Yacht “Vanitas” the beautiful sea


Vanitas style and sophistication that are perfectly integrated with technology make this very functional yacht with an absolute beauty, than ever choice of name was so appropriate. Developed by the Fincantieri team in collaboration with Andrea Vallicelli design is long 123 meters wide and 17.50 meters, equipped with 6 bridges and 13 guest cabins, has a top speed of 20 knots.


On the map below shows all the locations before the river Arno deserving to be visited with time available.

Cattura5 places to visit


There is so much to see in a city like Florence but I try to give you an idea. We must say that if you have limited time, for example a day, then you have to be content with seeing just outside a museum or an attraction, although I think it would be important to at least visit the Uffizi Gallery. Continua a leggere “FLORENCE MUSEUM IN THE OPEN”