The self-massage and line problems

The self-massage is the manual massage that you can do alone. Obviously with the self-massage you can not solve complicated cases of strictly therapeutic medical expertise but you can certainly groped reduce cellulite that threatens certain areas of the body or to obtain a general tonic effect with satisfactory results even if you secure a certain constancy.


With the self-massage you must always remember that the direction you need to follow is the one that goes from the periphery and towards the heart. For example, if you want to massage your legs, you have to say from the foot and go up to the ankles, ankle, knees and thighs.

Everything should be followed always with gentleness are not necessary pressure to achieve significant results. The automassage differs from the manual massage performed by professionally expert hands of a masseur not only for proper handling of the skin and muscles, but especially for the rhythm with which they are executed.

In case you want to use only self-massage to get a general tonic effect is not necessary to use a specific product just a soothing body lotion for dry skin or a penetrating oil. Those who want to use the self-massage for the solution of some problems of line, will have to buy a specific product effective as a reducing cream or a preparation against cellulite.

However, the recommended procedure is always the same, even if the results are different. First, it is recommended to cleanse the area to be massaged with warm water and soap, even better after a hot bath because the self-massage becomes more effective with large pores, and therefore with the most ready to be stimulated circulation.

Then apply the anti-cellulite or reducing cream, spreading it with your palm and rub until it is almost completely absorbed. Then with a horsehair glove hard execute the rubbing massage long with a rotary motion remembering to perform the movements always from the periphery towards the center, from the bottom upwards.

The treatment ends with a final clutch made ungloved freehand. Obviously if you want to tone your body in general instead of reducing cream, apply the softening milk or oil for dry skin, but the process is always the same.

The clutch and brushing are used to smooth the surface and remove dead skin cells. In addition to the expected results also you will get a big giovamene for the skin because activating the subcutaneous circulation, it stimulates all the vital processes of the dermis. Of course, the manual massages of an expert masseur are more effective because they work at deeper levels.

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