Health expressed in pounds and centimeters

The health of our body depends on a perfect cohesion of all the organs and is therefore also a question of pounds and centimeters.

A fat belly, for example, influences the way of walking causing loss of agility and thus compromising the perfect functioning of other parts of the body. So what is the ideal weight? There are no standard measures, it is clear that a petite person cannot have the same ideal measurements as a person of the same height with a robust bone structure. Just as the line and the harmony of the forms do not have an equal unit of measure, indifferent to all. Therefore, in calculating the ideal weight and measurements of the various parts of the body, in relation to the height, we must also take into account the bone structure of each.

The following table will tell you what the weight of your body should be in relation to your body size and will help you discover any disproportion of your body.

Health expressed in pounds and inchesWeight in pounds Inches Measures
Height in Inches59.2859.6760.0660.4560.8461.2361.6262.0162.462.7963.1863.5763.9664.3564.7465.1365.5265.9166.3
Weight thin 94.8497.0497.0599.2599.25101.46103.66103.66105.87105.87108.07110.28110.28112.49114.69114.69116.90119.10121.31
normal 108.07110.28110.28112.48112.48114.69116.89116.90119.10119.10121.31123.51123.51125.72127.92127.92130.13132.33132.33
robust 121.31123.51123.51125.72125.72127.92130.13130.13132.33132.33134.54136.75136.75138.95141.16141.16143.36145.57147.77
Neck thin 11.11511.3111.3111.3111.50511.50511.50511.711.711.711.711.712.0912.0912.0912.0912.0912.0912.09
normal 11.11512.0912.0912.0912.28512.28512.28512.4812.4812.4812.4812.4812.67512.67512.67512.67512.8712.8712.87
robust 12.0912.8712.8712.8712.8712.8712.8713.06513.06513.06513.06513.06513.2613.2613.2613.2613.2613.2613.26
Shoulders thin 12.8734.3234.7134.7134.7135.135.29535.29535.4935.68535.8836.2736.2736.46536.46536.6636.6636.85536.855
normal 34.3236.85536.85537.0537.0537.4437.4437.63537.8338.02538.02538.2238.2238.41538.41538.6138.6138.80538.805
robust 36.6638.80538.805393939.19539.3939.3939.58539.7839.7839.7839.97540.1740.1740.36540.5640.75540.755
Chest thin 38.6130.8131.231.231.39531.5931.5931.5931.78531.78531.9832.3732.56532.56532.7632.7632.95532.95533.15
normal 30.4232.7633.1533.1533.34533.5433.5433.73533.9333.9334.12534.3234.3234.3234.51534.51534.7134.7134.905
robust 32.7634.7135.135.135.29535.29535.4935.4935.4935.68535.8835.8835.8836.07536.2736.2736.46536.46536.66
Thorax thin 34.51527.10527.327.49527.49527.6927.6927.6927.88528.0828.0828.27528.4728.66528.8628.8629.05529.05529.25
normal 26.9128.8629.05529.2529.2529.44529.6429.6429.83529.83530.0330.0330.22530.22530.4230.4230.61530.61530.81
robust 28.8630.61530.8131.00531.00531.
Life thin 30.61522.2322.2322.42522.6222.6222.81522.81523.0123.0123.20523.423.423.7923.7923.7923.98523.98523.985
normal 22.03523.7923.7923.98524.1824.1824.37524.37524.5724.5724.76524.76524.9624.9624.9625.15525.15525.3525.35
robust 23.7925.15525.3525.3525.54525.54525.54525.7425.7425.7425.93525.93526.1326.1326.32526.32526.32526.5226.52
Pelvis bone thin 24.9632.95533.1533.1533.34533.5433.73533.9334.12534.12534.3234.51534.7134.90534.90535.135.135.29535.295
normal 32.7635.135.29535.4935.68535.8836.07536.07536.2736.2736.46536.6636.6636.85536.85537.0537.0537.24537.245
robust 35.137.24537.4437.4437.63537.63537.8338.02538.2238.2238.41538.6138.6138.80538.80539393939.195
Leg thin 37.24517.74517.9417.9417.9418.13518.13518.3318.3318.3318.52518.52518.7218.7218.7218.91518.91518.91518.915
normal 17.74518.91519.1119.1119.1119.30519.30519.30519.519.519.519.69519.69519.8919.8919.8919.8920.08520.085
robust 18.91520.08520.2820.2820.2820.47520.47520.47520.47520.47520.6720.6720.6720.6720.86520.86520.86520.86520.865
Above the knee thin 20.08512.4812.4812.4812.67512.67512.67512.67512.8712.8712.8712.8713.06513.06513.06513.06513.06513.2613.26
normal 12.4813.2613.2613.2613.45513.45513.45513.6513.6513.6513.6513.6513.84513.84513.84513.84514.0414.0414.04
robust 13.2614.0414.0414.0414.23514.23514.23514.23514.23514.4314.4314.4314.4314.4314.4314.4314.62514.62514.625
Calf thin 14.0411.711.711.711.89511.89511.89511.89512.0912.0912.0912.0912.0912.28512.28512.4812.4812.4812.48
normal 11.712.4812.4812.4812.67512.67512.67512.8712.8712.8712.8712.8712.8713.06513.06513.06513.06513.2613.26
robust 12.4813.2613.2613.2613.2613.45513.45513.45513.45513.45513.45513.45513.6513.6513.6513.6513.6513.76713.845
Ankle thin 13.266.636.636.636.636.8257.
normal 6.637.2157.2157.2157.2157.417.417.417.417.417.417.417.417.417.6057.6057.6057.6057.605
robust 7.2157.417.417.6057.6057.


