Wally Power 118 the evergreen yacht


The Wally Power 118 yacht built in 2002 still represents a valuable reference for the design of new generation yacht. wallypower118-3

In particular, the hull hull of this boat with its rapid V-shaped angle made it possible to build a yacht where the speed seamlessly integrates with stability. This was obviously the result of a long research program with several tests. The development of this yacht lasted four years but in the end all the objectives have been achieved. yacht_118_wallypower-05

Wally Power 118 is a luxury superyacht that uses high-performance technology and advanced materials in a striking and unique design-confident elegance and refinement without ever falling into the excesses. WallyPower-75-checkmate2

The lower part of the hull is solid fiberglass. The upper parts, starting from the water line, are in hybrid / carbon composite glass fiber. yacht_118_wallypower_interior-04

The purpose of this project was to create a yacht very fast and stable, with all conditions of the sea, for short cruises even one day. With three turbines installed on board that generate a total power of 16.800 HP maximum speed of the boat advancement touches 60 knots. 118_wallypower__ii_by_ivan_c-d5c4n3g

The Wally Power 118 yacht was built by the Italian shipyard Rodriquez Intermarine with internal and external project of the study of Lazzarini Pickering and Wally, and the furniture has been treated by a Worldwide Woodcraft. wally-118-WallyPower-yacht-37-970xh2-980x360

The interior may seem content actually inside there is space for the owner’s bedroom, with double bed and bathroom with double shower, yacht_118_wallypower_interior-05

two bedrooms with bed and bath for the guests, the crew cabins plus a kitchen entirely finished in aluminum.

WallyPower-118-920-42 Ultimately the boat is able to accommodate six people, including the owner and guests and six crew members and there is space for a small dinghy a boat which goes to the shore in those tourist places where you can not put into port with the yacht. WallyPower-118-luxury-and-fast-yacht-32 The painting is dark metallic green color, and changes reflections and color according to the light and landscape. 36 meters long, the version described above three turbines costs about 18 million euros, is also a version, cheapest dual diesel engine, which costs about 12 million €.




The AB 116 is a slim-looking yacht of 36,20 meters offering every comfort with a high-speed browsing with excellent sea keeping in all conditions. cattura118

Was launched for the first time in 2011 by AB Yachts – Fipa Group has engineered the complete project by Guido de Groot Design. catturaab116

In addition to high speed, and convenient for the absence of noise and vibration with a reduced consumption, burning little more than 500 liters per hour at 25 knots. The yacht was built using the most advanced technologies and lightweight materials and belongs to the category of high-speed yacht with a jet of water as the primary source of propulsion. 2_ab-yachtsx

The yacht comes with a spectacular beauty with sleek lines and elegant.


With fiberglass hull with plastic superstructures reinforced with glass fiber (GRP), while the dimensions are not to be super yacht it has been realized with large interior space with 5 suites for a maximum of 10 guests and can stay in up to 6 members crew.ab-ab-yacht-116-26596030141165706770515454484548x

Off 7,49 meters with 1,19 meters draft, AB 116 with three MTU engines of 2.400 hp each reaches a maximum speed of 45 knots with a cruising speed of 40 knots. Other yachts based on this model include Musa AB 116, Diamond, AB 116, Blue Force One, AB 166.

Other technical features

Manufacturer: AB Yachts

Overview Name: AB 116; Type: Motor Yacht; Model: AB 116; Manufacturer: AB Yachts. ab-ab-yacht-116-18769020130565565669545069514567x


Naval architect: Marco Arnaboldi; The external designers: Guido de Groot Design; Interior Designer: Guido de Groot Design ab-ab-yacht-116-26574030141165706769694854564557x

Dimensions: Overall length: 36.20m (118’9 “ft); Width: 7.49m (24’6 “ft); Project (max): 1.19m (3’10” ft)

Accommodations – Guests: 10; Total Cabins: 5; Crew: 6

Construction – Hull Configuration: Cover material: GRP; Superstructure: GRP ab116_ecrider-464-230x130

Engine (s): Quantity: 3: Fuel: Diesel; Manufacturer: MTU

Model: 16V 2000 M93

Power: 2600hp / 1939kW; Total Power: 7800hp / 5816kW; Propulsion: Triple Waterjets

