The care for perfect skin of the body


The skin represents how the body is presented on the outside. The life you lead, the diet that you follow the hours devoted to sleep, the physical and hormonal maintaining balance are important factors that affect the health of our skin.


The good state is entrusted primarily to the diet. Until recently it was thought that the skin’s destiny depended only on the endocrine glands, food science has shown that the appearance and the skin of life are dominated by food influences.

The defects of an oily or dry skin can be eliminated through precise nutrition as a fundamental therapy for healing or improve an abnormal situation. For example, some vitamins present in certain foods or certain substances such as lemon balm, cereals and yeast have a beneficial influence on the excessively oily skin.

The number one enemy of the skin is dehydration What exactly dehydration? It means lack or unnatural loss of water due to evaporation. Poor skin fat and water has a tendency to grow old prematurely and our face is covered with wrinkles prematurely.

What are the constitutional factors that cause skin dehydration apart from some ovarian dysfunction in contributing to decreases the amount of fat and thus causes dry skin, the characteristic factors are age and atmospheric variations.

The years of a person is inversely proportional to the amount of water that has in its body. The human body is made for a good part of its volume of water; at birth is about 80% of the volume; At the age of 30 drops to 60% decreases still further. It is this loss of water and the lack of fat that causes the formation of wrinkles.

As it regards the elements here are the “guilty” the sun, the wind, the heat, the lack of moisture. All cause a particular dryness of the skin.

Think of an apple struck by a tree and then forgotten for a time on the window sill: with each passing day, the area and the sun will eventually dry by taking away all the water it contained. Our body is like this apple. At birth the skin is taut smooth compact because the water volume is increased with the passage of time the skin, slowly dries and wrinkles form.

How can I fix? As soon as one realizes that the dewatering presses looking to give back to our body the liquid is evaporating you have to run for cover as soon as possible. It is important to drink a lot, not soft drinks, liqueurs, but not fresh water. The water should be sipped slowly, especially on an empty stomach in the morning.

Try to drink at least a liter of water a day, especially if you are in the open, and in the sun for several hours. It is also useful to make every day a bath or shower; try not to dry yourself immediately, but wait until the water is absorbed at least partially from the skin.

If you go to sea and do long swims not forget to make a fresh water shower. The salt water dries the skin as the sun.

The power supply may also form in this case a very important factor to improve and treat dry skin. A milky-vegetarian diet made with butter, olive oil, vegetables and fruits eggs are the most suitable for the high percentage of fat-soluble vitamins that counteract skin aging.

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