Baltic 117 Perseverance named best sailing yacht of the year at Boat International WSA 2022.

The Finnish sail yacht builder Baltic Yachts, in addition to creating excellent cruising and racing sailboats, has for years been committed to developing new constructions in the name of sustainable technology, through the research of new materials and environmentally friendly techniques to drastically reduce the environmental impact of its hulls and new technological solutions to minimize the emission of exhaust gases, noise pollution and other types of emissions for the inevitable engines on board, all to protect the environment and preserve the integrity of the sea .

For these reasons Baltic Yachts dominated the Boat International Word Superyacht Awards 2022 with Perseverance being judged as the best sailing yacht of the year and best yacht in the 30 to 39.9m category. Not just another construction from the Finnish shipyard the Baltic 146 Path designed by judel / vrolijk, the third largest yacht by volume built by Baltic Yachts, has struggled end to end with Perseverance to win the award for best sailboat of the year, in the end, the Path had to “settle” as the best yacht in the category from 40 m and over.

However it was praised by the jury as an excellent well built and designed cruising and racing boat and for its extensive use of solar energy.

However, in the end the judges preferred to award this prestigious award to Perseverance praising its “keep it simple” design approach to long distance cruises in remote areas and its use of an efficient diesel-electric propulsion system, which reduces its dependence on fossil fuels.

In particular, they were amazed by the hydrogeneration system installed on Perseverance, already used by Baltic Yachts on other yachts, how Baltic 142 Canova, which is being improved more and more. The use of an electric motor for the auxiliary propulsion of a yacht has become essential as the need for more environmentally acceptable power increases.

In particular on the Perseverance the electric motor when not sailing works as propulsion, allowing the yacht to operate in “silent” mode for long periods of time. When sailing while sailing, the electric motor becomes a hydro – generator driven by the free-wheeling propeller dragged by the advancement of the boat and charges a bank of lithium-ion batteries, which reaches full charge in 4.5 hours which will go to its aimed at supplying energy to the navigation systems and services on board the yacht as well as to the engine itself when it functions as a propeller.

The yacht underway and, under the right conditions, could cross an ocean using all the facilities without having to employ a fossil fuel internal combustion engine. Something truly exceptional that immediately wowed the jury.

The prizes were awarded during an awards ceremony in the historic Guildhall building located in the city of London on the edge of Cheapside and Basinghall Street on May 21st.

The Word Superyacht Awards jury is made up of industry experts and former superyacht owners who offer the right expertise and credibility in the judging process with numerous individual visits to the nominated yachts.

In this regard Henry Hawkins, the managing director of Baltic Yachts, released the following statement:

“It has been a great honor to represent the shipyard at the awards and I would like to thank the yacht owners for their vision and passion in bringing these complex projects to fruition.”

“I am delighted that Baltic Yachts, its workers and yacht designers have been awarded by the judges of these prestigious awards. It is also a great starting point for Baltic’s 50th anniversary celebrations that will take place throughout 2023 ″.

Perseverance was born from the close collaboration between Baltic Yachts with Dykstra Naval Architects who designed the naval architecture for the Finnish shipyard and boasts over 50 years of experience in the design, redesign, naval architecture and naval engineering of classic and modern high performance yachts, while the interiors were designed by the naval architecture firm deVosdeVries design.

She is a fast and comfortable sailing yacht, ideal for her owner’s global cruising ambitions a passionate technically experienced sailor a new customer of the Finnish shipyard who has actively participated in the construction of this superyacht which was commissioned in early summer 2019 is was launched at the end of 2021.

 The boat was built in the yard’s Jakobstad plant a small Finnish town, located in the Ostrobothnia region.

Perseverance has been designed with lines in the name of harmony, balance and proportion with very essential shapes that are very reminiscent of the characteristics of the neoclassical style, characterized by a straight stem, against the stern, deep sides and deckhouses covered in oiled teak .

It is a high performance sailing yacht that Dykstra describes as “a pilot cutter of timeless elegance”.

A custom modern classic sloop, i.e. a sailboat with a single mast designed with a fixed bowsprit that allows you to manage a multitude of bow sails.

The hull with retractable keel and the deck were made with a very advanced composite. Its distinct design blends seamlessly with a massive, modern sail plan that is excellent in handling and performance.

All sails in the sail plan have been chosen from Doyle Sails’ flagship Stratis 1100 range: this range offers unrivaled performance thanks to the Carbon and Technora fibers that are used in conjunction with patented resins selected for their long term durability and resistance to wear. ‘elongation.

Doyle Sails, Stratis, are lighter and more durable new generation sails built by Doyle Sails at the plant in New Zealand.

The first design of these sails was developed in 2001 with the creation of high performance racing sails with greater durability, both for superyachts where sails with a physical structure of high modulus fibers are required to support the enormous loads generated, and for cruising yachts that simply require lighter and easier to handle sails.

With many years of experience and innovation and development, Doyle Sails continues to design and supply the best sails for performance, speed and handling efficiency and today is a leading company in the industry. From the beginning he worked with integral partners of the Baltic 117 project to provide the ultimate sail package that fits the needs of both the yacht and crew as well as the experienced owner.

The Stratis 1100 are Doyle Sails’ lightest, fastest and strongest sails found on most of the new generation Superyachts Doyle supplies worldwide.

The yacht is 117 feet (35.8m) long, including the bowsprit goes up to 129.11 feet (39.6m). Waterline length is 101.80 feet (31.03 m) and 25.79 feet (7.86 m) wide with draft from 19.68 feet (6.00 meters) to 13.12 feet (4.00 meters), the displacement is 103 tons with 30 tons ballast


 The spacious, light and airy interiors have been created using stained oak, dark oak finishes and industrial chic finishing elements from the deVosdeVries design.

A distinctive feature of this yacht is the presence on board of “” intelligent “cabins, designed to automatically reduce energy consumption when they are not occupied, plus Baltic has worked closely with a company specializing in air conditioning for maximize the use of waste heat from the air conditioning to use it to heat the water on board.

The internal layout provides for the accommodation of 8 guests in 4 cabins, with an owner’s suite in the bow and 3 double guest cabins, with crew accommodation for 6 units arranged aft.

The owner’s suite in the bow can be benefited from the touch of a button for a comfortable opening onto the sea. When the opening is closed it is part of the hull structure without any problems. When it is open, an additional space is created in the suite due to this personal platform that opens onto the sea through an electro / hydraulic system that is activated on command, creating a pleasant balcony with entry into the suite of light and fresh air directly from the outside with the possibility to dive directly into the sea without going through the main deck. A truly exceptional convenience that the shipyard has achieved for the first time on the Pink Gin VI.

By now the road has been traced the future is in the sign of increasingly green navigation for which multi-role yachts that operate to the highest standards both as luxury cruisers and as successful racing yachts to be recognized at the level, must be built with the latest eco-friendly construction materials with a low-emission propulsion unit to dramatically reduce their environmental impact, these are the challenges facing construction sites in the 21st century.