For the realization of an extra-luxury yacht there are two approaches. There are owners, ie those with the boat exercise, which usually coincides with the owner, but it is not always the case, they prefer personal interest of the project, even before the realization, that cater to the most famous designers in the industry that to develop the project bearing in mind their specific requirements. 14713621_594263264110693_5462157104712799397_n

  The second approach is one in which the owner from existing projects seeking to develop them and adapt them to your needs. What is the approach to the end, you have to locate the site or rather the company that will realize the chosen project.14520503_2107730812784738_4745191761352730339_n

In this article we will review 5 yachts built or rather engineered in recent years by the most representative and important Italian companies in Europe and the world for the construction of yachts and more, we are talking about Fincantieri Yachts. 14440732_1774459456135205_7234055567013470110_n

Among the yachts taken into consideration, it is no intention of this article, to say what is better or what is worse, nor make comparisons with other yachts of the same type made by other manufacturers, but simply analyzing the main characteristics of the boats , we will try to grasp what are the evolutionary design aspects that characterize the realization of future luxury yacht. 14440727_307328459628463_2018084131420144435_n

First we will describe, in order of construction, summary of the main technical characteristics of the yacht and then we will do our considerations about.


VANITAS                        THE BEAUTIFUL

LIGHT                             THE LIGHT


SUNDANCE                   THE LIGHT




Fortissimo is a collaboration of Ken Freivokh Design (KFD), a very prestigious team specialized in the complete design of luxury yachts and Fincantieri Yachts. Yacht is a tremendous attention to detail powered by a turbine engine where minimal strength and elegance blend seamlessly. Only experienced a company like Fincantieri could realize the project proposals required for the creation of this super yacht along 145 meters. foto6_1378735632

Main technical characteristics (Source Fincantieri)

Total length 145 m; Max. Laghezza 17,3m; Max. Draught 4.5m; 7000 tons Gross tonnage GT; number of bridges 7; Owner more guests 16; Suites for owners and guests: 8; Captain, crew and staff 48; Power of propelling engines 70,000 kW; 4xwaterjets propulsion; Speed crociera18 nodes; Maximum speed 35 knots. foto8_1378735630



Vanitas is the fruit of a collaboration between Fincantieri Yachts and Andrea Vallicelli an Italian designer of international renown. Italian winning team and all Vanitas is the testimony. The perfect fusion of style and refinement makes this technology attractive and functional yachts and the name could not be more appropriate. For propulsion features a diesel-electric hybrid system. The hull has a unique style for its elegance in its entirety. The interiors and exteriors are characterized by maximum flexibility. vanitas_7

Main technical characteristics (Source Fincantieri)

Total length 123 m; Max. Width 17.50 m; Max. Draught 5.55 m; 6 bridges; 13 cabins for owners and guests; 31 cabins for the captain, crew and staff; Maximum speed of 20 knots. cattura1



Light, designed by Nautica Yachts and engineered by Fincantieri Yachts, is 80 meters long, light, bright and fast with very good stability in the water, with large outdoor spaces, cared for in the forms. dfbd7dac-dade-4998-a7f2b35e8cd98daa

Main technical characteristics (Source Fincantieri)

14 meters wide; maximum draft 4 meters; gross tonnage of 2,200 tons; equipped with 5 bridges; Owner and Guests 12 + 2; Suites for Owner and Guests 7; Captain, Crew and Staff 24; Engine power Engine 2 × 2465 kW; Type Propulsion 2xCPP; Cruising speed 17 knots; Maximum speed 18.5 knots; 08770158-f065-46ad-92324e4b97e5fb2f



Fincantieri and Pininfarina together have created a luxury yacht with the name of Eighty-five, to honor 85 years of the Pininfarina Group, an important signature in the automotive designer who regularly is also dedicated to boating with the results really eccezionali.In this yacht technology fitting in perfectly with the beauty, style and reliability, with large outdoor areas with all comforts to enjoy all the wonders of the sea, light to interior spaces that comes straight from the stern window and from the large side windows. fincantieri-pininfarina-eighty-five-mega-yacht-designboom-thumb500

Main technical characteristics (Source Fincantieri)

85.9 meters long; 15 meters wide; gross tonnage of 2,460 tons; five bridges; 7 cabins for Owner and guests; 11 cabins for the captain, crew and staff for a maximum capacity of 33 units;
diesel propulsion system 2 engineswith fixed pitch propellers; Propulsion – power engines of max. 2 x approx. 2,350 kW, maximum speed 18 knots

Sundance yacht sundance-inset-feat-630x354

Sundance is a collaboration of two English teams Gresham Yacht Design and designer Seymour Diamond and engineered by Fincantieri Yachts. 89.9 meters long, and airy with a skylight roof that serves as the boat’s main lounge, large outdoor areas with extensive use of sliding glass panels so that very deliberately shielded the distinction between internal and external part of boat .


