On the map below shows all the locations before the river Arno deserving to be visited with time available.

Cattura5 places to visit


There is so much to see in a city like Florence but I try to give you an idea. We must say that if you have limited time, for example a day, then you have to be content with seeing just outside a museum or an attraction, although I think it would be important to at least visit the Uffizi Gallery.

The most famous museum in Italy, and one of five major museums in the world, and if you only have a few hours of free time, do not waste time queuing Make reservations on the Internet, you will pay a little more but you will avoid making a long row Other tips to visit Florence, if your budget is limited remember that the cheaper restaurants are located between San Lorenzo and the railway. Also the places to visit the city are concentrated in the area surrounding the station, Holy Cross and The Arno. If you come from the Santa Maria Novella where did the vast majority of visitors to Florence or if you have reached Florence by car will find a parking lot, because the historic center of Florence is convenient to walk, the first thing you do enjoy a nice walk to Piazza Duomo.


Maybe after eating a donut a typical sweet Tuscan coated with sugar, here from the outside you can admire the magnificent Church of Santa Maria del Fiore, Giotto’s Bell Tower and the Baptistery. If you want you can also climb the dome or bell tower. Cattura2 Subsequently take Via Calzaiuoli the right of the cathedral and percorretola way, arriverate in Piazza Signoria


where you can admire the Palazzo Vecchio, the ancient fortress, where he lived Cosimo I de ‘Medici and Eleonora of Toledo. Opposite the entrance of the Palazzo Vecchio is a copy of Michelangelo’s David, while the Loggia of Lanzi there are other famous statues that are worth seeing. The Uffizi Gallery is just to the side of the Palazzo Vecchio, a few hundred meters you will find the church of Santa Croce church in Florence richer .Dentro the Church of Santa Croce there are the graves of famous historical figures (Michelangelo, Galileo, Foscolo and many others ) but if you have the time to visit it (sometimes the queues are long), at least stop by to admire the white facade and a statue of Dante Alighieri to his left.
Firenze-tramonto-WRT-Blog-2If at this point of the day you are hungry you can eat a quick sandwich and then later dine in one of the restaurants between the Station and San Lorenzo or dine in one of the restaurants of the place forever sampling the famous steak “alla fiorentina”. Continuing can admire Ponte Vecchio and if you still have time you might decide to cross the ArnoCatturatra

and pay a visit to the Pitti Palace and a walk in the green of the Boboli Gardens. Now maybe it’s time to go back to the car or the train, when you’re close to the station, I recommend you see the Church of Santa Maria Novella, or the market of San Lorenzo, with its typical stalls.gab

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