Visit New York

Needless to say the things to do in New York are a lot depends on the time available but let’s see what are the attractions that usually all visitors from around the world can not help but visit:
EMPIRE STATE BUILDING icon of the Big Apple where you can admire the whole city;


Colorful sunset over the skyline of New York city

CENTRAL PARK the green lung of the most famous of the Big Apple;

STATUE OF LIBERTY take the subway and go to Battery Park with a short ride to a ferry can visit the Statue of Liberty and the Museo dell ‘Island Immigration;

ROCKEFELLER CENTER This center is a group of 19 commercial buildings that overlooks Fifth Avenue. A city within a city. Built by the family of US bankers Rockefeller. And ‘tradition at Christmas time the center is a huge decorated Christmas tree;

BROOKLYN BRIDGE another symbol of the Big Apple. Certainly if you go to New York it is impossible not to visit. The emotions you feel crossing walk on the walkway with a view of Manhattan in front, are unforgettable;


Time Square at night to see Broadway theaters and the neon signs made this places another New York landmark. When you see with your own eyes for the first time all those neon signs the enthusiasm and the emotions they arouse they are indescribable;

Fifth Avenue Fifth Avenue is an artery of New York, in the center of the borough of Manhattan. It ”s main shopping street, a symbol for New York. Here s’incontrato the most famous monuments, and it is here that parade the traditional parades of the city;

WALL STREET Finally, but no less interesting, a walk in the Financial District’s most famous world. A historic not only for New York but for the entire United States. In fact in the Federal Hall which is right on Wall Street he has sworn George Washington as the first US president.


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