Bavaria C42 is cruising sailboat for the family

Cruising sailboats are the most requested and in order to establish themselves in an increasingly demanding and competitive market, they must be designed to offer enough space and comfort for the owner and the family and be easily manageable by a small crew. In addition, they must have a favorable quality / price ratio because a real family boat must offer so much at the right price.


An exa

mple of a sailboat built with these characteristics is certainly Bavaria C42, from the German shipyard Bavaria Yachts, presented in world premiere at the Boot in Düsseldorf in January 2020, and won the “European Yacht of the Year 2021” award in the “Family” category. Cruiser “.
One of the most important awards that rewards the best sailboat of the year built for the family that has distinguished itself for innovation, performance, comfort, construction, aesthetics and value for money.
After the tests in the water all the nominated boats proved to be up to par and despite the strong competitors at the end Bavaria C42 won the victory  way even if only slightly on another beautiful Elan GT6 boat the first sailboat of the yard Elan Yacht with Porsche Design with a basic price in the standard version of € 369.900 (approximately $ 430,82) plus VAT, while the selling price in the same version of Bavaria C42 is € 157.900 (approximatel $183,90) yexcluding VAT.
Certainly a competitive price in the category to which it belongs, for which very probably beyond the technical characteristics also the convenience of the price has had a significant impact on the final victory.
We are talking about a 12.38 m (40.6 ft) long boat with the bowsprit reaching 12.90 m (42.3 ft), the hull length alone is 11.98 (39.3 ft), with a ” wide waterline equal to 11.27 m (37 ft), while the total width is 4.29 m (14.1 ft), the maximum draft is 2.10 m (6.9 ft) the minimum 1 , 70 m (5.6 ft), displacement 9,678 kg (21,336 Ib) standard ballast 2,698 kg (5,948 Ib).
Bavaria C42 is the fourth smallest model in the C-Line Bavaria range and is the first model to be born entirely under the control of the new owner of the shipyard, the German investment fund based in Berlin, Capital Management Partners.

The C42 was born from the close collaboration between the Bavaria Yachts shipyard and the Cossutti Yacht Design studio of the Italian designer Maurizio Cossutti who designed the boat for the German shipyard.
Let’s say immediately that the real strong point of the C42 is the functionality of its design with the shape of the modern and innovative hull built with the latest technologies and processing techniques and designed to guarantee perfect navigation characteristics and more volume at the bow of the hull to offer large spaces both on deck and in the interior and a well-balanced hull and sail plan that allow the C42 excellent performance.
C42 is the first of the C-Line Bavaria range designed with a chine bottom and a wide and rounded bow above the waterline and then tapering below, taking the shape of a V, all elements that ultimately make the difference in navigation.
In fact, this particular conformation increases stability, lengthens the waterline and improves performance, giving greater sensitivity, stability and mastery in maneuvers, and also gives the boat an aggressive and streamlined appearance.
At the stern we find the maximum beam and despite the wide stern, and more volume at the bow the boat has a good attitude in the heeling phase and greater stability especially in case of rough sea and less pitch.
The wide stern section with edges and the voluminously rounded bow place the new C42 at the forefront of other contemporary designs.

The cast iron keel of about 2,700 kg (5,952 lb) of ballast and the total weight of about 9,600 kg (21,164 lb)ensure a good straightening coefficient.
Maurizio Cossutti’s design studio always develops comfortable boats characterized by a valuable design with surprising performance.

The Bavaria C42 incorporates all of these features and its particular and distinct design is perfectly integrated with an impressive sail plan that is notable for its handling and performance.

With a sail plan with a total area of ​​over 100 square meters, with 54 square meters of mainsail and 47 square meters of jib, the boat is able to reach a considerable speed both cross and upwind, and surprising top speeds thanks to a Code0 ( 85 square meters) and the gennaker (140 square meters). In addition, the self-tacking jib included as standard in this model ensures optimal handling and ease of maneuver.
The deck layout was designed in the name of simplicity without frills only the essentials with wide and comfortable side passages.The passage from the cockpit to the wide gangway is very easy and without any obstacles it is possible to walk freely from the stern to a walkable bow equipped with a large and safe sunbathing area.
The cockpit is characterized by the presence of modern ergonomic benches protected from the wind with a large table for outdoor dining.
The two wheels of the wheelhouse are installed aft together with the navigation control instruments with the optional seats of the helmsman and with a perfect view of sails, navigation instruments and the sea. The transom ends with a large beach.
Another functional feature of this boat is the presence both in the cockpit and in the bow of large lockers to stow everything you need on board.
However, the real and great magic of this boat is the functional design of the designer’s hull which has allowed for large interior volumes to be obtained below deck with different solutions but always with a large and bright forward cabin for the owner.
While optimizing costs, the materials chosen for the interiors as a whole create a comfortable, light and elegant atmosphere that smells of clean, fresh.
The basic layout includes three cabins with one or two bathrooms, another version includes two cabins plus aft locker and one or two bathrooms, one always large with a separate shower in the bow for the owner and the other located in the central area. As soon as you go below deck, the kitchen and the living room is the first room of the interior that we find occupying the entire width of the beam. On one side on the right we have a first “U” shaped sofa with a central table that can be opened for eight people, while on the left side there is a living room bench with a chart table which is a real workstation where the navigation and plant control system and a modern document filing system.
Near the entrance there is a large and well-equipped “L” -shaped galley ideal for long cruises with the family, full of functional details, not just aesthetic ones, that make life on board more comfortable, with a three-burner hob and an oven which are part of the standard equipment. The entire room, living room plus kitchen, is surrounded by numerous cabinets.

By virtue of the V-shaped bow and the large side windows, the large and bright bow cabin of the owner remains the true preciousness of this boat with an impressionable height difficult to find in other boats of the same type where it is possible to furnish it with wardrobes and other furniture but above all with a sumptuous double bed 1.80 meters wide and 2.10 meters long. The two aft cabins are also large and comfortable and offer a lot of freedom of movement and plenty of space for stowing objects and personal effects and benefit from the optimal use of all the spaces obtained including the bathroom to starboard, which is a real small area wellness area with separate shower.
After a few years of vicissitude the Bavaria Yachts shipyard in southern Germany is making a comeback with a boat that has it all at a good price that truly promises a new start.