The effects of massage


The effects of massage can be positive or negative or even harmful depends on who is practiced. Therefore, the massage can heal or exacerbate second masseur chosen. Before you get massaged it is useful so choose carefully for the right professional who has to make them.


The basic rule is that the massage should be practiced by a qualified physical therapist, skilled preparation, and above all well-dressed stone of the responsibility of the therapeutic treatment that assumes.

Your doctor may determine the number and length of sessions, provide general information, but it is only the masseur that, contact of the sick, may from time to time apply a different approach Setting yourself knowledge and belief.

Long gone are the days when the massage was entrusted to praticoni with methods certainly unscientific, when the massage was a session of torture and unpleasant source of soothing effects.

Massaging is art but it is also a science. For purely aesthetic problems manual massage is so much female environment and because it presupposes trust on the part of patients any physical effort and for a psychological compromise, that is established between them and their aesthetic problem.

Patients do not always have a will power to follow a slimming or anti-cellulitis which undoubtedly involves first application with constant sacrifices, hardships, and so on.

So subconsciously seek a compromise with themselves, do not deprive yourself of the joys that life offers, through the sins of gluttony, and on the other hand have a clear conscience, that is, to have the feeling of having done the aesthetic owe it to themselves to the preservation of a line the most harmonious and streamlined as possible.

When we talk about the benefits of massage, we must be aware that each type of treatment applied does have its effect on us and on our bodies. Certainly the first feeling you have during a massage is relaxation, but without going into targeted techniques, massage are beneficial for all, to combat stress and improve the general functioning of our body.

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