“MTI 440X: The Excellence of Outboard Pleasure Catamarans”

The new MTI 440X is an extraordinary demonstration of excellence in the world of pleasure boats. Built by Marine Technology Inc. (MTI), this outboard catamaran is distinguished by its outstanding performance, innovative design and luxurious features. It is powered by two powerful Mercury Racing 450R engines, giving it incredible thrust through the water.


MTI is a leader in the performance boating industry, known for manufacturing high-end recreational and racing catamarans, as well as center console vee-bottom and twin outboard-powered catamarans. The outboard X-series is one of the company’s most coveted lines, and the new 440X is the largest catamaran in the series offered by MTI, along with 39- and 34-foot models.

At 44 feet (13.41 meters) long and 11 feet (3.35 meters) wide, the 440X is a powerful craft ready to dominate the waves. With a dry rigged weight of 7,000 lbs (3,175 kg) and a fuel capacity of 150 gallons (568 litres), the boat is built to reach high speeds and ensure long sessions of fun at sea.

The cockpit has seating for 8 adults: 2 seats forward, intended for the pilot and co-pilot, with a large wraparound windscreen. Directly behind are 2 more seats and a further 4 rear seats, all with ample legroom.

The two seats for the pilot and co-pilot are divided by a central support, where the throttle grips and reverse gear knobs are installed separately to allow the pilot and co-pilot to divide the tasks during navigation.

One of the strengths of the 440X is its propulsion system. Thanks to the twin Mercury Racing 450R engines, which are known for their power and reliability, the boat can reach cruising speeds in excess of 80 mph with an incredible fuel consumption of 2.5 miles per gallon. When conditions are right and the pilot is in control of the boat, it is possible to push the throttle and exceed 100 mph. This extraordinary performance makes the 440X one of the fastest and most agile outboard boats on the market.

But it’s not just the horsepower that makes the 440X special. Attention to detail and intelligent design combine to create an unparalleled boating experience.

The catamaran is designed to reach planing with a minimal amount of throttle, which improves fuel efficiency and reduces environmental impact.

The 440X’s interior is just as impressive as its exterior. The interiors are fully customizable to suit the owner’s tastes. Custom designed seats and fold-down helm cushions ensure superior comfort while underway. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art electronics guarantee total control of the boat and offer the pilot all the information necessary for safe navigation.

In addition to comfort and performance, the 440X offers a number of standard features that set it apart. Spacious stowage lockers provide ample space for storing equipment and accessories. A pull-out swim ladder makes it easy to access the water, while fender storage and cool drink holder add convenience and function.

Safety is a top priority for MTI, and the 440X features pop-up navigation lights to ensure optimal visibility when cruising at night. These details show the company’s commitment to offering a flawless browsing experience.

The 440X redefines the concept of “pleasure boating”. With its superb handling and ability to turn sharply while remaining stable at all times, the catamaran offers a smooth and safe ride. The power of Mercury Racing engines is controlled by a sophisticated rudder system that allows the pilot to steer with precision, without excessive effort.

The 440X build is another key model adding to the quality builds offered by MTI. Like all MTI catamarans, this model is built using a cored epoxy process, vacuum bagged and post cured. This construction technique makes the boat lighter and more resistant than traditional boats, ensuring greater handling and performance.

MTI has paid close attention to detail and the quality of the finish on the 440X. This catamaran stands out for its attention to detail and the use of premium materials, which contribute to its exceptional durability. With the 440X, MTI has set new industry standards for build quality, ensuring that every owner can enjoy a boat that is state-of-the-art in every respect.

Another distinguishing feature of the 440X is the wide range of custom options available. MTI understands that every owner has different needs and tastes, which is why they offer a wide selection of upgrades, from interior trims to specialty paints and wraps. In addition, you can choose from night vision options, state-of-the-art stereo systems, integrated intercom, full coverage, high-end Garmin electronics and many other possibilities. To always guarantee a completely customized and cutting-edge navigation experience with all the options available. The audio system and interior LED lighting can also be customized to suit customer preferences.

In summary, the new MTI 440X with its elegant design, outstanding performance and attention to detail, represents the best that the pleasure craft industry has to offer. The combination of power, maneuverability and comfort makes it unbeatable for anyone looking for an unforgettable sailing experience.

With the 440X, MTI has once again demonstrated its leadership in the field of high performance boats. This outboard catamaran is a real masterpiece, created to satisfy the wishes of the most demanding sailing enthusiasts. If you dream of cruising the oceans with style and speed, the MTI 440X is the ideal choice.