Hyperyacht GTM 88 feet “The Ferrari of the sea” new concept by Lazzarini Design Studio

Many brands have gone to great lengths to build high-performance motor boats that recall the world of sports cars, to satisfy a market niche made up of very rich but also very demanding people, passionate about the beauty of speed both on land and on water. 

Although these are two different sectors, to satisfy this clientele periodically, different companies collaborate together through a synergistic exchange of technology and a perfect connection between marine and automotive experiences to create exclusive cars and fast boats.

These two special specimens complement each other aesthetically and technologically and share exclusive finishes and designs and special details that can only be found on these specific models in order to amaze these super rich people.

It would seem an easy operation to do but it is not so because it requires mutual esteem, admiration and collaboration with the exchange of technologies between two companies operating in completely different fields.

Among the few successful collaborations we remember the one between the Germans of Mercedes-AMG and the Americans of Cigarette Racing who for some time have been building together beautiful high-performance boats, inspired by hypercar models of the German company, with the option of marketing the two together. exclusive products.

Among the best fast boats built in the past that perfectly evoke the automotive sector we remember the Fearless 28 which was born from the collaboration of Fearless Yachts based in Miami with the German team of Porsche Design.

The shape of the boat, designed by Porsche Design with the same approach with which a level car is designed, makes the boat unique in its kind that very much recalls the automotive style of the Porsche Carrera GT.

Recently the Lamborghini Style Center of the famous Lamborghini car manufacturer in collaboration with Tecnomar which is part of The Italian Sea Group created the first Lamborghini of the sea named Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 in order to offer the numerous enthusiasts of the famous car brand and more, one Lamborghini yachts for excursions on the water.

Tecnomar is an all-Italian historical brand specialized in the construction of yachts with sporty and fast looks up to 50 meters, famous all over the world because in its boats it always manages to achieve a perfect balance between elegance through the careful use of innovative materials and technologies. and Italian nautical tradition.

Lately also Lazzarini Design Studio based in Rome known for its very particular yacht projects among these the one in the shape of a swan worth 500 million dollars, which can take on the appearance of a swan in the water, lifting the cockpit, has designed a new yacht that combines with the most exclusive Italian car Ferrari with the intention once again to amaze all fans of luxury yachts and supercars.

This is the 88-foot (26-meter) Gran Turismo Mediterranea (GTM) which also features very elegant slender side vents in the shape of supercar-style seagull wings that seem almost suspended in area, propelled by a hybrid propulsion system consisting of a trio of MAN V12 engines have enough power to reach a top speed of around 85 mph (137 km / h).

This boat was designed with Ferrari red colored aluminum foil wings typical of the Maranello house that unfold to lift the boat out of the water at speeds in excess of 23mph (37km / h).

Let’s say immediately that for the project including the design there was no official collaboration between Lazzarini Design Studio of Rome with the famous Italian car manufacturer of Ferrari SpA, however this new hyperyacht has been defined as the “Ferrari of the sea” because it is currently what most reminds a Ferrari on water with many references to the design of the automotive world. In fact it is the final result of a great design work by the Lazzarini studio that the designers are keen to specify: “It is purely a stylistic exercise in order to propose new forms and ideas in the nautical sector”

Pierpaolo Lazzarini is the founder of Lazzarini Design Studio where designers, engineers specialized in the design processes of the automotive industry who want to expand and develop also in the yachting world work. Pierpaolo Lazzarini is an Italian designer with artistic visualization and prototyping skills. He has worked for years in the automotive sector, he is a designer who believes in a different design approach.

This “Ferrari of the sea” is even equipped with an on-board garage to park a supercar just like the owner’s roadside Ferrari. Having created a hyperyacht with a very strong automotive style imprint has conditioned the aesthetics and functionality of the yacht. The garage was created below deck in the rear part of the yacht so that a large sunbathing area can be set up on the aft deck.

The same design characteristics continue inside the yacht with many references to sports cars, thanks to Lazzari Design Studio which has tried to transfer all the experience gained on cars in the nautical sector, including shapes and proportions. The below deck layout is very innovative and includes a disengagement area that leads to the upper and lower cabins.

The lower level development of the yacht includes a large living room with kitchen and space for three or four bedrooms for guests as well as a bedroom for two crew members. However, this space will be completely customizable by the yacht owner according to the needs and preferences and will be able to decide to imprint their own style on every detail to make the boat unique. The upper level of the yacht includes a second living area, as well as the captain’s cabin.

This hyperyacht is currently a concept and would cost around € 9 million to build.