J/45 first major high performance offshore cruiser of J/Boats

J / Boats is a high performance sailboat builder based in Newport, Rhode Island, USA, founded by the American Rod Johnstone in 1977, later joined by his brother Bob Johnstone.

The first model made by the company, the J / 24, was the most successful, designed by Rod Johnstone in 1976 built on the basis of the “Ragtime” prototype built in the garage of the same designer.

The series production began in 1977 and immediately the boat proved to be a winner in the regatta, in the first year they expected to sell 250 boats, and in reality they sold 750 of them, becoming the most popular one-design fixed keel sailboat in the world. world and in the first twenty years a good 5,500 copies were produced.  

In the 80s, always with Rod Johnstone design, a series of other successful projects were added with numerous units produced and today J / Boats is certainly one of the builders that has sold more performance-oriented sailboats in the world.

In 1992 a new generation of the Johnstone family took over to manage J / Boats and all family members involved in the Company hold important positions such as Rod Johnstone’s son, Jeff Johnstone, who is currently the president.

In 1994 there was a turning point because the collaboration between J / Boats and J / Composites was born, a French shipyard that is committed starting from the projects of the Johnstone family to collaborate in the construction of all J / Boats boats.

J Composites is the most experienced shipyard in the world when it comes to sandwich and infusion construction, an advanced composite resin infusion technology, which allows you to build lightweight quality boats with an unmatched level of perfection twice as strong as boats in fiberglass hand cutlery.

The two teams J / Boats and J / Composites have collaborated and launched this year 2022 the J / 45, a special 45-foot offshore sailing yacht that allows you to combine competitive attitudes with those required in cruising, raising the level of comfort on board at the highest levels both during navigation and when standing still, to meet the needs of the most demanding last generation sailors who want more and more multi-role sailing yachts that stand out both as cruisers and as successful racing yachts to live always and in any case an exceptional sailing experience.  

The J / 45 is the American shipyard’s answer to this market need which, while maintaining its characteristic inclined to performing hulls, is even closer to the world of cruises. She is the first major high performance offshore cruiser designed by J / Boats and built in partnership with J / Composites.  

The boat overall is 13.85 m (45.46 ft) long, with a wide waterline equal to 12.56 m (41.20 ft), while the total maximum beam is 4.25 m (13, 95 feet), maximum draft is 2.32 m (7.60 feet), displacement 10,400 kg (22,900 lbs), ballast 4,150 kg (9,149 lbs), total sail area (mainsail + genoa) 121.00 m2, Spinnaker 180 sqm.

 J / 45 was born after a long work of collaboration and comparison between the two teams that lasted 3 years, always in the constant search for the best alignment, balance and weight distribution, together with the interior designer Isabelle Racoupeau who with her vast experience in the sector of the cruising yachts has taken care of all the interiors maximizing the comfort and elegance on board the J / 45.

In the end, all the objectives have been achieved and the J / 45 is a decidedly different boat compared to its younger sisters J112 and J122, with modern lines that are easy to steer and stable in navigation thanks to the avant-garde shape of the hull with a low center of gravity with aft stern vertical and slightly inverted bow with integrated dolphin.

This particular and distinct design, which integrates perfectly with the impressive sail plan excellent for handling and performance, has allowed to maximize the internal volume and comfort while maintaining an elegant silhouette, a minimum wetted surface and the weight estimate by far. lowest in its category, because it is made with the most recent advanced composite resin infusion technology which also guarantees exceptional constructive solidity. In addition, all bulkheads and outfitting have further bonding to the hull and deck, providing the J / 45 with greater rigidity and with it the ability to tackle all seas in any weather conditions.

The deck layout is characterized by a streamlined aerodynamic deckhouse and a safe and protected cockpit at sea that transforms into a perfect area for socializing when at anchor, equipped on both sides with comfortable benches with large backrests with retractable table central.

Further aft we find the two twin wheels where there are visible winches to make all the adjustment maneuvers on the entire sail plan.

Standard equipment and equipment are of absolute quality, and the organization of the maneuvers on deck and in the cockpit allows you to easily navigate in a small crew without fatigue and stress. If necessary, the transom can be protected by a light bimini and ends with a comfortable beach that lowers on command which, in addition to facilitating guests to enter and exit the water, there is plenty of space to sit and unwind, relax and sunbathe and enjoy the wonders of the sea up close.

The passage from the cockpit to the large side walkways is very easy and without any obstacles it is possible to walk up to the bow using, if necessary, the help of long handrails.

The interiors are the final result of a great design work that only an interior designer of level and experience in the design of cruising yachts such as French Isabelle Racoupeau could achieve, with natural light that accentuates a decidedly modern design, marked by comfort. and functionality.

It is possible to customize the internal finish with three choices of oak, walnut or teak, and you can also select from a wide range of high-end upholstery for the covering.

Depending on their needs and preferences, owners may prefer a layout that includes a saloon with two cabins, one forward and the other aft with two spacious bathrooms with separate shower and a sail locker or three cabins with the option of one. twin bed cabin. In addition, a wide range of options are available to make life on board as comfortable as possible such as watermaker, air conditioning, heating, high-end audio system, etc.

The descent below deck takes place through a ladder which is accessed from a hatch located aft of the mast.

The saloon filled with natural light, thanks to the large windows at the top and sides, is the first environment that we find entirely surrounded by cabinets with large storage spaces available.

As soon as we go down on the left, the kitchen is set up with a sink, a fridge, a freezer, a hob with several burners. The kitchen can be used in any condition because it is equipped with adequate ventilation, lighting and natural light thanks to the large windows.

On the right side we immediately find a refined chart table with a splendid seat and the navigation and system control system and later on a long sofa. On the opposite side we have the dining area with a central table surrounded by a sofa and comfortable seats.

Both inside the boat and hidden on deck there is a huge stowage space for all the equipment on board and more to tackle long cruises including the bow anchor locker.

The J / 45 represents the synthesis of all the advantageous developments and positive experiences accumulated by the shipyard in 45 years of activity with more than 15,000 boats produced, it was built for owners who want to quickly reach the farthest places on earth without giving up the pleasure of comfort and occasionally the enjoyment of regattas by planning them periodically.