Superb Cilento

How to reach the Cilento

I n car
The highway A3 Salerno – Reggio Calabria along Paestum and the perimeter of the park on the northern and eastern sides. The outputs are cheaper Battipaglia Capaccio – Paestum and the coastline from Agropoli to Palinuro; Campagna, Sicignano and Petina for the Alburni; Sala Consilina and Padula for the Cervati area; yet Padula to the coastal strip from Policastro Marina di Camerota.


Several roads cross the Cilento with winding paths but of great landscape.
The road 18 Tirrena lower, being transformed into freeway goes from Agropoli to Policastro going through Vallo della Lucania; the SS 166 of Alburni cuts latitudinally Cilento from San Rufo Capaccio Vecchio; the 267 Cilento follows the coastline from Agropoli to Velia to engage then the 447 of Palinuro.
The state becomes lower Tyrrhenian highway at Agropoli and continues until Policastro Bussentino, via Vallo della Lucania, joining then to ‘A3 Salerno – Reggio Calabria at Buonabitacolo.

By train
You can use the line Napoli – Salerno – Reggio Calabria, which serves the entire coastal area of the park. Can be reached by train the following places: Capaccio – Paestum, Agropoli, Vallo della Lucania, Ascea – Velia, Pisciotta, Centola, Policastro and Sapri.
For more information contact 147888088 or visit:

By plane
Near the airport more for domestic flights is to Salerno – Amalfi Coast Pontecagnano site, served by scheduled flights Alitalia. For more information log on to:
For international flights, the nearest airport is Naples Capodichino. For more information visit the site

The things to do those who go on vacation or just those who visit the Cilento going from north to south:
The archaeological site of Paestum; Archaeological area of ​​Velia; Castellabate; San Marco di Castellabate; Ogliastro, Licosa; Agnone; Poplars, Acciaroli; La Certosa di Padula; The National Park of Cilento, Palinuro; and if you have time continuing the Gulf of Policastro.
All beautiful places with crystal clear sea with historic towns with shops and restaurants where you can taste all the specialties of fish and seafood from the Cilento sea.

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