If, after consulting this table, you have decided to lose a few pounds to allow your figure to reach the right proportions, be careful and do not rush. A slimming diet carried out quickly and violently could sadly lead you to worse results than the ills you want to remedy.


The tissues of the body, losing consistency and elasticity, could be released, the muscles weakened without counting the dangers that the skin runs following a weight loss diet that eliminates fats from the table too drastically. However, the most difficult thing is not to lose weight but to maintain the hard-earned levels.

The lack of perseverance and a serious motivation that supports it is the reason why many slimming treatments fail. Remember that if there were two million people in a city, everyone would be unhappy with their weight. Because various, they would like a few extra pounds, the majority a few or many pounds less, but all would be interested in slimming treatments either because they are fat, or because they have been, or because they are afraid of becoming them. The most frequent question on the subject is: Is there a slimming food? The answer is certainly not!

Every food brought to the mouth in small or large quantities has its value in calories, few or many that are the final and daily sum of all the calories ingested that counts. You can get fat by eating salad and steaks, you can lose weight by eating pasta, it is the sum of the Calories that is worth.

For young people, who do not want to get fat, in a day they should not ingest more than 2000 Calories. To achieve this, for many there is no need for a very strict diet. You can remove excess calories by removing a few foods or decreasing the amount. Sometimes it is enough to give up some more pastries or chocolates, to snack foods and fizzy drinks. Be wary of extraordinary diets that usually lack scientific basis.

As well as those that absolutely forbid a whole category of foods such as carbohydrates. Keep in mind that our body needs about five fundamental elements in nutrition and that no food contains them all at the same time.

Therefore a diet based on a wide variety of foods should be followed. Normally we tend to eliminate cereals, bread, potatoes, rich carbohydrate sources. Remember that carbohydrates are essential even during a weight loss treatment, because they provide the reserve that the liver needs to give the body sufficient energy.
It is not useless to repeat that our good health is also linked to a healthy and complete diet.

Don’t let yourself be taken by the diet craze. In any case it is advisable to rely on the advice of a dietician.

There is a saying that says that the man passes, the first half of his life to ruin his health and the second half to cure himself, proper nutrition is a way to take care of oneself.

There will certainly be women or men with weight problems who will not be satisfied after reading this article. For those who do not share it complete the article with a list of diets of illustrious names of medicine, in alphabetical order, together with other diets not signed by famous names but which over time had their moment of fame. There is only the embarrassment of the choice and I hope to have satisfied so those readers or disgruntled readers, and I apologize already now for having put you in crisis but this was precisely my goal to highlight the difficulty of the choice.

Antoine dissociated diet: it consists of eating every day with a different food without quantity limits, and with the absolute prohibition of drinking during meals. Usually, the succession of foods is as follows:
Monday – vegetables; Tuesday – meat; Wednesday – eggs; Thursday – milk; Friday-fish; Saturday – fruit; Sunday is reserved for free food.

Bauling Hervey Diet: proposes a daily menu (always the same) comprising from 360 to 450 g of fish or lean meat, black tea without sugar, vegetables, 90 g of biscuits or toast 60-90 g of fruit and 4-6 glasses of red wine.

Bertrand Diet: it is a regime of about 1,500 Calories per day with the following scheme: breakfast: a cup of coffee and a toast; breakfast: 100 g of tomato salad, 100 g of grilled meat, 200 g of fresh green beans, 200 g of fruit and a yogurt; snack: a cup of tea and a toast; lunch: a soft-boiled egg, 200 g of lettuce, 200 g of fruit mixture. During the 24 hours you can not consume more than: 20 g of butter, 100 g of milk, 10 g of olive oil, 50 g of bread, 20 g of sugar and 10 g of salt. The patient is advised not to drink by eating and to remain at rest in bed.

Bouchard diet: lasting 20 days, it includes 5 meals a day, each consisting of 250 g of milk and one egg, without other drinks.

Diet by Donald G. Cooley: it is a hyperproteic-low-calorie diet that considers calories and the need for a hygienic life. It is divided into three meals (breakfast, breakfast and lunch) and everyone has an abundant protein content. The Cooley diet should be followed for no more than 10 days and involves a weight loss of about 4-5 kg. For example, the menu for the first day of treatment is shown. Breakfast: two cups of coffee without milk and sugar (with saccharin) or lemon tea, three or four fresh apricots or cooked fruit; breakfast: 125 g of grilled lean beef fillet, two sliced ​​tomatoes, half a glass of low-fat milk; lunch: a glass of vegetable juice, 100 g of roast – fat without fat, cucumber salad, tomatoes, radicchio.

