The new Solaris 50 ′ solidity, safety and performance

Solaris Yachts is an Italian shipyard based in Aquileia, on the border of the Venetian Lagoon in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. After more than 40 years of experience gained in the repair and refurbishment of sailboats, today it is appreciated by shipowners all over the world in the development and construction of high quality customized fast cruising yachts and high craftsmanship tradition.


A well-known and appreciated shipyard, which stands out not only for the high performance of its models, but also for the high quality of their solid and non-deformable construction.

Thanks also to the position of the shipyard on the sea, which allows you to test and perfect every design solution in the water and from the experience acquired over the years in the repair and restoration of boats, both handcrafted and built in series that have allowed the shipyard to carry out numerous tests at sea where they found that most of the sailing boats, due to the effect of the wind and the sea, move and deform: the creaks, the doors that do not close during navigation and the cracks that are formed over time and thanks to a unique forty-year experience in construction and refitting, the technicians and specialized workers of Solaris have managed to identify the crucial points to focus on to ensure rigidity and non-deformability and through a consolidated and exclusive processing technique, moreover very expensive and not industrializable, they are able to build imba rcations non-deformable over time using a single material with a single mechanical characteristic: fiberglass. And this particular assembly, present on all Solaris boats, is the main peculiarity of the shipyard.

Today in the 40 to 111 foot range Solaris Yachts builds numerous models of all performing sailboats, together with special motor boats included in the 40 to 57 foot range. The new Solaris 50 ′ is the latest sailboat built by the yard.

At the time of the launch of the first model, in April 2022, 20 units had already been sold and still today its commercial success continues, testifying to the trust that owners have for this shipyard. 

The boat out all is 50 feet 85 inches (15.50 m) long; maximum width 15 feet 68 inches, (4.78 m); draft 9ft (2.80m) optional 8ft 5in – 7ft 70in (2.6m – 2.35m); a displacement of 35,053 lbs, (15,900 Kg); ballast 10,692 pounds, (4,850 kg); sail area 155 m2; one engine: Volvo P. 50 hp D2 50 S / SR optional 75 hp with S –Drive; fuel capacity of 98 gal., (370 l); a 135 gal water capacity. (510 l).

 The new Solaris 50 ′ was born from the close collaboration between the Solaris Yachts shipyard and the Argentine designer Javier Soto Acebal, who designed the boat for the Italian shipyard, while the Roseo Design studio took care of all the interiors.

Javier Soto Acebal’s collaboration with Solaris Yachts begins with Solaris 44 ′, year 2008/2009.

The Argentine designer embarked on his career as a naval designer in full autonomy only in 1998 after having worked, starting from 1987, for 11 years in the studio of the talented world-famous designer, the architect and sailor also from Argentina, German Frers, indeed the two designers were born in the same city in Buenos Aires.

The new Solaris 50 ′ has been revived with a new renewed model, successor to the first Solaris 50 ′ awarded as European Yacht of the Year 2016, built by the same shipyard. This new boat has been redesigned to offer more usable and versatile space on board by increasing the external and internal spaces compared to the first model.

A great effort had to be made to improve an already perfect boat like the previous Solaris 50 ‘model where 60 yachts were produced and it was the best-selling boat from the yard, in a size 50 feet where the competition is very fierce because it is the largest yacht that can be managed without the necessary presence of a crew and that allows an experienced sailor with a valid help on board, who can be a friend or a member of the family, to go everywhere and reach any destination, for this reason they are among the most requested level boats on the market.

In this regard Javier Soto Acebal has released the following statement:

“It was difficult to improve a boat as successful as the Solaris 50 ′, but we succeeded”.

“The new Solaris 50 ′ not only has larger volumes than the previous version but has been designed to be even more stable under sail, with an even softer passage on the wave.”

With reference to the success of the Solaris 48 ′ and Solaris 50 ′ models over the last few years, the Solaris team, in order to design a better boat, has focused its attention on the development of new hull lines and through a long program of study and design. in the end all the objectives were achieved, with the creation of the new Solaris 50 ′ with measures of 15.50 mx 4.78 m wider and more voluminous than the previous model. 

Through these unprecedented hull lines, the space at the stern has been enlarged, thus allowing the use of the double rudder, with the two wheels installed together with the navigation control instrumentation on two exclusive columns right on the two outer edges where there is a excellent view even with the sprayhood open, in addition it was possible to insert a tender garage with longitudinal entrance, a unique solution on yachts of this size, which greatly facilitates the use of the tender at entry and exit, which stops in a reserved locker completely watertight.

