Apache 30 ′ Rebel saving and performance.

Apache 30 ′ Rebel is a fast boat built by the American shipyard Apache Powerboats for high performance boat enthusiasts.  

It is currently the smallest model built with a dual engine configuration.

Apache Powerboats is known and appreciated for the production of offshore racing boats which are also set up in the pleasure version according to the directives of the buyers, maintaining the same performance characteristics of racing boats.

  The Apache 30 ‘Rebel offers fuel economy and performance and due to its small size it is more easily manageable than its big brothers, plus it has many of the same features as the larger models such as 5 people sitting inside the cockpit and is sold at an affordable price.

It is a pleasure boat that retains all the characteristics of an offshore boat that are hardly found in a 30 foot long boat.

Its main aesthetic feature that makes it an exclusive boat in the high performance boat sector is that the engine compartment is covered by a transparent hatch unlike anything ever seen on the water before.

The Apache 30 ′ Rebel is a boat built with the highest levels of quality through a set of performance elements and innovations all designed by the talented Mark McManus who also holds the position of president of Apache Powerboats

The first model was built years ago and today is built with more advanced technology that is updated more and more over time.

McManus has developed and introduced a whole host of innovations to the high performance marine industry, many of which are present in this boat.

 In particular, McManus hulls are made through the combination of an advanced composite of Kevlar and carbon fiber and are known to last more than 30 years, which is incredible in a high performance boat designed for rough seas.

In particular, the Apache 30 ‘Rebel hull was made of hand-laid composite; biaxial and triaxial S marine glass laminate with high density core drilling; with Kevlar hull and deck joined together.

The hull has a quality unmatched by any other high performance deep V hull.   

Apache 30 ‘Rebel was built for fast boaters for the pleasure of racing with the entire cockpit covered in fabulous upholstery and protected by a wraparound windshield that covers all occupants of the boat.

The flooring is in marine rubber with 2 seats forward for the driver and companion and immediately behind another 3 seats for passengers with all adjustable seats with ergonomic support.

The helm station with the control systems was built to best meet the driver’s needs and preferences.

The upholstery of the seats with large padding is coordinated with the color of the boat’s exterior.

The entire cockpit of the command post is equipped with cup holders, convenient storage compartments.

From the colors to the seams of the seats to the contours of the entire upholstery, everything has been created with perfectionism and scrupulousness to satisfy the tastes and preferences of the most demanding customers.

To customize the boat and make it unique, the customer can choose the theme of the graphics to have the sides of the hull painted or choose from those proposed, once the choice is made it will be his personal one will no longer be suggested to other customers, in addition he will be able to select from one endless list of options, such as navigation system, powertrain and more.

One of the characteristics of the Apache brand is that all the control elements of the boat are engraved separately on the dashboard such as: rev counter; hour meter; oil pressure; oil temperature; fuel pressure; fuel; water temperature and GPS speedometer again; voltmeter; engine alarm system; digital sonar. All these components can have white, silver or black fronts at the customer’s choice which in addition to being very functional because they all look good in all weather / sea conditions, these elements on the dashboard are a real delight for the eyes.

 Apache 30 ‘Rebel is 30 feet (9.14 m) long and 8 feet 6 inches (2.59 m) wide; has a maximum fuel capacity of 130 US gallons equal to 2 tanks of 492 liters; a 34 inch draft equal to 0.8636 meters; displacement (estimated) 6,800 pounds equal to 3,084 kgi; Deadrise 24 °.

It is an unrivaled style boat with a deep V design set up with a cockpit for 5 seated occupants, with 2 staggered engines with rudder on the center line of the boat. The ride is stable and safe even in the most severe conditions and the performance is vibration-free for perfect and precise alignment, balance and weight distribution of the internal components.

It is a boat set up in a recreational version where comfort has been increased to the maximum and attention to the smallest details, illuminated by a LED system, built to make the race on the sea as pleasant and safe as possible.

If you want, when you are stationary, you can create a sunbathing area in the bow, equip yourself with a cold room and a powerful stereo in the cockpit.

The engine compartment covered by a transparent tailgate allows you to admire the details of the engines from above. To reach them, simply activate the mechanism that raises this exclusive tailgate by tilting it and thus ensuring good access to the engines.

In the engine compartment you can install various configurations of engines that can push the boat up to reach, conditions permitting, a maximum three-digit speed always with a stable, safe and protected drive.

The most powerful configuration is the one that includes a twin pair of 565 hp Mercury Racing 565 inboard engines powered by 89 octane petrol with Bravo One XR ITS transmission compatible with Mercury Racing Zero Effort digital controls and joy stick piloting.

 This 565 package with Bravo-1 XR ITS (Integrated Transom Syst) has been tested and optimized to power V-bottom boats and high performance catamarans.