The My Song sailboat is a shipwrecked dream.

The My Song sailboat , badly damaged after the ruinous fall into the sea in May 2019 during a storm that hit the cargo ship that transported it to Genoa, recovered a few days after the accident was demolished in November 2019 in Palma de Mallorca because it would not have been economically convenient to repair it.  

It has been five years since My Song fell from the ship considered by many to be the most beautiful in the world and still impressed in the eyes of all enthusiasts that sad image of the boat half sunk at the mercy of the current in the northern Balearic sea near the Gulf of Lion in waiting to be recovered. 


My Song represented the ideal boat model for almost all sailors. With the demolition of the boat, a dream of collective desires was wrecked. It created indescribable emotions only by watching it advance on the water.

It was the boat that aroused the most reactions when it was sighted offshore or stopped at the pier in all parts of the world or simply when a new photo or video appeared on the net.

The boat was born from the desire of an owner who has always been a passionate sailor and an expert in competitions reserved for maxi yachts, who at some point in his life decides to venture into the realization of the sailing boat of his dreams, a large length of about 40 meters ( 130 feet) to be used for long cruises and sailing competitions. The owner who has already had smaller sailboats chose for the construction of this new one the largest that would have owned the important Finnish shipyard of world caliber Baltic Yachts, which in recent years has built the most important sailboats that now sail our seas confirming one of the leading companies in the sector.In addition, it made use of the collaboration of the best professionals in the world together with a large team that in addition to the aforementioned shipyard, the American studio of Reichel and Pugh took part for the design of the water lines and the Milanese studio Nauta Design for the deck design and interior.

The experienced sailor shipowner chose the best that the market could offer at the time for the construction of his new boat and the end result could only be exceptional, even if in the end the final construction cost was probably around 30 million of Euro.

At the time of launching My Song, all built using technologically advanced high-carbon composite material, it was one of the most beautiful and most technologically advanced sailing boats in the world.

Launched in the summer of 2016, in 2017 the first estimates arrived, in fact, the My Song 130 feet won two awards in the 2017 ShowBoats Design Awards. The prize for the most innovative yacht and the one for the best Exterior Design and Styling .
Certainly, however, an important recognition remains for all the architects who contributed to the realization of this former beauty of the sea starting right from the owner at the shipyard to the Milanese Nauta Yacht Design studio and the study of Reichel and Pugh even if for a tragic destiny the race of this boat on the seas of the world stopped just three years after its launch.

Its beauty will continue to remain not only in the recorded videos but also in the eyes and minds of sailing enthusiasts and not only from all over the world. 

The real regret is that the owner, Pier Luigi Loro Piana, who has always been a leading entrepreneur in the cashmere, vicuna and extra-fine wool sector, lost it when he was starting to get to know it to be better conducted . In fact, the boat was returning from the Caribbean, where it had arrived sailing setting a new record.

In June 2020 precisely between the 2nd and 6th the scheduled Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta was organized by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, of which Loro Piana is the main member canceled due to the Coronavirus health emergency. The sailing competition usually attracts a large number of people including sailors and owners and obviously guests. The decision was made by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda and shared by all because the regatta brings with it various moments of aggregation.

In this regard, the entrepreneur Pier Luigi Loro Piana answering some questions from a journalist from Liguria Nautica commented on the following:

 “I could not have participated with My Song and therefore I would not have raced, unless I had chartered some boats close to the start of the event. But my initial idea for this year was to participate exclusively as a sponsor, following the regatta from the ground and not as a competitor “.

“I am thinking of doing some sport sailing on a smaller boat with my children. For now I would like to do only regattas and not cruises. At the moment we are waiting to close the case with the insurance, there are still negotiations in progress. Then I will decide which boat to take.”

“My ideal boat model is the one I unfortunately lost.”



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