Hinckley 35 a new Hinckley with outboard propulsion.

Hinckley Yachts  is an ancient American shipyard based in Maine,  a  federated state of the United States of America   founded in 1928 by Benjamin B. Hinckley.

It was originally created to repair and maintain boats for local lobster fishermen in Southwest Harbor, Maine.

In 1932 Benjamin’s son Henry R. Hinckley, an engineering graduate, took control of the shipyard and under his leadership began a new development path with the construction of the first motor boat, while in 1938 the shipyard built the first luxury sailboat a 28-foot sloop designed at the time by one of the most famous naval and yacht architecture firms of all time, the American studio Sparkman & Stephens in New York.

Thus began the yard’s early successes by building 20 of these sloops and was later engaged mainly in the production of innovative luxury sailboats.   

In 1979 Henry Hinckley sold the company and over time it has been affected by several changes of ownership.

Nevertheless, it has always been recognized all over the world as a manufacturer of quality sailboats and engines, with exhilarating performance and highly refined beauty, thanks to a level of technology and craftsmanship that has always been present within the company.

During the 1950s, Hinckley began experimenting with the use of fiberglass to build the hulls of his yachts. 

The  Bermuda 40 , designed by William H. Tripp, Jr., was introduced in 1959 as Hinckley’s first fiberglass sailboat a flagship model that has always been modernized over the years

Due to the recession of the early 1980s, the luxury sailboat market fell out of favor and Hinckley launched into the production of modern fiberglass powerboats.

However, the real turning point came in 1994 when the shipyard began to build its own style of motor boat, the Picnic Boat which was born from the experience gained over time by the shipyard on motor boats for recreational use and for fishing in particular. that of lobsters.

Lobster boats are  boats originating from  Maine , an area that has always been interested in lobster fishing .

They are boats built to be safe and reliable because for work they have to navigate in some of the most dangerous seas and in the worst weather conditions.

The sinuous shape with pleasing proportions of the Picnic Boat perfectly manages to express the two worlds from which this boat, yacht and lobster boat originated.

The first model was a 36-footer, initially powered by waterjet which was immediately appreciated for its innovation, performance, functionality and exclusive design.

 The Picnic Boat style was created by Hinckley and is a registered trademark of the company, it is a completely new yacht that belongs in a class of its own.

After the great success with the 36-footer, new models between 29 and 55 feet were built that enriched the range of Hinckley Picnic Boats.

They are boats that in addition to being aesthetically beautiful are reliable, comfortable, clean, fresh, fast and easy to drive designed for relaxation and fun for the whole family or friends.  

They are boats characterized by a long deck on deck with large open spaces and represent the ideal solution to reach tourist destinations quickly and safely and with maximum manageability, enjoying navigation right on open spaces.

Before 1994, the business generated by the sails and the sales of navigation systems with mainsails blinds with autopilot   was crucial for the company, are now in the motor boats the most sold and the number continues to grow.

Encouraged by this triumph and by a market that currently prefers boats powered by outboard motors, the shipyard has decided to build a new Picnic Boat named Hinckley 35 powered by outboard motors which remains one of the more options offered and which does not replace the models. with inboard motorization.


With the Hinckley 35, we wanted to perfectly integrate the peculiarities of a Hinckley boat starting from the design with the advantages and performance of outboard propulsion.

Hinckley 35 was born from the close collaboration between the Hinckley Yachts shipyard and the Michael Peters Yacht Design studio in Sarasota, Florida of the designer Michael Peters who designed the boat that retains the characteristics and style of a Hinckley while remaining his creation, with the hull specially designed to be propelled by two outboard motors.


The hull was crafted through a modern Hinckley construction technique using carbon infused epoxy, which creates a strong chemical bond between the hull and bow to stern support structures. It is a composite material with almost no emissions, therefore it is a sustainable construction process that is very environmentally friendly albeit long and laborious but ultimately offers greater strength and a hull that feels decidedly solid in all kinds of conditions.


 The boat is 38 feet 8 inches (11.7 m) long and 11 feet (3.35 m) wide; Draft 2 feet 10 inches (0.64 m); Weight 13,174 lbs (5,975 kg); Fuel capacity 300 gallons (1,135 liters); Standard power 300 × 2 hp

 The cockpit has a very large coverage with the first two forward adjustable seats with large padding for the driver and companion.

The layout of the deck all covered in teak so elegant, but also so accommodating has been developed to experience the sea in complete relaxation and safety both at sea and when standing still.  

In continuity with the two curved sofas completely protected from the sun, placed on both sides one in front of the other with a central retractable table, in the cockpit guests can take advantage of comfortable outdoor seating arranged near the sides facing in the opposite direction. the navigation one and others further aft arranged in the direction of navigation all extraordinary, in the middle a long free teak deck with an underlying hidden locker, with automatic opening, which offers ample storage space.

The passage from the cockpit to the wide gangway is very easy and without any obstacles it is possible to walk up to the bow.


The real preciousness of this boat is the varnished teak helm station enriched with flat screen display protected by a new ClearView ™ single glass windshield, a new innovation from Hinckley, which offers exceptional protection and improved visibility in all directions, very useful in navigation and mooring. 

In addition, the station is equipped with forward controls, which allow the pilot to control and dock the boat using the joystick.

The descent below deck takes place through a ladder that is accessed from an entrance located between the two seats forward. Below deck we find a cozy V-shaped cabin with bathroom and mini kitchen, very bright with natural light that comes directly from the skylight and side windows and offers a lot of freedom of movement and a lot of comfortable space to relax away from the sun and bad weather.

The cabin is fabulously set up as a result of extraordinary craftsmanship, in addition to the  seating in the forward saloon that can easily be converted into a bed for two to sleep, it also includes a  mini kitchen with cabinets and drawers, sink, refrigerator, sink and toilet. 

Powered by a pair of twin 300hp Mercury Verado outboards or two Yamaha 300hp outboards, the Hinckley 35 can reach a top speed of 48mph, (77km / h). The possibility of installing more powerful 350hp outboards instead of the standard 300hp twin pair is not excluded. The Company warrants that the Hinckley 35  has a range of over 300 miles at approximately 34 mph, (54 km / h) speed.

The two motors installed at the end of the transom are mounted in the center to allow for easy side passages to get out and get on board when the boat is at the dock and to create comfortable swimming platforms for getting in and out of the water. 

The 35 are built at the Hinckley plant in Trenton, Maine. Making its debut last fall Scott Bryant, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Hinckley Yachts says he has already sold 12. A standard model is bought for $ 825,000.

About Scott Bryant, he released the following statements:

“This new model is a true Hinckley in every respect.”

“She was designed from day one as an outboard motor boat, with an optimized hull shape and chines and planking courses designed to provide greater lift and stability.”

“35 represents a new chapter in Hinckley’s extraordinary story”.

Its design and construction set new standards in terms of speed, safety and durability. Yet it still offers is timeless in the style, comfort and craftsmanship that a Hinckley owner deserves ”.

With the help of Michael Peters, we have created an exclusive, heirloom quality boat that enthusiasts of the nautical lifestyle will want to keep in their family forever.” “Considering we typically only build around 30 boats a year, the privilege of owning a new Hinckley 35 will belong to an exclusive group of yachting enthusiasts. As our first delivery to the customer proved, we guarantee it will be worth the wait. “