Fountain 38SC habitability, reliability and performance

Fountain 38SC is a luxury sports center console boat, where speed, comfort and safety are perfectly integrated, which the Fountain yard wanted to build for all fans of high performance boats, who will now be able to benefit from the habitability of a console. powerhouse, outboard reliability and high-end performance that have made Fountain famous around the world.

It is a light and sturdy pleasure boat set up in perfect Fountain style. Made for the boat owner who appreciates both the functionality and performance of a center console, and the refinements and features of a luxury sports boat with plenty of deck space with plenty of hidden storage spaces.

An ideal boat for day trips to sail, fish or water sports together with family and friends plus it has impressive speed and can currently be considered the fastest series built center console under 40ft (12m).

The boat is 38 feet 4 inches (11.70 m) long and 10 feet 6 inches (3.23 m) wide; Dry Weight (approx.) 15,600 lbs (7,076kg); Fuel capacity 418 gallons (1,582 l); Water capacity 10 gallons (38 l); Mercury Quad 450R maximum power

The design of the double step positive lift deep V hull is that of the American offshore champion Reggie Fountain Jr. who has been able to transfer all his experience accumulated over the years, piloting the fastest offshore motorboats in the world, in the design and construction of singular stable, safe, very high speed pleasure boats.

The hull is equipped with a bow thruster to make maneuvering in port easier.

In the early 1990s Reggie Fountain introduced a revolutionary design for its boats the Positive Lift Hull, a new type of bottom that increased acceleration, improved handling and agility when cornering and reduced fuel consumption.

This innovative design has remained the hallmark of Fountain boats over time since its initial development. Since then all Fountain motor boats have been designed and built with the super-ventilated positive lift hull, which ensures a more efficient and safer ride on rough waters. Clearly over time his projects have continually improved, even if they always look the same to untrained eyes. Fountain 38SC represents the synthesis of all the advantageous developments and positive experiences accumulated by the shipyard in over 40 years of activity.

The boat was built through a high-density composite, reinforced with fiberglass, deck, transom grid, hull and cladding were glued and bolted with anti-unscrewing devices.

For those who see a Fountain 38SC for the first time, the coordination of colors, custom graphics, matching hard top and rudder, the care of the central console, the choice of fabrics used, the design, the peculiarity of the stitching, have an extraordinary visual impact. the finishes and solidity of the fresh Premium Cool Touch vinyl upholstery where the Fountain logos and the contours of the entire upholstery stand out, all made with perfectionism and scrupulousness, which shows the incredible attention to detail of Fountain.  

The boat is characterized by three distinct separate areas all equipped with comfortable seating with padded seat and backrests for drinks integrated with storage. The stern, the rudder and bow area.

Both aft and forward of the center console have been developed real seating areas with the upholstery of the seats with large padding and diamond stitching. Numerous lockers of varying volumes are hidden under all the padding and the spaces for moving on board and some, depending on the use of the boat, can also be used as live and fish tanks.

To make driving even easier, the helm station has been appropriately redesigned and a sporty stainless steel rudder has been fitted that can be covered with stitched leather made according to the latest technologies and ergonomic developments existing today.

The cockpit of the helm station in the center of the boat is covered by a fiberglass hard top and protected by a very large windshield. Hard top is equipped with a retractable motorized sunshade that serves to shade the remaining part of the cockpit and has a customizable paint to match the color of the hull and the steering rudder.

The fold-down and adjustable driver’s seats also have large padding and diamond stitching with articulated armrests and fold-down footrests.

The helm station with carbon fiber dashboard is enriched with dual flat screen display, GPSMAP-8616, 16 ″, and Garmini Airmar B60 transducer and the multifunction display with anti-reflective coating and adjustable brightness for engine monitoring Mercury Marine Vessel View 903.

The engine controls are from the next generation Mercury DTS (Next Gen DTS).

Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) is a system that ensures precise maneuverability ensuring instant response and total control without any hesitation, it represents the sign of smooth and precise shifting and a lightning-fast throttle response and thanks to the perfect integration with SmartCraft performance, reliability and comfortable navigation are guaranteed. 

They are integrated with the SmartCraft system, the way the Joystick works to improve operations and maneuvers in confined spaces to allow you to dock in total safety in any situation that occurs with zero stress and without worrying about wind or current.

Other features are also integrated with the same system such as the Skyhook anchor, (again electronic) which allows the navigator to lock the position and direction of the boat.

Drifthook, which allows the navigator to lock the boat’s course and move at the same time.

Heading Adjust, which allows the navigator to adjust the course, while the boat is engaged in Skyhook or Drifthook, in 1 and 10 degree increments.

Bowhook, which allows the navigator to lock the boat’s position while allowing the course to swing with wind and / or water currents. 

This boat is equipped with a high-end sound system curated by the most famous company in the industry, JL Audio Marine. The lighting and control system of marine led underwater lighting is Shadow-Caster a pioneering company specializing in the design and production of a complete range of innovative LED lighting products for boats or yachts with the colors that can vary through very intuitive controls, to create the right atmosphere for every occasion.

Powered by four Mercury 450R outboard engines, from the Verando line of 450hp for a total power of 1,800hp, in favorable conditions the boat recorded a speed of over 100 mph (161 km / h) and reached a maximum speed of 103 mph ( 166 km / h) almost without realizing that you have pushed the boat at these speeds.

Therefore the boat has all the potential to exceed 100 mph and then be able to actually reach them all depends on the conditions of the water, the altitude, the wind, the experience of the driver, the load of the passenger, the selection of the propeller, the gear ratios, fuel ratios and trim angles. 

On the Fountain 38 SC the powerful outboard motors of the Verado range are installed away from the center console on appropriate supports on the transom. 

 It is a boat that the owner can model according to his personal tastes by choosing from different choices that always guarantee elegant comfort, great lasting reliability, high performance.