Vector cartoon of a snoring husband and wife disturbed

Many sleep disorders are closely linked to respiratory problems that arise when you sleep, such as snoring. Snoring is a disorder that affects about a quarter of the adult population and 10% of children. It tends to worsen with age. It mostly occurs during inspiration, because the air that flows from the mouth into the lungs is somewhat impaired. The characteristic noise is produced by the vibration of the tissues in the back of the throat to the passage of air. The sound originates in the throat while it may seem that comes from the nose, mouth or both Continua a leggere “SNORING SLEEP DISORDER”



The time-lapse is a film technique in which the frequency of capture of each frame is clearly inferior to that of reproduction Due to this discrepancy, the projection with a standard frame rate of 24 fps (frames per second) causes the time in the movie, you seem to flow more quickly than normal, and you can produce truly stunning video. We see this new production technique applied to two videos of the big cities that are good examples of time-lapse well made.