Vector cartoon of a snoring husband and wife disturbed

Many sleep disorders are closely linked to respiratory problems that arise when you sleep, such as snoring. Snoring is a disorder that affects about a quarter of the adult population and 10% of children. It tends to worsen with age. It mostly occurs during inspiration, because the air that flows from the mouth into the lungs is somewhat impaired. The characteristic noise is produced by the vibration of the tissues in the back of the throat to the passage of air. The sound originates in the throat while it may seem that comes from the nose, mouth or both



Anything that reduces the air flow can cause snoring. Some simply have narrowed airways; other language, the uvula or tonsils largest of the standard; the latter are a major cause of snoring in children. Even the obstructions in the nose due to a septal deviation or polyps formation, restrict the airways and cause snoring. The nose closed for a cold, an allergy can trigger a temporary snoring. Obviously snorers disturbs the sleep of the just partener, which detects the best judge of the frequency and intensity of the disorder.


There are many effective treatments for snoring, but they deserve attention a few simple tips. Who started to snore after a weight gain should consider the idea of losing weight. Although the relationship between weight and snoring is not obvious but the subject is actually overweight should try to lose weight. If you often have a stuffy nose you should ask the doctor for a nasal spray to keep the airways open during the night. Finally essentially in the supine position snorers should draw learning benefits to sleep exclusively on lato.Alcuni treatments, more invasive, they include the use of oral appliances that encourage an appropriate air flow during the night.




There are some surgical procedures to remove the excess tissue that causes narrowing of the airways; one is the removal of the tonsils, another nasal surgery to remove polyps or correct deformities, or the removal or reduction of the uvula or parts of the cabinet palate .. The sleep specialist can provide you with all the necessary information concerning operations made by experts in otolaryngology in surgical clinics. specific products against snoring, such as nasal sprays or patches, they have undergone few studies so that we can ensure the effective in reducing snoring.

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