The Aragonese Castle in Ischia

The first thing you sight of the ferries going to visit Ischia is the structure of the Aragonese Castle. The castle is a symbol of the island connected to the mainland by a bridge rebuilt several times over the centuries because sometimes the sea takes him away. As early as 474 BC, the Greeks had taken refuge on this island to defend against enemies but was Alfonso of Aragon, in 1441, to turn it into a fortress.

The Gardens Ischia’s thermal

I caught the spa gardens

Already famous in Roman times for its thermal waters and regenerative cures that offered these waters. Now accessible to all through the many parks scattered around the isola.I most famous are the Poseidon Gardens, but there are also other gardens worth visiting maybe with a relaxing day as the Gardens Aphrodite, and Tropical Eden, the Baths of Castiglione, Bagnitiello, Negombo and Cavascura.

The Bay of Sorgeto in Ischia

Catturabaia you sorgeto
Bring comfortable shoes because there are about 300 steps to deal with to get to the bay, but the effort is worth the pena.Le hot springs that emerge from the underground cross the sea water, creating pools and natural swimming pools of all sizes and temperature. You can choose boiling water, warm or cold as in the best terme.Si can also arrive by boat when the service is provided from Sant’Angelo.

The church of Soccorso in Forio

Catturachiesa rescue
The white church of the Rescue is one of the photographic subjects preferred by tourists visiting Ischia. Small but with an extraordinary charm, it stands on a promontory overlooking the sea.

Borgo Sant’Angelo

Sant’Angelo is the most elegant town of Ischia, the most appreciated by the rich, by the VIPs and those who want to stay away from the crowds of vacationers: the village with colorful houses, in fact, it is completely closed to traffic and it is not easy to achieve.
The village of Sant’Angelo in Ischia
E ‘connected with one bus, usually very crowded, and the trip from Ischia Porto takes about 1 hour. We arrived at the terminus there is a nice walk 1km to do (or an expensive taxi) to get to the village. The postcard is the classic country of the Mediterranean sea: white or colored houses, narrow streets, souvenir shops, ice cream parlors, restaurants and bars with outdoor seating. Compared to the rest of the island affects the tranquility and the absence of motor vehicles. The marina for boats that take tourists to the Maronti beach and a further stroll uphill you get to the Thermal Park Aphrodite-Apollon.

Source Nitrodi Ischia


Source Nitrodi in Ischia, was also verified the Ministry of Health, are the only thermal waters of Ischia you can also drink. What are they? A bit ‘of everything: diuresis, purification of the kidneys, reducing uric acid, gastritis, ulcers. For those interested only to aesthetic properties, the water Nitrodi makes the skin smooth as if it were silk. In addition, it removes pimples, impurities and also has a quick healing effect.

The beaches of Ischia

If you love to spend your days in the sun and sea you are right, you just have to choose what type of beach you prefer. The Chiaia Forio of Ischia is one of the largest and most comfortable, then also one of the busiest.
The beaches of Ischia
Also in Forio it is Cava, connected to the road by a long series of steps. Quieter Chaia, has clear water and is well served by three restaurant-bars. With the Bay of San Montano, in the municipality of Lacco Ameno, it is one of the most beautiful island. The water is clear, with green, the sand is fine and golden. Maronti beach, which can be reached via boat from Sant’Angelo or the upper road, has volcanic sand, dark and fine and even hot springs that flow into the sea, including that of Cavascura.

Sunset in Ischia Catturasoccorso

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