“Mercury Racing V8 500R: Cutting-edge technologies for unparalleled marine performance”

The world of luxury sportboats accelerates to new heights with the exciting debut of Mercury Racing’s 500R outboard. This powerful 500hp supercharged V8 engine is the result of arduous research and development, specifically designed for luxury sports boat owners who will not compromise on power and performance. With an assortment of new components designed to optimize the raw power of this engine and to meet the demanding demands of high performance boating, the 500R is set to set new standards in the outboard world.



Pure Power and Extraordinary Performance

The 500R delivers an impressive 500+ horsepower, setting a new standard in the industry. This 500hp engine not only delivers tremendous mid-range thrust, but demonstrates incredible acceleration authority right up to the top. The vision of Stuart Halley, General Manager of Mercury Racing, is revealed in his commentary: “The 500R is capable of delivering more than 500 horsepower in a wide range of applications and weighs only 326 kg: the 500R sets a new point of benchmark for outboard power density”. The enthusiasm is palpable in his claim that the 500R is the most exciting production outboard ever created by Mercury Racing.

Producing 500 horsepower, the Mercury Racing V8 500R is synonymous with power and innovation. Featuring new components in the powertrain, cooling system, center section, gearbox and steering system, this outboard represents the pinnacle of engineering dedicated to exceptional boating performance.


The Mercury Racing V8 500R represents a milestone in marine engineering, delivering over 500 horsepower of pure horsepower. This supercharged engine not only exceeds its predecessor, the 450R model in Mercury Racing’s outboard line by 50 horsepower, it also delivers a 10 percent increase in torque. The heart of the 4.6-litre 64° V8 FourStroke is further enhanced by a unique supercharger, a Mercury Racing hallmark of quality. This remarkable engine unit is designed to run on standard fuel, combining outstanding performance with unmatched practicality.
With the introduction of an innovative 5.9″ (15 cm) diameter lower leg, available in R-Drive and R-Drive Sport configurations, the Mercury Racing V8 500R revolutionizes the transmission of power to the water, while guaranteeing performance superior in terms of durability, handling and cooling.

This new design features unmatched efficiency and the ability to deliver an excellent boating experience.
The 500R is available on the market in four length variants: 20″ (50.8 cm), 25″ (63.5 cm), 30″ (76.2 cm) and 35″ (88.9 cm), thus offering a range of choices suitable for any application, whether single-engine or multi-engine, with a focus on top-level performance. On multi-engine transoms, the distance between mounting centers measures 26” (66 cm), which greatly simplifies operations such as re-powering and installation on newly built boats.
In order to cope with the intense combustion pressure and the increase in maximum speed (even reaching 6600 rpm), Mercury Racing made essential improvements to the engine’s connecting rods, bearings and pistons. In addition, a low inertia flywheel has been introduced to allow the engine to reach required revs quickly, ensuring breathtaking acceleration and immediate response to accelerator input.
This continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation demonstrates how the Mercury Racing V8 500R is at the forefront of marine engineering, with an unwavering commitment to offer uncompromising performance and advanced technical solutions.

Precision Innovations for Exceptional Control

This 4.6-liter 64° V8 outboard engine is powered by a unique Mercury Racing-developed supercharger, delivering uncompromising supercharged power. Weighing just 326kg, the 500R offers extraordinary power density, a true engineering masterpiece. Advanced Racing Core (ARC) technology is new to Mercury Racing, optimizing the longevity and performance of the Midsection system.The attention to detail in optimizing the Mercury Racing V8 500R also extends to its structure and components that provide superior handling. The transom plate has been completely redesigned, making it more robust and functional. Seven mounting holes allow the motor to be raised an additional 3″ (7.6 cm), allowing for even more customization for different setups.

The ride adjustment system has been further enhanced to offer even more effective performance and faster response times. The combination of two hydraulic main pistons with two new auxiliary pistons allows for more precise buoyancy control, both under full load and at high speeds. This innovation results in more reliable and accurate trim regulation, improving stability and precision at high speeds.

Improved high-speed handling is provided by precision-fitted heavy-duty slideways and reinforced motor mounts. These components are specially tuned to stabilize the engine to offer optimum control, enabling smooth and safe maneuvering at peak performance.

Mercury’s hydraulic power steering has been further evolved for greater efficiency. The system now offers an increase in steering torque, supported by a new steering arm and stainless steel steerer tube. Additionally, an optional rear tie rod, part of the Advanced Racing Core (ARC), provides solid, ultra-lightweight anchoring, optimizing precise maneuvering on catamarans and other high-performance applications.

The overall performance of the Mercury Racing V8 500R is further refined thanks to the new R-Drive drive unit. Available in two versions, this foot was designed specifically for the 500R and offers a crescent profile and an extended torpedo optimized for high speeds. Measuring 5.9″ (15cm) in diameter, this drive fits propellers up to 17″ (43cm) in diameter, completing the precision and power package of this remarkable marine engine.

Robust Powerhead for Reliable Performance

The 4.6-litre V8 engine base is built for dependable performance. Updated components support an increase in horsepower and offer the confidence of smooth operation. Mercury Racing has focused attention on the internal and external aspects of the engine to ensure exceptional performance.

Upgraded Supercharger for More Thrust

The horsepower prescription calls for a significant increase in supercharger boost pressure, increased by 26%. Airflow is optimized with a larger intake damper and 92mm throttle body. These details improve engine efficiency and response.

