The national sport of Japan Sumo


The Sumo what the word means to pull is a form of infighting in which two wrestlers in order to land or oust the opponent from the combat zone called dohyo a square with a circle above made ​​mainly of straw. The weight in this sport is crucial. To allow the increase of weight necessary to discipline, the Sumo wrestlers eat a dish called Chanko Nabe a dish made ​​of vegetables, meat and fish broth, because of the high protein content, good amounts of fiber and spectrum minerals and vitamins made ​​from this food.

It ‘very important to know the rules of Sumo because the basic principle of the Sumo is not hit the opponent, but throw him off balance.


In fact, with the Sumo you win or forcing his opponent leaving the circle of dohyo, or by touching the opponent to the ground with any part of the body other than the soles of the feet. And ‘it is forbidden, during a fight: Hitting a closed fist; Rage with his fingers in the eye; Hair pulling; Hitting the chest or stomach.
But we see a fight Sumo.