The very clean deck is characterized by a well-proportioned, unobtrusive deckhouse. The cockpit is very large and offers real freedom of movement. The passage from the cockpit to the wide gangway is very easy and without any obstacles it is possible to walk up to the bow.

The real peculiarity of this boat is that the walkway towards the stern ends immediately in front of the rudders, with two comfortable steps that are used to get off and on easily from the steering area without any obstacles. The presence of these two innovative steps at the bow of the rudder columns create an environment of extreme safety and comfort for traveling at sea and markedly divides the steering area from the relaxation area. The interruption of the walks before the steering area allows to have lower pulpit and lifelines aft and to obtain the maximum forward view towards the bow of the boat and the sails.

All the moving maneuvering devices are hidden and converge near the two twin wheels of the wheelhouse where there are 2 visible winches for each wheel, one of which is electric to simplify all the most tiring maneuvers of adjusting the entire sail plan.

 The new Solaris 50 ′ also has a vocation for long cruises and a considerable sailing system has been set up with a self-tacking jib that ensures optimal handling and ease of maneuvering and to always guarantee navigation even without a sail, it has been equipped with a Volvo Penta engine. 50 hp with the option of installing a more powerful engine such as a 75 hp with S-Drive also from Volvo P.

As for the layout of the large cockpit, you can opt for the solution with one or two tables.

In addition, this boat has also been designed to participate in regattas in this case, for the pursuit of performance, it is almost mandatory to install a carbon mast as an option.

The new Solaris 50 ′ fully responds to what is expected of a yacht of this type, a fast, solid and well built cruiser that offers speed and sensitivity while allowing you to live on board comfortably. The Solaris 50 ‘waterlines represent the latest evolutionary process of the projects of Javier Soto Acebal, designer of all Solaris currently in production, who has been able to give a further balance of the hull, incredible performance, making the transition even softer. on the wave.

However, the real and great feature of this boat are the large spaces created below deck which during the day are all well illuminated by natural light thanks to the number of deck hatches and the size of the hull windows.

All environments are able to offer an excellent level of comfort to make life on board as comfortable as possible.

The innovations continue in the preparation of the interiors, all curated by the Roseo Design studio, which in addition to the classic layout that includes a living room, a kitchen and three cabins with two bathrooms, you can opt for a different layout, which includes a third bathroom on the left side by moving the kitchen all along the right side.

The forward master cabin can have either a central double bed or a side bed and the other 2 aft cabins can have either a double bed or two separate beds both cabins have large windows overlooking the internal cockpit.

The forward cabin is a real exclusive very spacious master cabin, with a large wardrobe at the entrance in front of a very spacious bathroom like the aft one, set up with a choice of accessories and top quality materials with a fabulous shower box with separate bathroom .

The cabin is quite high, has a beautiful central double bed with enough space that allows you to get off comfortably without disturbing the other occupant. Natural light is not lacking due to the presence of side windows and portholes at the top.

If you choose the option with a side bed, the entire layout of the spaces changes, in particular the bathroom is built at the far bow.

The descent below deck takes place through a ladder that is accessed from a skylight located at the stern of the mast, the kitchen and living room with correspondence area is the first room we find. As soon as we go down on the left the kitchen develops with the sink next to the ladder and with an induction hob and no longer the gas stove, a large fridge with freezer. The kitchen surrounded by cabinets is full of functional details not only aesthetic that make life on board more comfortable, plus it can be used in any condition because it is equipped with adequate ventilation, lighting and natural light thanks to the large windows at the top and side. Forward we find the salon filled with natural light, thanks to the large windows, which offers a lot of freedom of movement and a lot of comfortable space. 

On the right side there is a refined chart table with a splendid seat and the navigation and control system and a long sofa.

On the opposite side we have the dining area with a central table surrounded by a sofa and comfortable chairs.

For those who look at the interiors for the first time, the thing that stands out in the eyes is the attention to all details, the quality of the materials used and the exceptional craftsmanship typical of the Solaris shipyard. Overall there is an elegant atmosphere that smells of clean, fresh.

 The collaboration with Poltrona Frau allows you to customize all the interiors of the new Solari 50 ′ according to personal taste and needs. From the seats in the correspondence area to the owner’s suite, Poltrona Frau with its refined leathers worked in a particular way is ready with perfectionism and scrupulousness to satisfy the most demanding customers.

The Solaris Yachts shipyard now boasts a great reputation because it builds above all very functional and also very beautiful boats, for passionate people who really go out to sea and the new Solaris 50 ′ represents the synthesis of all the advantageous developments and positive experiences accumulated in almost 50 years of activity by the shipyard for which rightly there are many expectations for this new boat in consideration of the great success obtained with the previous model with the same size.