the interiors, the equipment and deciding which engine and propulsion system best suits his needs.

All choices that however always guarantee elegant comfort, high performance thanks to traditional craftsmanship that is part of the great American heritage present within the company. The Eliminator boats are presented in an unmistakable style where an atmosphere is always perceived in the modern complex, fresh and clean.

 At the end of 2018 the brand was put up for sale immediately purchased by the same employee of the company Jake Fraleigh at the time general manager of Eliminator and his business partner Todd Mobraten. The headquarters remained in the historic Mira Loma plant in California with all the same employees and last year 2019 the 50th anniversary of the founding of Eliminator was celebrated.

In this regard, Jake Fraleigh at the time of the brand acquisition issued the following statement:

“I dedicate myself to the sector and the Eliminator brand. It is an honor to hire such a legendary company and continue to work with existing staff in building a better and stronger product. ” “My RevLine partners bring a vast experience, capital and a strong culture to the company. We are looking forward to continuing to serve our family of customers. ”

Now the company is engaged in the creation of 2 ranges of models, the Eliminator Speedster line and that of the Eliminator Fundeck.

The Eliminator Fundeck line is composed of all models of very spacious beautiful boats, they represent the ideal solution to reach tourist destinations quickly and safely and with maximum maneuverability while enjoying navigation right on the open spaces to be shared with everyone. 

The Eliminator Speedster line are boats where style, elegance and performance are perfectly integrated. Particular are fast boats with 100% composite structures at the bottom of steps, where the layouts have the same configuration as the high-performance ones with the cockpit protected by a wraparound windscreen and covered on occasion by a retractable top child with two seats in forward, and immediately behind another 3 or four with the possibility of increasing seats thanks to the configuration of the bow that can be closed or open, on all Speedster models. 

In the Eliminator Speedster line we find a medium-length outboard sport catamaran the 255 Speedster, the smallest model in the line, with the following standard features, 26 feet long and 6 inches (8 m) wide 100 inches (2.54 m) weighs only 2,690 pounds (1,220 kg) equipped on the transom with an extensible platform for diving into the water. Driven by a pair of Verado 400R Mercury Racing outboard engines, in 8 seconds it reaches a surprising speed of over 115 mph equal to 185 km / h.

Eliminator Speedster 255 can also be powered with two outboard engines, always from the Verado range, the new 450h Mercury Racing  450 hp in this event since the catamaran weighs only 1,220 kg driven by a total power of 900 hp, it would have a staggering weight to power ratio 1. 35 kg per cv.


About Jake Fraleigh commented as follows:

“The new 25 Speedster is a kick in the pants to drive.” “It’s a lot of fun and the handling is incredible, it’s like driving a small sports car. It is also exceptionally fast. Acceleration is out of this world. We hit 118 mph on the lake our first time at over 6800 rpm, so we think the boat should go a little faster with some additional tests. “

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