Cigarette Racing 515: record of technology, design and performance

Cigarette Racing 515 is a new high performance boat of unparalleled excellence. She is the performance-oriented flagship boat of the Cigarette model family, built from the ground up with state-of-the-art technology and design processes.

The slim profile of the boat ensures optimal aerodynamics at sea, with a hull 51 feet (15.67 metres) long, 9.50 feet( 2.90 meters) wide and a maximum draft of 3.18 feet (0.97 metres).

The boat is powered by two powerful Mercury Racing V8 engines, each capable of producing 1,350hp on regular 91-octane petrol and up to 1,550hp on competition fuel. Consequently, the overall power fluctuates between 2,700 and 3,100 HP, making this boat as fast as a rocket on the sea.

The Cigarette Racing 515 is a boat that demands to be driven, with a top speed of 143 mph (231.5 km/h) and a “cruising” speed of 115 mph (185.2 km/h). 

The Cigarette Racing 515 was built using high quality components such as carbon fiber and Kevlar synthetic fiber to guarantee lightness and rigidity. Despite its dry weight of only 14,112 lb  (6,401 kg), the result is a practical, comfortable, safe and fast boat, capable of withstanding any bump, leap or anything else on the waves with truly excellent seaworthiness.

The Cigarette Racing 515 was specially commissioned via Cigarette’s Design Center, with multiple modification options to represent each owner’s personality.

The cockpit seats up to six passengers, with four seats on the rear bench and two more allocated for the pilot and co-pilot in the dedicated seats.

The helm station features a 22″ Garmin 8622 high-definition touchscreen MFD, a stainless steel tilt helm, Mercury controls with Race Digital paddle shifters, a switching IP67 certified shift system, and a JL Audio marine sound system.

In addition, Biller CNC machined footpegs with soft EVA surfaces provide a comfortable and safe ride for both rider and co-pilot.

The below-deck entrance to the forward cabin, decorated in the same opulent manner as the rest of the boat, is located between the two forward armchairs. With unique upholstery and comfortable bench-style seating, this covered, tranquil spot is ready to extend your time on the water.

The front door is electronic and includes built-in stairs. Additionally, the interior features dynamic LED lighting and useful storage compartments, as well as an embroidered Cigarette logo on the bulkhead curtain.

The price of this luxury yacht is quite high at around $2,292,000 (€2,099,257), and the buyers are generally people with high incomes who appreciate the careful research of the materials used, the attention to detail and the technology employed 

These consumers are often the same people who buy luxury cars and have high standards of quality and performance.

However, the brand itself says it seeks customers who truly appreciate the technology, fit and finish, reaffirming its dedication to providing its consumers with ultimate happiness and an unrivaled luxury experience.