Ebstein’s diet: it consists of the following daily menu: breakfast: a cup of bitter black tea, 50 g of toast, 30 g of butter; breakfast: a cup of meat broth with egg, 180 g of fish or meat, 200 g of vegetables, 200 g of fruit; lunch: a cup of tea, an egg, 80 g of roast or ham or sausage, 30 g of white bread.

Diet of Galdi: breakfast: 100 cc of milk with coffee and 60 g of bread; breakfast: 200 g of grilled meat, 200 g of vegetables, 200 g of fruit, 60 g of bread; lunch: 100 g of grilled meat, 100 g of vegetables, 30 g of bread, 100 g of fruit. The caloric value is around 1,090 calories.

Diet of Gayelord –Hauseur: proposes a genuine diet based on fruits, vegetables, vegetable juices, foods based on whole grains, unpolished rice and milk; denies the use of sugar, refined white flour, animal fats, mayonnaise, alcohol, cuddles, etc. Particularly recommend wheat germs and the relative oil; cod liver oil, brewer’s yeast, milk powder.
Diet of Germain See: based on the limitation of sugar (but not of fruit and vegetables).

Gordon’s diet: it is a low caloric diet, administered after 48 hours of fasting and divided into 6 daily meals, more or less the same volume and the same caloric value: about 100 g of protein, 80 of fat, are administered daily 50 of carbohydrates for a total of 1,320 calories.

Diet of Guelpa: consists only of drinking water, vegetable broth or light tea for 2 -3 days, with English salt administration.

Harrop diet: breakfast: a glass of skimmed milk and two of bananas; 10 am: a banana; lunch: 150 g of salad or cabbage seasoned with a table spoon of mayonnaise; 16 hours: a banana and a glass of skimmed milk; dinner: two bananas with one or two glasses of milk. This diet has a total of about 1000 calories. Once the ten days of treatment are over, one must follow this diet: breakfast: a glass of skimmed milk or a yogurt, plus two bananas; 10am: soft-boiled egg or a glass of skimmed milk; breakfast: a glass of skim milk and two bananas; lunch: a consommé of fatless broth, over 100 g of lean meat with 150 g of vegetables seasoned with a tablespoon of mayonnaise, plus 10 g of bread supplemented with a butter curl.

Humbert diet: breakfast: coffee or tea without sugar, 20 g of milk, 45 g of black bread; 10 am: 100 g of fruit; breakfast: 200 g of roasted meat, 200 g of boiled vegetables, 80 g of fruit (apples); 30 g of black bread; snack: coffee or tea without sugar, 20 g of milk; lunch: 100 g of roasted meat, 100 g of boiled vegetables, 20 g of black bread; 10 pm: 100 g of fruit (apples). This caloric value diet of 885 Calories lasts 30 days.

Oeter diet: provides for a reduction in fats and sugars, high amounts of protein, very little liquid, intense sporting activity;

Scopinaro Diet: breakfast: coffee with saccharin; breakfast: 300 g of mixed raw vegetables in salad with a tablespoon of olive oil and vinegar or lemon, 200 of lean grilled beef, 4 breadsticks, 400 g of apples; lunch: 150 g of mozzarella or 100 g of stracchino, 4 breadsticks, 400 g of apples.

If readers are still not satisfied, some of the many famous unsigned diets in the world are listed below.

Monotonous diet: meals at fixed hours, with the same menu; 8 o’clock: 200 g of skim milk: 1 pm: 300 g of potatoes in salad (with 2 teaspoons of oil, parsley, vinegar) and a boiled egg.

High-protein diet: breakfast: coffee without sugar with a little milk; breakfast: 250 g of roasted meat, lemon, 40 g of wholemeal bread, orange, coffee without sugar; lunch: 250 g of roast chicken, 40 g of wholemeal bread, an apple.

Balanced diet: 8 am: 150 g of milk and 100 g of apples; 10 am: 100 g of baked potatoes and 100 g of oranges; breakfast: 100 g of spaghetti with sauce, veal croquettes and green beans, 40 g of wholemeal bread; lunch: spinach cream, potatoes and 40 g of bread.

Monopasto diet: in the evening: 250 of boiled rice, 240 g of beef, 50 g of vegetable oil, 165 of tomatoes, 470 g of fruit; during the day: six cups of tea, 360 g of lemon juice, 260 g of orange juice, vitamins and salts.

Gourmet diet: 8 am: a coffee-cream without sugar; 10 am and 4 pm: 100 g of strawberry ice cream; 1pm and 8pm: 100g of ice cream with cream and 250g of milk.

Milky diet: one liter of milk, divided into five portions to drink during the day.
We could go on and on with the diet of grapefruit, jockey, potatoes, tomato and pineapple but I will stop here hoping to have satisfied everyone.

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