alvez1Eddie Alvarez after winning the lightweight belt by beating the champion Instructs Rafael Dos Anjos by TKO in the first round, he said in a recent interview you want to meet in the next meeting, which would be the first by defending champion Conor McGregor considering the ‘easier opponent for his first title defense. Therefore would not concede, at least once, the rematch with Rafael because he believes despite the victory last July 7, the strongest opponent of the category.

Cattura6 In fact, in the same interview he said that being able to bring home the victory that night was a major undertaking, as was previously with Anthony Pettis and Gilbert Melendez. They are the best in this weight class. Also following the stages of the match between McGregor and Diaz Born with the resounding defeat of the latter Eddie Alvarez is convinced that there are other ways to meet and defeat McGregor especially if you were to extend the match on several occasions. Of course these statements leave a little ‘perplexed. It ‘s true now that the UFC lightweight champion, Eddie Alvarez thinks it’s high time to have an easier opponent. No wonder, since it has achieved three consecutive wins against some of the best fighters of the category – before Gilbert Melendez at UFC 188, then Anthony Pettis in January this year and finally July 7th us with Rafael Dos Anjos with so knockout. With all the young talented category present in the UFC that are making the path to meet the strongest because he prefers to meet Conor McGregor? Meanwhile, we expect the McGregor rematch with Diaz the UFC 202 event in Las Vegas on August 20, where Conor McGregor vows revenge, and then we’ll see if the UFC will organize this’ encounter as they say in these cases, time will tell.



Eddie Alvarez dopo aver vinto la cintura dei pesi leggeri battendo il campione incarica per KO tecnico alla prima ripresa, ha dichiarato in una recente intervista di voler incontrare nel prossimo incontro, che sarebbe il primo da detentore del titolo, Conor  McGregor ritenendolo l’avversario più facile per la sua prima difesa del titolo. Pertanto non concederebbe, almeno subito, la rivincita a Rafael perché lo ritiene nonostante la vittoria dello scorso 7 luglio, l’avversario più forte della categoria.

Cattura6 Infatti, nella stessa intervista ha dichiarato che riuscire a portare a casa la vittoria quella sera è stata una grande impresa, così come lo è stato in precedenza con Anthony Pettis e Gilbert Melendez. Sono i migliori in questa classe di peso. Inoltre seguendo le fasi del match tra Nata Diaz e  McGregor con la clamorosa sconfitta di quest’ultimo  Eddie  Alvarez è convinto che esistano altri modi per incontrare e sconfiggere McGregor specialmente se il match si dovesse prolungare in più riprese. Certo queste dichiarazioni lasciano un po’ perplessi. E’ vero ora che è campione dei pesi leggeri dell’UFC, Eddie Alvarez pensa che sia giunto il momento di avere un avversario più facile. Non c’è da meravigliarsi, poiché ha conseguito tre vittorie consecutive contro alcuni tra i migliori combattenti della categoria – prima Gilbert Melendez a UFC 188, poi Anthony Pettis nel gennaio di quest’anno e, infine il 7  luglio u.s. con Rafael Dos Anjos con modo a eliminazione diretta. Con tutti i giovani bravi di categoria presenti nell’UFC che stanno facendo il percorso per incontrare i più forti perché preferisce incontrare Conor McGregor? Intanto aspettiamo la rivincita di McGregor con Diaz con l’evento UFC 202 a Las Vegas il 20 agosto, dove Conor  McGregor giura vendetta e poi  vedremo se la UFC organizzerà quest’ incontro come si dice in questi casi  chi vivrà vedrà.

MMA revenge Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz

Conor McGregor will not be peace for the defeat last March, against UFC welterweight champion Nate Diaz weights. Since the favorite by bettors who expected a landslide victory instead Irishman Conor has suffered a stinging defeat for submission to the second round. If McGregor victory was proclaimed UFC champion in three weight categories, feather-light-welterweight. During this meeting for the first time I came out the weak points of the sample. That is the difficulty in meeting standards that have more experience in ground fighting in a category of higher weights. Therefore, the next match will sharpen his ground fighting style if he wants to have a chance to win against Diaz. In fact, at a press conference that was held in Las Vegas said that he is preparing to revenge through a specific preparation would remind you that McGregor lost in the second round by submission by strangulation after Diaz had suffered shots throughout the first round, they had procured bruises and cuts on Nate’s face. Then in the second round Nate Diaz despite the leakage of blood to the face resisted and began to argue with his box, hitting repeatedly McGregor, forcing him to continue the match to the ground where he said as he got the better with a spectacular guillotine that Conor forced to surrender. The rematch barring accidents or injuries is expected with the UFC 202 event in Las Vegas more 20/08/2016. Going back on the meeting McGregor lost during the said conference organized precisely to promote the event said: Our last match was It was great. I have my reasons for believing that the battle went as it went. I look forward to August 20 and I will off this man. I prepared everything in a somewhat ‘more specific. I usually do not prepare the match in a specific way, the reason seems clear: my opponents tend to give up before they face the match. This time I prepared to face an ugly, tall Mexican. Lefty All my sparring partners are higher than a meter eighty and they are all middleweight. I’ll do a lot of work pressure, I will take it and will do it outside. It makes sense to our situation at 170 pounds, to fix everything and leave no doubt. We must not make mistakes, are featherweight champion. That’s my division. I will continue to dominate. I have other interests that must be followed before. Nate will fight, I will return in the featherweight, yet will dominate and will close the trilogy with Nate.