Cigarette 50 Marauder SS the pleasure boat with competitive performance.

Cigarette 50 Marauder SS is a motor boat with competitive performance built in series even if each boat is made unique during the construction because the owner has infinite possibilities to customize his boat.  

For years it has been the top model in the high performance range of the American shipyard Cigarette Racing, leader in the construction of super fast quality boats .

A shipyard known and appreciated for a niche production, distinguished not only by the exuberant performance of its models, but also for the high quality of its monohulls which it uses for the production of boats that have always been aesthetically more beautiful than the competitive catamarans and Cigarette 50 Marauder SS in addition to being charming, easy to handle and easy to drive has nothing to envy as performance to catamarans is truly something exceptional.

Although we must say that lately with the development of modern construction technologies and new materials such as carbon fiber and composites it has been possible to create increasingly compact catamarans that in addition to being light and resistant today are aesthetically much more beautiful. 

The first model of this boat dates back to several years ago and even now obviously with updated versions it represents one of the most admired boats that Cigarette produces.

Owning a boat from this important shipyard has always been the dream of all fans of the sector both today and in the past and it is certainly a great privilege for those who can enjoy it.

Cigarette 50 Marauder was the first model built with the primary objective of exceeding the record speed of 100 mph, for a series-built and non-competition monohull and the Cigarette 50 Marauder SS is the latest updated and further improved version thanks to an increasingly advanced technology starting from the construction techniques of the hulls and the new Mercury Racing engines. This new version was created after a long program of development and research with continuous tests on the various parts that make up the boat, availing itself of the collaboration also of specialists outside the company.

The distinctive elements that make the boats made by Cigarette exclusive and very fast is that they are built with care and precision and with great attention to detail by a whole team made up of expert craftsmen, architects, engineers and testers, present both within Cigarette Racing. that on the outside, which puts passion and professionalism into it, ingredients that have always been, in all parts of the world, indispensable for creating top-of-the-range products.

Compared to the previous model, the forward deck has been further lengthened by moving the cockpit back.

The hull and deck lines are smoothed out for improved aerodynamics with a redesigned hatch to optimize the aeration of Mercury Racing’s extremely powerful high-powered, dual-turbo engines. 

The hull was crafted from hand-laid carbon fiber with the highly optimized classic two-step V design.

The measures, the hull, the propeller pitch and every detail have been studied in detail to improve performance. 

The boat overall is 51.57 feet (15.72 m) long and just 8 feet (2.44 m) wide the fineness coefficient 6.4 i.e. the ratio between length and width is typical of racing hulls able to tackle even demanding sea conditions at speed.

To make the most of the power of the engines, the bottom has been optimized through a super-performing hull with very pronounced water lines and with various steps, one amidships and two more places towards the stern sections to facilitate control during the planing phase. to give more lift and reduce the wet surface, all for the benefit of performance and ride attitude.

The steps built on the bottom of the boat, fundamental in a fast boat, are the result of numerous tests carried out to identify the right position, height and inclination they must have to create less friction between the hull and the water and minimize the hydrodynamic resistance that opposes the advancement of the boat. 

The freeboard of the boat is just 50 inches (1.27 m) high and the side walls are reinforced like the hull because when gliding, the landing cannot always be soft and composed and instead of ending up on the hull, it is possible that hit on the side.

 The clever use of composite materials and advanced construction techniques has enabled further weight reduction and lower center of gravity with improved vibration damping and structural rigidity.

To make driving even easier, the helm station has been suitably modernized with a rudder made according to the latest findings from Cigarette’s ergonomic studies, while the cockpit layout has basically remained the classic one with the first two forward adjustable seats with large padding for the driver and companion and immediately behind with ample space for the legs there are three other seats for passengers, which for safety during excursions on the water must be strictly seated. Everything was done with an obsessive attention to detail. The result is nothing short of extreme elegance in a high performance boat.

Between the two seats forward there is the access below deck where there is space for a forward cabin that follows the same style of the boat. A comfortable, peaceful, serene sheltered area in which to relax, equipped to extend a day on the water. Also for the interior fittings, we wanted to create an atmosphere of great luxury using a custom upholstery up to the cushions, all made in the Cigarette’s production plant in South Florida.

For the audio system, Cigarette has always relied on the industry leader JL Audio Marine. The rig was built to withstand the rigors of the sea, wind and open cockpits and was ultimately tested to optimize the sound based on the unique characteristics of the Marauder SS.

The boat is equipped with advanced LED lighting systems above and below the water, with colors that can vary through very intuitive controls, to create the right atmosphere for every occasion both in the cockpit and in the cabin below.

