Canados Gladiator 411 Carbon Series quality, lightness and speed.

A niche, that of hyper-fast boats which is a typical passion of Americans, and few others in the world, in addition to the teams that compete in offshore races, nevertheless it is a very competitive sector with companies trying to hire the best professionals many of these it comes from the Formula 1 competitions of the sea.


Indeed, it is not uncommon for the same pilots to become boat builders using their own experience gained in competitions and then build the same models set up in a recreational version, increasing comfort on board to the maximum and more according to the directives of the buyers who usually are people with a large wallet looking for the great pleasure that speed on water offers.

Another trend that always started from America and then spread to the rest of the world and to prefer outboard motors for the motorization of these boats.

The outboards do not require an engine room and can be mounted far away on a sturdy bracket at the end of the transom two, three and even four or more large outboards and at the same time increase the usability of the spaces of the boat.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to fully customize your boat by selecting not only the power but also the type of outboard to be installed. In addition they are more reliable and quieter and more easily repairable than inboard engines which are more expensive, require considerable maintenance and   have a low efficiency in terms of consumption and especially for high performance boats require a very large engine compartment to accommodate the 2 large V8 engines needed to propel the boat to a speed of 100mph.

Therefore, the choice of the type of outboard is a rather important feature for equipping a high performance pleasure boat that is why many boat builders of this type owe much of their current success to the Verado outboard line, in particular to the powerful and reliable Mercury. Racing 450R.

The builders who decide to power the boats produced with the powerful and reliable Mercury engines, all that remains is to create super-performing hulls and in this sector there is a real competition largely dominated by US manufacturers even if every now and then some builders of different nationalities offer his valid project to compete in the American market, the most flourishing in the world in the sector.

Like Canados, the historic Roman shipyard in Italy, which with its Gladiator 411 Carbon Series high-performance motor boat aims to conquer its share of the market in particular in the American one.

Canados is one of the few Italian yacht builders to produce almost everything in-house including composite hulls, decks and superstructures. 

The headquarters is in Ostia, a coastal fraction of Rome on the mouth of the Tiber river, the plant includes two private tourist ports, thanks to this position on the sea, it allows the shipyard to test and perfect every design solution in the water to obtain continuous improvement. In addition, customers can regularly introduce themselves during the construction of their new yacht and discuss directly with the project manager.

The new Gladiator 411 is a pleasure boat that retains all the characteristics of a racing boat designed and engineered by the Roman shipyard under the direct supervision of Michel Karsenti, president of Canados with a prestigious past in offshore competitions (he was 4 times champion of the world). 

Simone Cesati, expert in high-tech composite construction, and Albert Dalle Molle, consultant for high-speed boats collaborated with him.

The boat has a 13.06 m (42.10 ft) length; 3.30 m (10.82 ft) beam; Unladen displacement 3,100 Kg (6,834 lbs); Displacement at full load 4,215 Kg (9,292 lbs) with 5 passengers; Fuel tank 2,500 liters (660 US gallons); Fresh water tank 800 liters (211 US gallons); Black / gray water tank 80 l (21 US gallons);
2x Mercury Racing 450R engines; Top speed 100 mph (88 knots); Cruising speed 80 mph (70 knots); Economic cruising speed 63 mph (55 knots); Range 230 NM at 63 mph (55 knots);
Hull Ventilated hull with double step and structural bracket
Carbon fiber / Kevlar / epoxy resin with vacuum lamination.

To obtain an ultra light and resistant competitive boat with maximum maneuverability and performance, Canados uses a very advanced manufacturing technique of composite materials, mostly in carbon, using a process that uses Kevlar and epoxy resin.

This manufacturing technique made it possible to create the Gladiator 411 which has an empty weight of just 3,100 kg, about 30% less than any other model of this type on the market.

The hull design has been patented to ensure a pleasant ride through a particular thin ventilated hull with double step, designed precisely in function of extreme performance.

The aggressive external appearance, typical of a very high performance boat, does not penalize comfort on board, nor safety, due to the presence in the cockpit of the control station of 5 X-Craft cushioned seats supplied by Recaro, one of the best specialist companies. of the sector, created specifically for offshore boats, with solid padding with a strongly shaped and adjustable high backrest in combination with the pneumatic suspension, with integrated headrest fully padded and 4-point safety belt.

These seats allow you to navigate at high speeds even in rough seas, with the first two seats forward that of the driver and companion and immediately behind with ample space for the legs the other 3 seats for passengers.

In addition to the 5 seats, the new Gladiator is also equipped with a stern sundeck with two seats side by side and, below deck, a cabin with a bed of 2 meters by 3.10.

Aesthetically, the hull deck stands out because it descends towards the water to lower the boat’s center of gravity and increase stability because to run at 100 mph, the boat must necessarily be stable.

To obtain these results, the shipyard has always kept the weight and balance of the hull under control as well as lamination.On such a fast boat each element must be carefully studied to limit the overall dimensions and keep the center of gravity exactly where it should be, with a minimum margin. tolerable error.

For this reason it has been preferred to use light materials such as anodized aluminum for all the hardware while many accessories are in carbon fiber made in Italy, while other components have been chosen directly in the United States and some have been designed and produced as the handles with internal LED lighting exclusively for the construction site.

The entire upholstery of the entire hull is in Alcantara Exo a type of high quality artificial leather that is light, resistant, durable, water repellent, fire retardant, breathable, in particular very resistant to water and sunlight, all made with perfectionism and scrupulousness to highest levels.

Like all the boats of the yard, the new Gladiator 411 is painted in Awlgrip with exceptional anti-corrosion and adhesion properties.

On the dashboard of the helm station there is a Garmin 22 ”central display and two 9-inch Mercury Vessel Views.

The helm station can be placed on one side or the other, at the choice of the owner who can pilot alone or with the help of the co-pilot and divide the tasks during navigation just like on a racing boat, with a throttleman and a driver.

The engines are mounted far away at the end of the transom on a structural bracket that provides strength, stiffness and strength.

The new Gladiator 411 powered by two 450R outboard motors with Speedmaster feet, from the Verado line made by Mercury Rancing, with an emotional power of 450hp each, will be able to reach an extraordinary maximum speed of 100 mph equal to 88 knots and easily maintain a speed of cruising of 80 mph equal to 70 knots and in economy trim a speed of 63 mph equal to 55 knots. They are engines with a unique reliability with 8 cylinders in V of 4.6 liters with a volumetric compressor of 2.4.    

In this regard, the shipyard assures that with this configuration it will be possible to reach Saint Tropez from Cannes (64 miles) in just over 20 minutes; go from Ibiza to Palma de Mallorca in less than an hour and from Fort Lauderdale to Bimini (Bahamas) in 42 minutes.

For those who are not satisfied, the yard reminds that three outboard motors can also be mounted on the stern of the new Gladiator 411, in order to reach even higher speeds.

In America today, having a 14-meter boat powered by four high-powered outboard motors is normal, there are 18-meter hulls that even have 6 of these engines.

In Italy but also in Europe, making a configuration already with two or three Mercury Verado Racing 450hp outboard motors currently still represents something truly exceptional.

In America, on the other hand, it is the ideal boat for many owners who love strong emotions such as the thrill of fast sailing and to enjoy a day at sea, with an elegant and spacious cabin below deck.

 The new Gladiator 411 built with all the qualities for which the Italian shipyard is known, capable of reaching a speed between 100 and 120 miles per hour represents a turning point, as no European manufacturer has ever proposed a boat capable of competing with these. levels with the Americans in terms of speed and quality and this will not leave the American market indifferent.