The daily care of your body


Take care of your body’s own physical well being systematically every day also helps the mind to clear all the troublesome thoughts accumulated during the day. It also helps to eliminate some possible inner obstacle that creates us anxiety and stress. In short, it helps us to find inner equilibrium needed to feel good about ourselves.


What must we do to take care of our bodies?

First you have to carve out time in the day, even briefly, to take care of ourselves and think only of ourselves. The first rule is that the care of your body has to become a real passion so that small sacrifices to do are easily bearable.

A second rule is not to make the mistake of considering the care of your body just a cosmetic made by buying massive beauty products such as makeup for the face, creams, self tanners, shampoo and hair mask etc.

The food and sports are the base of a beautiful and toned body. Each of us knows today what are the foods that make you fat and those with low calories and also knows that sometimes you can transgress maybe when so go to the restaurant for a ceremony or friends the important and dispose of in the following days.

But do not let it take you from the diet craze. The hardest thing is not, however, lose weight but to maintain even after the painstakingly achieved levels. The lack of consistency is the reason why many fail slimming treatments.

Not always, however, you need a rather terse diet, you can reduce the excess number of calories just by eliminating a few foods, or decreasing the amount. Sometimes it is enough to give up some more chocolate, the candy bar with soft drinks.

A young woman should not exceed 2000 calories in a day, if you do not want to gain weight, and two or three chocolates count already 500 calories while a simple soft drink contains 150 and a handful of peanuts 600.

To diet then you have to add a little ‘of “sprint” a good daily walk is what it takes, but the first important thing is the renunciation of laziness. Do not stay more than eight hours in bed, unless you do the afternoon nap.

It would be helpful to walk at least one hour during the day and we are honest, it is not really that difficult to find time. Or just a little ‘will and leave the car at home when you go out to run errands, get off the tram a few stops earlier, or take a stroll in the evening.

Finally, if all this were not possible, you should at least find the will and the perseverance to do morning or in the evening before dinner some gymnastic exercise in your room.

Then be in the form not only means losing weight but mostly firm, a firm body is a beautiful body, even with a few extra pounds. We must therefore do exercises, perhaps in front of the entire cabinet mirror in the bedroom, to firm up the arms, buttocks, belly and breasts. Indefinitiva apart from small feeding waivers, if only through a series of gymnastic exercises, done every day, our body can recover the physical and mental wellbeing.

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