Aft in the lower part of the hull in the engine compartment you can install two Mercury Racing 1,350 hp sterndrive engines appropriately staggered to fit them into the width of the hull equipped with the exclusive 9.0 liter cylinder block and four-valve head (QC4v) , which offer great power with a driveability similar to that of a luxury car.

Alternatively 2 twin Dual Cal 1350/1100 engines equipped with Mercury Racing’s exclusive dual fuel calibration technology, with its power controlled via interchangeable electronic key fobs on the dashboard.

The engine pumps its 1,350hp with 91 octane fuel when the 1,350hp remote is activated. Activating the 1,100hp remote control reduces the octane requirement to 89 (Rec 90) to allow operation in areas where premium fuel with a high octane rating is unknown. Obviously you have to be careful that you have the correct fuel in the tank when operating in 1,350hp mode. Both fuel calibrations provide maximum torque and efficiency and are designed to optimize engine performance at each power level.

With this power supply, the stable, precise and comfortable Cigarette 50 Marauder SS  immediately reaches frightening speeds without warning you to go so fast. The maximum power is between 6,000 and 6,500 rpm, the maximum speed that can be reached obviously depends on the weather / sea conditions with ideal conditions you can reach triple-digit speeds without necessarily being a formula 1 sea driver and “settle for ”Of a cruising speed of 80 – 90 mph.  

The hull weighs 14,200 pounds (6,441 kg), the tank can hold up to 294 gallons (1,149 liters) of fuel, with two 1,350 hp Mercury engines the total power is 2,700 hp and the cruising trim approaches 16,535 pounds (7,500 Kg), the result is a weight / power ratio of 6 pounds per hp (2.7 kg per hp) that is truly amazing.

For those who love hard racing for competitions, the possibility of installing 2 twin Mercury Racing Dual Cal 1550/1350 sterndrive engines also provided with an advanced control system that allows the operator to change the engine power level by means of an electronic remote control. The Race Keychain transforms the engine into a purebred racing car, delivering 1,550 horsepower with 112 octane AKI racing fuel. The Pleasure key fob is selected when more leisure driving is needed, creating 1,350 hp with 91 octane fuel (98 RON). Both fuel calibrations provide maximum torque and efficiency and are designed to optimize engine performance at each power level. In this case, therefore, the total power therefore varies between 2,700 and 3,100 hp which make Cigarette 50 Marauder SS a real rocket on the sea that reaches frightening maximum speeds that exceed 140 mph (220 km / h), always if conditions allow it. time with the help of an experienced driver at the wheel.

In addition, all of these engines are compatible with Mercury Racing’s Zero Effort digital controls which provide an intuitive experience, precisely signaling the driver’s intention to engines equipped with Mercury Digital Throttle and Shift (DTS) technology. They are also compatible with CNC propellers and dry sump M8 transmission for maximum efficiency and power.

 The boat starts planing already at 27 mph (24 knots) with a neutral attitude and with the slightly positive trims you can easily exceed 69 mph (60 knots) of speed. To reach 100 mph (87 knots) it is sufficient to sink the throttle throttles for a few seconds so that the hull can gradually gain speed. At these levels the attention on the navigation route must be maximum, because in a few seconds you can reach the other boats that seemed very distant before sinking the visible throttles.

Before touching high speeds, even if everything has been done to make driving stable and safe, it is better to gradually acquire the necessary mastery of the boat.

Quality in the construction, a prompt acceleration, a speed to scream, safety, ease of driving, timeless shapes beautiful to behold, cutting-edge technological solutions are all elements that belong to the world of high performance boats but Cigarette 50 Marauder SS really has something special even if the cost is around 2 million dollars and on average about 1,800 dollars are spent on fuel per hour at sea at a speed of 60 knots.

The sector of high-performance boats is aimed at a particular clientele eager for strong emotions with a large portfolio, where the pleasure of going fast on the water is one of the best things in life and with this boat powered by powerful engines they will be able to satisfy every desire to challenge, set sail and whiz on the water like never before.


Main technical characteristics

Design: monohull;

Style: sterndrive;

Length 51.57 ft (15.72) ft;

Wide: 8 feet (2.44m);

Weight: 14,200 lbs (6,441 kg);

Free board; 50 inches (1.27 m);

Deadrise: 24 degrees;

Fuel capacity: 294 gallons;

Power supply: 2 twin Mercury Racing 1350 engines; 2 twin engines Mercury Racing 1350/1100 Dual Cal; 2 twin engines Mercury Racing 1550/1350 Dual Cal.