Wally 145 the unlimited sailing boat

The success of the Wally branded sailboats is in the ideas of its founder Luca Bassani, to create simple and fast comfortable boats for both cruise and racing, and to make them read more using advanced materials and the most advanced technologies possible.

That is why when the company rescues a new boat of a certain category, it is surely one of the most advanced of the time when all the previous ones of the same type, even of Wally itself, are technologically less advanced.

This is through a development and research program with continuous testing on the various parts of the boat, extinguishing the collaboration of specialists also for each item.

All this is happening with Wally 145 a new boat now under construction in the world-class shipyard for advanced technologies applied to the Persico Marine boats at Massa Carrara, thanks to the recent strategic collaboration agreed with Wally.

We are talking about a 145 foot long boat about 44 meters studied by Luca Bassani and designed by the famous Argentinean architect and sailor German Frers.

What will be the characteristics of this new boat, the two protagonists who are making it, have issued the following statement: “The new Wally 145 is the perfect boat to sail around the world,” said Bassani, “compiling our performance credo without compromise combined with a timeless appeal. “ Without ever having the pleasure of sailing, “in any condition of wind, in total comfort”. VPP (VPP, or Velocity Prediction Program, is a complex computer program that can estimate the performance of a sailing yacht, note some features of the boat and environmental conditions) speak of a fast boat with six air nodes. “But stable and powerful even in strong wind conditions”, “thanks to the shape of the hull and the lifting keel that can bring the bulb up to 7 meters” Bassani ends.

German Frers, on the other hand, states that “the boat should be even longer, but contrary to what is usually the case, the size has diminished during the design phase, to the advantage of performance and marinity. Extensive research has been carried out to hold the weights and at the same time offer a pleasant and wide environment, three different covered areas and a very sophisticated system for handling sails. The sail  displacement ratio is higher than that of maxi-yachts of the same category. “

In summary, as described by the main interpreters, it should be a very innovative boat, where a certain speed is guaranteed even with weak winds and absolute stability with the strong ones. With much less displacement than similar boats that now float the sea due to the use of the most advanced carbon fiber composite materials.

As for the boat’s construction, from the first information and illustration provided, there are two wells dedicated to social activities on the same floor, a sheltered deck deck and a totally outdoors. In addition, there is a third lower cockpit at the stern of the master suite where shipowners can move at some time of the day to give themselves some privacy in a space more in touch with the sea.

The interiors were developed by Wally along with Droulers Architects and Studio Mario Sculli and besides the master suite there are three more cabins for six guests. In addition there is space for four double cabins for the crew.


The propulsion is also secured without a sail with a cruising speed of 15 knots through a hybrid system consisting of two 650-liter Man combustion engines and two 60 kW electric motors and two 10 kw lithium battery banks could fuel the entire boat for a full night all the facilities including air conditioners.

The boat is supposed to be launched in 2019, and by indiscretion it would have been sold to a renowned Italian entrepreneur who has always been a fan of sailboats Wally, in fact, this would replace another of the same brand.

The boat was then launched at the end of January 2020 in the Port of Levante in Marina di Carrara with a ceremony of about 200 guests with a little delay compared to forecasts. The boat was purchased by the Italian entrepreneur Marco Tronchetti Provera and his fourth sailboat is called Kauris IV which replaces Kauris III with another boat of the same Wally brand.

In the end, the overall cost of the boat is probably around 30 million euros.

In the meantime, the Wally brand in 2019 was acquired by the Ferretti Group, a leading company in the world in the construction of luxury motor boats and now with Wally it will also enter the world of sailing boats.

This post has been updated 28/01/2020

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