Grand Soleil 72 Performance of the Del Pardo shipyard wins the Design Innovation Award 2022 at the Genoa Boat Show in the category of sailing boats over 10 meters.

Grand Soleil 72 Performance of the Del Pardo shipyard wins the third edition of the Design Innovation Award at the 62nd Genoa Boat Show, for the category sailing boats over 10 meters. “For its ability to combine the experience of the shipyard with a balanced boat in terms of navigation performance and quality of the interior spaces” this was the motivation of the Jury chaired this edition by Donatella Bianchi, a well-known Italian writer and TV presenter.

The awards were given to the winners in the various categories during the dedicated evening organized by the 62nd Boat Show at the Genoa Aquarium, Friday 23 September 2022.

The Grand Soleil 72 Performance was born from the close collaboration between the Del Pardo shipyard with Matteo Polli who designed the naval architecture and Nauta Design who designed the deck and the interiors and the general layout, while Marco Lostuzzi dedicated himself to the structures and the project manager Franco Corazza followed all the construction phases.

A team of excellent Italian professionals who have created a very performing sailing yacht with a decidedly Italian aesthetic, with an elegant and modern design and high comfort ergonomics, both on deck and inside, which enhances the Made in Italy.

For this boat there is also the Long Cruise version for ocean cruises designed by the same team.

The boat overall is 23.75 m (77.92 ft) long, the hull length alone is 22 m (72.2 ft), buoyancy length 19.84 m (65.09 ft), while the breadth maximum is 6.20 m (20.34 ft), standard draft is 3.7 m (12.1 ft), optional draft 4.2 m (13.78 ft) – 3.2 m (10, 5 ft), ballast weight 9,000 kg (19,842 lbs), displacement 31,000 kg (68,343 lbs), fuel tank 1000 liters (264 gallons), fresh water tank 1000 liters (264 gallons), engine 150 hp, sail area 310 sq m .

The Grand Soleil 72 Performance has been designed with simple, clean, elegant shapes with lines where a V-shaped bow stands out and then widens at the stern designed to obtain a reduced wet surface all for the benefit of performance and stability.

The lightweight and durable hull has been built with the latest technologies and techniques of epoxy-based vacuum vinylester resin infusion in biaxial fiberglass and unidirectional carbon fabrics with all the most stressed areas including longitudinal and transverse laminated fiber structures made of glass and stiffened by unidirectional carbon reinforcements to increase strength and rigidity.

Furthermore, the hull has been made with a very advanced and highly efficient hull with a single rudder blade, which allows ease of maneuver and precision in handling and offers a feeling of performance and sporty driving.

The keel is inverted T with weldox blade with lead bulb for a standard draft of 3.70 m but both the lifting keel and the telescopic keel can be installed.

The deck layout is characterized by an elegant and sporty well integrated deckhouse with long side windows, a large cockpit with a large relaxation area where there are two identical tables on both sides that can be used separately with two comfortable benches joined to two splendid sundecks in the middle. a long free bridge leading below deck. In the most aft part of the cockpit near the winches there are the two twin wheels of the wheelhouse for navigation that enjoy an excellent view both on the sails and on the boat and on the sea, positioned not too far back which leave ample space in the stern.

The primary objective was to create a boat that would guarantee ample hospitality and comfort on board through large volumes without neglecting performance.

In fact, the interior layout of the new Grand Soleil 72 Performance includes 4 cabins and 4 bathrooms, a lounge with dining, relaxation and correspondence area and a kitchen.

Two cabins with bathroom are located forward including the owner’s master cabin, the other two with aft bathroom including that of the crew seamen on the left side while the other for the guests on the opposite side.

The fresh, elegant and welcoming interior layout follows the same style of the deck and offers large storage areas and quality of all the accessories of a true luxury superyacht. 

Nauta Design has conceived, designed and perfected each area and detail, exploiting all the spaces, creating an association of aesthetic details between the deck and the interiors, thus obtaining a total and congruent correspondence between them.

The materials used for the interior finishes such as the wall, ceiling and floor fittings are available in two variants, one in teak and the other in walnut, both versions enjoy an incredible brightness guaranteed by the large windows and the numerous portholes and hatches present. in the hull.

The descent below deck takes place via a staircase that is accessed from a hatch located aft of the mast.

The salon is the first room of the interior that we find near the entrance which occupies the entire width of the beam.

On the left side towards the stern is the galley which overlooks the saloon and communicates with the crew cabin, thus maximizing the dining and relaxation area of ​​the saloon which occupies the entire width of the beam. In addition, this configuration allows the crew area to never get in the way for guests and owners.

On the same side of the galley further towards the bow is the saloon dining area with a cozy L-shaped sofa with a dining table that can comfortably seat up to six people. On the right there is an elegant U-shaped sofa that extends towards the bow to the chart area with the navigation and plant control system.

The boat was built with quality, tradition and attention to detail with the development of innovative solutions that are increasingly attentive to sustainability and energy efficiency thanks to the great construction experience of the shipyard where there are staff who put passion and professionalism into it. , ingredients that have always been, and at all latitudes and longitudes, essential to create top-of-the-range products.