JPK 39 Fast Cruiser the fastest sailing boat built in 2022.

The new JPK 39 Fast Cruiser recently won the “European Yacht of the Year 2022” award in the “Performance Cruiser” category. as the fastest sailing yacht made in 2022. The JPK 39 FC is a high performance sailboat that is also suitable for family cruising thanks to its simple but comfortable interior with two or three double cabins and one or two bathrooms. With an advanced construction light hull JPK 39 FC was built by the French shipyard JPK.


The shipyard founded in 2002 by Jean-Pierre Kelbert also boasts a decade of experience in the construction of composite windsurf boards.

The shipyard’s company is called JPK Composites and immediately specialized in advanced construction techniques and models of boats capable of winning in the ocean, such as the JPK 1010 which triumphed in the 2006 and 2009 Transquadra.

The shipyard team is made up of naval architects, designers, model makers, laminators, assemblers, carpenters, electricians, and other professionals, most of them are also experienced sailors passionate about their work who for years have been developing and building excellent sailing boats with competitive performance. .

JPK is headquartered in Larmor-Plage, a small French commune located in the Morbihan department in the Brittany region, near Lorient, in the heart of the French Sailing Valley. The ecosystem of Brittany Sailing Valley is particularly favorable. It brings together all the skills involved in competitive sailing, organized in an integrated and complete sector.

 The JPK 39 Fast Cruiser from the first water tests carried out by the jury, composed of journalists from the twelve main European yachting magazines, was irrefutably faster and lighter than most of the competitors, of the caliber of the Pogo 44, Solaris 40 , J / 45 and the IC36 catamaran, all super fast sailboats built by leading shipyards in the sector.

 The JPK 39 Fast Cruiser is a quality boat that fully responds to what is expected of a yacht of this type, a fast, solid and well built cruiser that offers speed and feel while allowing you to live aboard simply but comfortably enough. .

Ideal for lone sailors and small crews, it sails excellently in all conditions, maintaining a high level at all speeds, capable of going upwind and gliding sideways while always remaining reassuringly stable and rigid.

The cockpit places the helmsman at the heart of the action, with mainsheet and traveler immediately at hand. Short-haul or solo sailing is nowhere easier than on this boat. The French shipyard JPK and the designer the architect Jacques Valer had set themselves the initial goal of creating a boat that could reach 6 knots of speed with only 6 knots of wind, and that’s exactly what it does.

The JPK 39 FC is very light and resistant because it is built with the latest vacuum infusion technology, with a truly impressive final result, to give an idea in this boat a whole swim platform has been built with a total weight of less than five kilos.

Despite the light weight the JPK 39 FC performs very well in both rough and flat seas with strong winds or just a breeze.

The performance capabilities, which usually imply a lack of comfort, are not valid for this boat because it has been possible to achieve a perfect integration between performance and comfort, despite the limited choice of materials used for the interior fittings, preferring only those that they don’t make their weight noticeably felt.

The interiors are waves of light with a very appropriate and functional layout very well set up where you can always hold on to when the boat swerves or moves. The general atmosphere is warm and bright, with all the comforts needed for a cruise. The power of the hull has been increased by larger bow sections and an inverted curvature of the roof modernizes the appearance and offers more space for accommodation with the option of a 3-cabin version.

The boat is 11.72 m (38.45 ft) long, the waterline equal to 11.00 m (36.08 ft), while the total width is 3.98 m (13.05 ft), the maximum draft is 2.70 m (8.85 ft), the minimum is 1.30 m (4.27 ft), the displacement 5,500 kg (12,125.42 Ib) the keel 1,900 kg (4,188 Ib).

The JPK 39 FC is a further development of its predecessor, the JPK 38 FC, which has been highly regarded by all its owners. It has the great improved qualities of its predecessor. 

Three keel options are available on the JPK 39 FC. The standard 2.15m keel is also available in a short version (1.80m) and in a liftable version, which allows you to reduce the draft from 2.70m to 1.30m, so you can anchor the boat closer to the shore. The base price starts from 205,100 euros (excluding VAT).

JPK builds boats with top-level efficiency that win trophies has redefined what a modern high-performance cruiser should be and the JPK 39 FC brings all the racing DNA the yard is famous for.

 In this regard, Jean-Pierre Kelbert released the following statement:

“It’s hard to make a bad boat with the JPK 38 FC as a base which was already a very good boat … the JPK 39 FC is really a JPK 38 FC +++.”

“New generation hull, aggressive design, ideal ergonomics, well-finished fittings, every position, every detail exploits all the experience learned on the 38 FC and 45 FC to finally propose a really fun boat!”

The designer architect Jacques Valer also wanted to release his following comment on this:

“It’s hard to beat its already famous predecessor, yet… the restyling of the JPK 38 FC proved to be a particularly challenging exercise! With its modern, sporty and timeless design, the JPK 39 turns heads while remaining simple and ultra efficient. Ergonomics, appearance, performance … function and form are one “

Main technical characteristics

Length 38.45 feet (11.72 meters);
Waterline length 36.08 feet (11.00 meters);
Maximum beam 13.05 feet (3.98 meters);
Displacement 5.5 tons;

Volvo 30 horsepower engine

Keel1.9 tons

Standard Keel Draft 7.05 feet (2.15 meters)

Short keel draft 5.90 feet (1.80 meters)

Lift Keel Draft 4.27 feet – 8.85 feet (1.30 meters – 2.70 meters)

Main 473.61 square feet (44 square meters);

Genoa 409.02 square feet (38 square meters);

Spinnaker Kindergarten 1,485.42 square feet (138 square meters)

Trinchetta 88.58 feet 27 meters