Eclipse an exclusive yacht.


Eclipse of the yacht Magnante Russian Roman Abramovich cost according to rumors at the end of 1,2 billion euro, incorporating the cost also the security systems, defense, submarine personnel and a particular system of boat anchor. At the beginning of the work the cost is estimated ,only for the boat, was 340 million euro.


Entered in navigation, December 9 2010 to 2013 was also the longest private yacht in the world with its 165,5 meters, it is now second behind the yacht Azzam the prince and political UAE Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, one of the richest men in the world, 180 meters long, launched in April of 2013.


Eclipse still remains one of the most exclusive yachts in the world, where luxury and excellence are perfectly integrated. eclipse-yachts-the-bath-tub

Eclipse is a collaboration of Terence Disdale Design and naval architect Francis Design who designed the exterior and interior while the construction was carried out by the shipyards of Blohm + Voss in Hamburg, Germany. inside-the-yacht-of-abramovich

Think of the daily operating cost is about € 80.000, with 70 crew members required for navigation, while the annual maintenance cost is around 50 million euro. yatch-eclipse-the-Sun

The maximum speed of navigation can reach 25 knots through a propulsion provided by 4 diesel engines. It also comes with an owner’s suite with a retractable roof, 2 suites for VIPs on the fourth floor, and 8 other cabins for guests, then there are cabins for the crew. of-luxury-interior-for-superyacht-eclipse

On the yacht are three helicopters available in many areas for landing and takeoff. the inside-delleclipse-yachts-the-living room

On the yacht we also find a large pool of 16 meters which if necessary can be converted into a dance floor, whirlpool baths, a spa and a fitness room, a hair salon, massage room, sauna and turkish bath.

the inside-delleclipse-yacht-of-abramovich

It is also equipped with three boats and a mini submarine that is able to reach 50 meters deep. An intruder detection system as a missile defense system. The master suite and deck of the yacht is supplied  with armor and bulletproof windows.



The yacht, according to some sources, it is also equipped with a laser shield that would prevent us from taking photographs inside the yacht, an infrared system that Abramovich wanted to protect her privacy. screen-shot-07.06.2015-at-11-27-23

But the newspaper Bild-Zeitung, as it is called in Germany, one of the largest German newspapers, it was able to photograph the interior of the Eclipse that you find in this article. screen-shot-09.11.2014-at-12-55-57-pm

Eclipse an exclusive yacht.

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