Wrestling rules

Wrestling is a sport show, where the protagonists called wrestlers face off in a match usually on rig.


One possible way to finish a match of wrestling and the pinfall or pin, translated into Italian by pinfall; wrestler (are professional athletes who compete in matc) it arises on the opponent by having both shoulders of the latter are firmly resting on the mat. If he can still keep his opponent in the time it takes to beat the referee’s hand three times on the carpet (three-count), then the pinfall was successful and the match ends.


Because the count is valid, who back should not hang to the costume of the opponent and it must have the entire body inside the square. A valid way to stop the pin, in addition of course all’alzare one of the two shoulders from the ground, it is to touch the rope with any part of the body; if this happens, the referee must immediately stop the count.

By the term submission hold (or more commonly referred to simply submission) it is usual to indicate in some sports fight a socket applied with the aim to inflict pain to the opponent, forcing him to surrender by the same or for fear of suffering an injury . The yield can be achieved in two ways: a voice saying clearly that it intends to dispose of, or at least two shots with the hand or foot on the mat or on the opponent’s body.

Submissions are used especially in the fight to the ground and can be divided into constraints (strangulation, suffocation, compressions) and manipulation (levers, twisting, joint keys). These techniques can cause dislocations, torn ligaments, fractures, loss of consciousness or even death. In particular in the
If during a wrestling move of submission or pinfall a wrestler touches the strings, or has one foot above or below the ropes, the referee stops counting or invite the wrestler who was making the move of submission to let the opponent within 5 seconds otherwise it is disqualified.

Other rules of wrestling, which vary depending on the type of match, the punches must be given with an open hand and you can hit all parts of the body except the genitals .Stesso speech for kicks.
When one wrestler puts bust out from the strings (for instance it passes between the second and third string) and legs inside, it can not be attacked by the opponent that risks disqualification. Other examples of disqualification and exceed 5/2 maximum stay up top of the ring, or the use of weapons when not permitted, and ‘interference. If during a match (for example, 1-on-1) third wrestler breaks and attack one or both of the wrestlers, the referee can call the no contest or draw (tie), the victory is not assigned to anyone, or disqualification of one of the wrestler in case to break was the accompanist or the manager of a wrestler. Also in a match “standard” you can fight out of the ring for a maximum time of 10 seconds and then must re-enter the match as the other ring.In Falls count anywhere, can be pinned his opponent everywhere (even in the audience).
In other matches like the hardcore match or TLC can be used blunt objects (foreign object) as chairs, tables ecc..Come said the rules vary depending on the type.

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