Panic attacks


I can not breathe? feel tachycardia? You feel that the world is going to collapse on him? Do you feel you crazy?
These are just some of the symptoms of panic attacks.
The following practical tips will help you overcome panic attacks qundo come suddenly.


First of all you must be aware that everything is happening only in your mind and that you are the master of your mind.29972780-panic-attack-word-cloud
When the panic starts doing a series of five breaths inspiring his nose and slowly exhale with your mouth, you think that you are in a happy place and relaxing: as in a forest full of melodies from birds with a radiant sun, or to the sea in a day d ‘summer with the sparkling sea, or on a majestic snow-covered mountain with a beautiful mountain air with a fantastic panorama. Or think of a happy place where you’ve been well and relive that moment of your life.
Focus your mind on an external factor can be really useful, as an object that is in the same place where you stand as the color of a wall or any object in order to give his mind a “diversion” from the panic, so the panic will gradually decrease until you are able to regain control of your mind.
These are just practical advice that combined his own willpower need be alleviated by panic attacks, qundo appear, but are certainly not the cure for permanently get rid of them, so you will need to contact your doctor.
I hope these tips are helpful to you readers and I wish you luck.

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