Performance and features: Maximum speed: 50.00 kts; Cruising Speed: 44.00 kts

Fuel tank capacity: 15,000.00 L / 3,299.54 USG; Water tank capacity: 3,000.00 L / 659.91

Dubai yacht from the Arabian Nights


Dubai a dream yacht, if you have sometimes fantasized about buying a yacht, this satisfies your every fantasy, a super-luxury yacht in every port that comes offers a fascinating show. images-13

Currently Dubai is owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum properties, the ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. images-3

The construction of this mega yacht was begun in 1996 by Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei through a joint project between Blohm + Voss and Lürssen shipyard, was stopped until 2001, for lack of funds, the hull was later acquired by Platinum Yachts completed in 2006 and sold to a record at the time for $ 300 million to the current owner. dubai5-b-365x500

The project, previously called Platinum, Panhandle and Golden Star, was then renamed Dubai. When it was launched in 2006 this yacht was also the longest in the world, but now with its 162 meters is in third place after Azzam 180 meters and 165,5 meters Eclipse. images-5

In Dubai they immediately notice the fine lines that hide the size that made him famous in the world his English designer Andrew Winch, become important also in the design in the aeronautical field. images-10

The interiors, cared for by the staff of Platinum Yachts, are unparalleled. The seven bridges are connected by three elevators and a staircase. superyacht-dubai-4694-b-365x381

This very beautiful circular open staircase with glass steps that change color, it is the particularity of this yacht, connects all bridges with numerous suites, well-spaced on two areas, that of the owner of the VIPs and guests and one of the 88 crew members for a total of 115 units between guests and crew. dubai2

In the inner part, all built in the name of the glitz and extreme luxury with a careful choice of materials used, you will find rooms, dining areas and other environments. On the main deck there is a large living room with its red sofa fulcrum used to bring together all the guests and VIPs to socialize. superyacht-dubai-6528-b

While on the outside decks are located, sun terraces, swimming pools, hot tubs, and also a large swimming pool for water sports activities and spa, in short, there’s plenty to spend the day in complete relaxation and comfort. A special feature of this yacht is that many spaces on the bridges are closed so the guests can enjoy air conditioning to beat the heat of the United Arab Emirates countries. capture

Obviously not miss an area equipped for a large helicopter useful for transfers and two motorboats to reach the tourist destinations where there are no ports that allow the yacht port. Dubai has a condizionamene system fully redundant, ensuring air-conditioning without any problems anywhere in the world. The boat propulsion is provided by two MTU diesel engines to low levels of noise and vibration with a top speed of 26 knots. images3

The hull is made of steel, the aluminum superstructure and the maximum width is 22metri, draft of 9,26 meters cruising speed 25 knots, a cruising speed range is 8,500 nautical miles, the tank capacity 1.050 tons, the gross tonnage of 13.470 tons. cattura1v

The perception of time

Who among us has never had the experience of living of minutes long, that he had the impression that time has stood still, or on the contrary, to hear the time to escape, fly, and magare to experience regret? Are common situations in the life of all, they prove that the perception of time is almost never objective, that is, corresponding to the real movement of the clock hands, but as it is often influenced by our moods and our attitudes against what we are experiencing. The student who at school is concerned interrogation and waiting for the end of the hour as the liberation from a nightmare, the minutes will live as eternal; as well as the girl waiting for the appointment with the love lives waiting as long as the time you spend with him will seem too short, it will pass in a flash. What causes this? First, as already mentioned, it depends on our attitude towards what we are experiencing: if we are doing something that interests us, which attracts our attention, that we like, then time will seem short, if on the contrary we get bored , we do things that do not arouse particular interest, or even there are unpleasant, time will seem to pass ever, we live it as much longer than it is. Another factor that influences the perception of time is the attention that we pay to its flow: the more attention you pay more the amount of time we seem long. But when we turn in thought to periods that we considered very long as we live them, because no particular event had come to break the monotony, they seem in much shorter memory; on the contrary, a trip or a vacation interesting and pleasant, experienced as very short, in the memory will be much longer. So, almost paradoxically, we can say that working having many commitments, we shorten the days and we lengthen life.