Us who we relax through pleasant noises that we perceive, as the bubbling water, the clicking of nails on the table, the switching on and off of the matches, the rubbing of hands, the sound of the sea, the waves against the rocks, diced


wood touching, the rain on the windows, the birds singing, the crackling of the fire, the wind blowing, crickets in the summer, the water that bubbles, the wine poured, remote bells, carbonated drinks on ice, choir singing, scissors cutting, and more. With thew same sensitivity e can not stand some noises that are even hated so that we flee or try to tapparci ears when we feel the likelihood that some may enter the ear and to the brain causing inevitable irritations.

As the sound of chalk or nails that are rubbing on the blackboard, stuff to freeze the blood, the knife blade on the bottle, the glass on the forks, the screeching of the knife on the plate, the car alarm, someone who grinds his teeth, someone who spits, dogs barking, the screeching brakes, the creaking door, the leaky faucet, the jackhammer, the noise of the drill and more. Us that we can enjoy through many sounds that are imperceptible, in the same way is more amplified the perception of unpleasant sounds. We share a keen sensitivity to the two ends of the spectrum of the sound waves. We perceive pleasant low-frequency noises while there are annoying the medium and high frequency noise. We have a tendency to perceive sounds globally in a more intense way than the average. For this a whispered voice makes us feel good and relaxes us and a horn in traffic irritates us and stresses. We are wanting it or not we are made well.

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