The World is not Enough Fastest Yachts in the World


The yacht Millennium 140, later renamed The World is not Enough (for the passion they have for the owners of the James Bond movies where the world does not just refers to the title of the 19 films of the famous British agent 007 series filmed in 1999) it is still a luxury yacht fastest in the world thanks to 4 powerful engines combined with one another, can reach a speed of 70 knots. 12-yacht1

The two 18VP185 Paxman Diesel engines 5300 hp each and two turbine jet engines Lycoming TF40 4700 HP each able to generate a total power of 20.000 HP the-world-is-not-enough-aft-deck-dining-319x212

 Engineered by Millenium Superyach in 2004 on naval architect project Mulder Design with luxurious interiors designed by Evan K Marshall, The World is not Enough greatly stems from the desire of the two owners John Staluppi and John Rosatti that even then they wanted to build a yacht that beat all records in terms of performance without neglecting comfort and luxury. images-4

In particular John Staluppi obsessed with speed, he wanted the yacht under construction was absolutely the fastest in the world. download

To make this the fastest yacht in the world certainly it has helped the hull shape created by modifications of previous designs Mulder, an expert in the early 80s in the design of fast patrol boats. 112486070

This experience was ultimately crucial to build a ship, where weight, speed and stability are fundamental elements. cattura6

In particular, the hull hull was built in the shape of V in order to cut the water like a knife, even in difficult conditions, always ensuring the necessary stability with minimum noise levels and the absence of vibrazioni.World is not Enough seats up to 10 guests in 5 luxurious cabins to the main owner, equipped with two bathrooms, and a jacuzzi tub. Also on the boat certainly does not lack luxury and comfort and entertainment as jet skiing, diving center, surfing etc. .

Main technical features

Overall length: 42,40 m;

Beam: 8,25

Draft: 1,88

Shipyard: Millennium Superyacht

Year built: 2004

Naval architect: Mulder Design

Interior Designer: Evan K Marshall

Construction material: Aluminum

Guests: 10

Crew: 6

Engine: 20000 HP

Cruising speed: 45

Maximum speed: 70 knots

Fuel tank: 56781 l

Yacht The World is not Enough il più veloce al mondo


Lo yacht Millennium 140, rinominato in seguito The World is not  Enough (per la passione che hanno i proprietari per i film di James Bond dove il Mondo non basta si richiama al titolo del 19 film della serie girato nel 1999 sul famoso agente inglese 007)
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Azzam cost 500 million euro, 180 meters long, 21 meters wide, is able to reach, thanks to two gas turbines and two diesel engines developing a power of 94.000 cv, a maximum speed of 31,5 knots, currently holds all the records for this category of yachts the longest, the most expensive and the fastest in the world. cattura14

Launched in April of 2013, it exceeded the record as the world’s longest yacht that belonged to the Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich Eclipse, became famous for being the owner of the Chelsea team in English football, which measures 163,5 meters. cattura8

Obviously the owner Prince and political UAE Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan is one of the richest men in the world with successful investments in many fields including clearly also in oil. cattura9

Now owns a boat in line with its assets.

The overall project is a collaboration of a trusted person of Prince Engineer Mubarak Saad all’Ahbabi and 3 specialized teams in the industry, the Milan office Nauta Design (Exterior Design) for external Frenchman Christophe Leoni (Interior Design) for interior and British Burgess (technical project) for the technical design. cattura2

The realization was followed in three years by the German shipyard Lürssen Yachts in Bremen. azam1

Now let us discuss some features of this large floating masterpiece with a gross tonnage of 18.000 tons and with a fuel tank 1 million liters. azam2

The yacht has a main hall with a length of 29 meters and a width of 18 meters completely clear and free of pillars, with a luxurious style Empire early twentieth century. azam3

It also comes with a missile defense system and two heliports in addition to a small submarine, a movie, two swimming pools a restaurant and a nightclub all without neglecting the of yacht  lines that are very elegant in form for the entire length of ‘boat. azzam4