Main technical characteristics (Source Fincantieri)

Master cabin with private balcony, two suites for VIPs and four cabins for guests, for a maximum capacity of 14 guests and 30 members of crew and staff bordo.La Propulsion is via a pair of 3,915hp MTU diesel engines for speed maximum of about 18.5 knots. sundance-inst-3-630x354

Analyzing these yachts can be seen that large surfaces sliding windows play an important role in building the future and luxurious yacht with very bright and panoramic interior similar to the rooms of luxury hotels overlooking the sea. The interior lighting will be provided throughout the day not only from the side walls as well as skylights and partitions. To enjoy the best of outdoor living outdoor spaces will be equipped with the maximum comfort. Large outdoor areas if necessary can be partially or completely enclosed by sliding glass panels making it very fragile the distinction between inner and outer parts of the hull. Furthermore it will give very use of hybrid systems space for the propulsion of the yacht with a cruising speed of around 17 knots.





Per la realizzazione di un yacht extra-lusso esistono due approcci.  Ci sono armatori, ossia chi ha l’esercizio dell’imbarcazione, che di solito coincide con il proprietario, ma non è sempre così, che preferiscono interessarsi personalmente del progetto, ancora prima della realizzazione, che si rivolgono ai più famosi designer del settore che sviluppano per loro il progetto tenendo presente specifiche richieste.
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The lightness, the wide open spaces, the brightness of the interior atmospheres, clean shapes and volumes supported by the performance in terms of speed is seaworthiness makes the Light really eslusivo at the top of the lower yachts to 100 meters, size high demand from shipowners. cattura3

Designed by Marine Yachts and engineered by Fincantieri Yachts, the Light glimpsed around the wealth of experience accumulated over the years by both companies. 99621ce0-e9ef-49fc-8b561aa9894a6cb7

The ever attentive Nautica to ‘harmonicity forms and transparency of the interior spaces, born as a designer of boats to sail with this project is consecrated as ripe Company to realize also motorized craft, while Fincantieri is one of the most important naval shipbuilding complexes world in the engineering project, for this boat is prepared to meet all requests with delivery times limited and also ready to satisfy some specific variation requested by shipowners. 556f82e6-f6de-4cc4-a0ad2e0d55a65e43

Light is the NL Nederlands of this Yacht glass surfaces create panoramic interiors with bright design and protected in all climatic conditions that enhance the extraordinary outdoor spaces all with the utmost elegance, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of whether you’re in the interior spaces and external. cattura4

From the upper deck leads directly to the terrace with a superb pool. All spaces are used to the maximum to provide maximum comfort and relaxation and enjoy all wonders of the sea. 8798a5c7-1c0e-408f-b47ba4223b39b528


Technical features:

The Light is 80 m long; 14 m wide; maximum draft 4 m; gross tonnage of 2,200 tons; equipped with 5 bridges; Owner and Guests 12 + 2; Suites for Owner and Guests 7; Captain, Crew and Staff 24; Engine power Engine 2 × 2465 kW; Type Propulsion 2xCPP; Cruising speed (85% of the Maximum Power) 17 kn; Maximum speed (100% of the Maximum Power) 18.5 kn; Running time at 12 Kn 6,000 nm; Running time at 12 Kn 6,000 nm; Propellers of maneuver 1 × 300 kW; Type 2 pairs of stabilizers at anchor; Maximum Tender 7 length.



La leggerezza, gli ampi spazi esterni, la luminosità di tutti gli ambienti interni, la pulizia delle forme e volumi supportato dalle prestazioni sia in termini di velocità sia di tenuta del mare rende il Light  davvero eslusivo al top  degli yacht  inferiore ai 100 metri ,dimensione molto richiesta dagli armatori.
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