Humidity Compensation for Optimum Performance

A unique innovation is the humidity compensation technology. A sensor measures the humidity level of the intake air, allowing the control system to adjust the calibration for optimal performance in any weather condition. This feature adds power and accuracy in any scenario.

Unique Sound Experience

Advanced Sound Control’s dual muffler system offers a choice of tones, from deep and sporty to roaring at startup. This adds an exciting sensory experience to the outstanding engine performance.

Technological Advances for Extraordinary Performance

The Advanced Racing Core (ARC) middle section was designed to maximize durability and performance. This is Mercury Racing’s strongest and strongest center section ever, exclusive to the 500R. The trim and steering system has been refined to offer unparalleled precision.

The Exclusive Mercury Racing R-Drive: Maximum Performance

The Mercury Racing R-Drive represents an evolution in marine drivetrain engineering. Available in two variants, R-Drive and R-Drive Sport, this high-performance gearbox has been specifically designed to handle the jaw-dropping speed and horsepower of the 500R outboard. The main objective? Meet performance demands in immersion, semi-emerged and full surface applications.

Hydrodynamic Optimization for Excellent Performance

The advanced engineering of the Mercury Racing V8 500R is also reflected in its underwater configuration. Both the basic variant and the sporty version of the R-Drive have been meticulously developed with a 1.60:1 ratio to foot, low water intakes and an optimized torpedo shape to ensure outstanding performance in all conditions: under water, semi-surface and full surface.

To further hone its capabilities, an innovative anti-cavitation plate has been introduced. This element significantly reduces drag underwater and on semi-surface, helping to maximize engine efficiency in every situation.

A cooling water draw system with an adjustable cap is yet another addition of precision engineering. This system allows the flow of cooling water to be adapted to the specific needs of each marine application. The caps are available in two basic shapes, each designed to meet specific needs: one designed for submerged and semi-surface applications, with various water entry hole options, and another shaped specifically for applications in full surface on very high speed boats.

These underwater innovations combine to give the Mercury Racing V8 500R an exceptional performance advantage, with an optimized underwater configuration for maximum performance in all conditions.

Versatility for All Conditions: Submerged and Transitional Applications

The R-Drive gearbox is versatile, suitable for submerged and transitional applications. The standard skeg length and highly efficient parabolic cross-section shape, together with the choice of left or right camber, ensure precise steering force balance. This allows it to accommodate standard and counter-rotating propellers, ensuring optimum control on boats capable of speeds between 85 and 100 mph.

Extreme Control for Surface Performance: R-Drive Sport

The R-Drive Sport is designed for very high speed surface applications, over 100 mph. With a longer skeg, it maintains steering control while operating completely on the surface. This ensures precise handling even in the most demanding conditions, offering unrivaled control and performance that defies the limits.

State-of-the-art Technologies for Supreme Control and Optimum Performance

As part of the extraordinary marine performance offered by the Mercury Racing V8 500R, advanced technologies are essential to ensure control, responsiveness and safety. Here we present three notable technologies that define the driving experience of this powerful and versatile outboard.

Unmatched Accuracy: Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS)

Accuracy is everything when it comes to cruising at high speed and maneuvering with agility. The Mercury Racing V8 500R’s Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) system offers a new level of control. Mercury Racing Digital Zero Effort controls are available for an even more sophisticated riding experience. A significant advantage of this system is that it eliminates the maintenance of traditional cables. Instead, control is fully digital, ensuring smooth gear changes and instant throttle response. This results in precise and effective control, allowing the pilot to focus on the sailing experience without distraction.

Adaptive Control for Consistent Performance: Adaptive Speed ​​Control

Navigating ever-changing waters requires intelligent engine management. The Mercury Racing V8 500R’s Adaptive Cruise Control is a technology that offers exceptional stability. This system keeps the engine speed constant even when the load changes due to changing sea conditions or tacking manoeuvres. The result? The vessel’s authority is maintained with less control input from the pilot. This feature allows for smoother and less tiring driving, ensuring constant performance regardless of the context in which you find yourself.

Smart Technology for Optimum Performance: SmartCraft Technologies

The Mercury SmartCraft suite of technologies has been implemented in the Mercury Racing V8 500R to provide advanced engine management and performance. The Engine Guardian monitoring system is a key component, ensuring the protection and well-being of the engine through constant supervision of operating conditions. Streaming engine and performance data is made possible with Mercury VesselView, a multifunction display that lets you monitor and optimize performance in real time. This allows the pilot to have total control over the boat and to make informed decisions to get the most out of the 500R’s performance.

Elegant and Customizable Design 

The 500R outboard is available in three color options: Phantom Black and Cold Fusion White, both finished with distinctive Mercury Racing graphics and Devil Eye Red trim. For those wanting a touch of personalisation, a ready-to-paint version is also available, including graphics and a custom paint mask. This option offers enthusiasts the ability to create a unique look for their vessels.

Practicality with the Service Desk of the Upper Grille

An added convenience is the industry-exclusive service hatch, which allows you to access and top up the oil dipstick without removing the cowl.

Conclusion: A New Chapter in Performance

The Mercury Racing 500R is an outboard engine that marks a turning point in the world of luxury sports boats. With over 500 horsepower, innovative technologies and an elegant design, this thruster represents the pinnacle of marine engineering. The combination of power, performance and customization delivers an unrivaled cruising experience for luxury sport boat owners seeking the ultimate in performance and excitement. With an eye to the future, Mercury Racing introduced the 500R to redefine what is possible in the world of performance boats.