Whenever I happen to watch a video where a barber in addition to the haircut and shave full beard treatment through massage to the face or head, and the other, as is the case in Turkey in India and other parts of the world a pleasant shiver I climb from the belly to the head and then spreads throughout the body. All the tensions of the body dissolve and I feel a pleasant sense of relaxation. In a few moments later more and more into the person in the video is receiving treatment in identifying with him I feel I can almost hear the same pleasurable sensations he is feeling who really enjoys the massage of the face or head. I ‘a wonderful feeling that I wish would never end. We know that the videos do not last forever so I eventually an abrupt return to reality. Even if I feel more calm and relaxed. I realize that what I feel in watching these videos is not the case at all. At this point you do not have to try. Many experts say that to relax enough to find the so-called “Tingles” just who do the job.

Help I want to sleep

Sleep the necessary hours at night to wake up refreshed to make the most beautiful of all one needs to deal with the right determination and consciousness becomes more and more difficult especially since the evening our brains are clogged with so many thoughts that do not allow us to detach readily from all that has happened during the day or in the days before. Maybe because having done the necessary reflections we have not found a solution to a problem or we simply do not address a situation with the right substance and timeliness. All this makes us feel bad and you unconsciously accumulate stress and anxiety and physical pain, there is a growing fatigue but unfortunately you can not get to sleep. When we find ourselves in this situation, we must have the modesty to make a stop and we must relax and not be ashamed to ask for help, not to run away in front of certain situations that can happen again and that require all our strength and peace of mind to be addressed . Sleep is a basic element of good health. Sleep little and badly due to fatigue, weakening of cognitive abilities and overall reduced quality of vita.I treatments for insomnia are certainly not lacking, among the possible strategies are natural remedies, alternative therapies, cognitive therapies conportamentali some over the counter medicines and sleeping pills. Among the alternative therapies are meditation .Diverse forms of meditation involve a number of health benefits. The advantages are so many that perhaps it would be appropriate to include meditation, with exercise and a good diet, among the instruments that guarantee perfect health in the long term. Among the easiest to learn and at the same time effective meditations to relax and get to sleep is that based on the breath. Follow this video certemente that can help you relax and fall asleep.