Egoist is a luxury sailboat born to meet the needs of an experienced shipowner. This sailing superyacht was designed by the prolific designer Philippe Briand, a well-known French naval architect who lives in London.

With Egoist, Philippe Briand, is aimed at that part of experienced sailors and with large financial resources at any time of the day decide to unplug to go along with his partner to live in perfect solitude the wonders of the sea without however renounce the pleasure of the comfort of a luxury maxi yacht. The famous designer about the project declares:

The beauty of the project is that it is designed for short cruises and is comfortable for a couple. This is why there is only one large suite inside the hull and it is possible to build Egoist in just two years “

  Usually a sailing and motor superyacht  needs a large number of crew members to navigate.
While Egoist is a 30-meter (100 feet) boat built of carbon fiber with only one big cabin at the bow of the mast, it represents a real innovation in the world of sailing boats because it has been designed to sail unmanned so that only the experienced owner sailor in solitude can handle the navigation.
Moreover, despite the project being a cruise boat, Egoist also offers the opportunity to have fun competing in sailing competitions through the collaboration of a small number of experienced sailors as a crew.

In fact, Egoist is easily convertible into a three-sail regatta boat, and is designed to accommodate two crew members through a double cabin that is located aft but could be used differently if the owner chooses to sail alone . The interiors are spacious and absolutely original in addition to the forward master cabin with bathroom the project involves the construction of a large living room with adjoining kitchen along with a double cabin aft.


Another peculiarity of this project is that the owner can decide to leave the imprint of his style on every interior detail. Egoist must model itself to the personal tastes of the owner and nobody else. “It must be the boat they have always dreamed of owning and not the projects or needs of someone else must meet the needs of its owner,” comments Briand.

Aesthetically, the boat is presented with the classic streamlined lines filiform with an aerodynamic deckhouse  a clean deck with a central cockpit, all made in a modern way. The characteristics of Briand and his team are to design yachts and naval architecture using new technologies, both for sailboats and motor yachts. That is why over the years Briand and his team have won numerous international design awards and have collaborated with some of the world’s most esteemed sailing yacht builders.

Even the sailing equipment with only three sails, must respond to the pleasure of the owner and remains freely customizable. “The thought behind this project is to satisfy the needs of an experienced sailor with competitor skills and experience”, explains Philippe Briand, adding “The concept of selfish is to become a self-indulgent fantasy by the owner”.

We just have to wait for the launch of this new daysailer and the related water tests that could certainly represent a new future for cruising sailboats.


Technical features:

Length: 30 m

Waterline length: 25.25 m

Width: 5.5 m

Draft: 4.0 m

Displacement: 50 t

Windward sail surface: 490 m2

Stern sail area: 1010 m2

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