The Zodiac sign of Aries ruled by Mars its gems are the ruby and stones red.
imagesHUPRTWXFariMarch 21-April 20

The Zodiac of TORO earth sign ruled by Venus Gemstone bull is the emerald for its lively green color
untitledtoroApril 21 to May 20.

The Zodiac TWINS air sign ruled by Mercury, agate is the hard stone indicated for those born under the sign of the twins or the cat’s eye.
images3EQWNRJ8gemMay 21 to June 21.

The Zodiac sign of CANCER water dominated by the Moon among the precious stones Pearl is suitable for those born under the sign of cancer but also the madraperla and white coral.
segnizodiacali003cancroJune 22 to July 22.

The Zodiac LION sign ruled by the Sun’s fit stones that give off the sunlight like topaz and amber.
leoneJuly 23 to August 23.

The Zodiac sign of the VIRGIN earth sign ruled by Mercury gems favorable for those born under the sign of the virgin are twins but also the stones with blue tones of gray as the carnelian.
images25YX3691vergAugust 24 to September 22.

The Zodiac sign of Libra air with an address of the planet Venus gems that fit are the emerald and jade and zircon green / blue
oroscopo-2015-bilanciaSeptember 23 to October 22.

The Zodiac sign of Scorpio water dominated by Pluto with nocturnal house of Mars its gems ranging from dark red to brown-red jasper.
imagesscorpioneOctober 23 to November 22.

The Zodiac sign of Sagittarius fire sign ruled by Jupiter according to tradition. The are are congenial blue stones like sapphire, the turquoise.
images3QFB3YQJsagNovember 23 to December 21.

The Zodiac sign of Capricorn Earth sign ruled by Saturn in Capricorn fit the dark gems such as onyx and black opal.
imagesV5HG2CJNcaprDecember 22 to January 20.

The Zodiac AQUARIUM air sign ruled by Uranus accords with fluorescent gems like opal champion, the cat’s eye.
imagesJ451EA6BacqJanuary 21 to February 19.

The Zodiac FISH sign of water dominated by Neptune’s talisman quintessential fish that can not be the pearl, as well as coral and aquamarine.

February 20 to March 20.


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