Wally 93 sailboat was born to win.


It is not uncommon for owners who are passionate about sailing after traveling around the world with their boat are no longer satisfied because they want something more, such as to participate in sailing competitions not only to make numbers but to fight to win.

Usually it is the sailor who feels a strong emotion when establishing a route, manages to steer the boat reaching the maximum possible course for certain meteorological conditions, having the awareness that more than that pace can not proceed.
Or simply for those who love the speed that is perceived at sea with the sailboat that is much higher than that which is recorded on land, inside a car with the sky as its roof.
To win you know you need to have a sailboat that has particular characteristics, so for many it remains a dream but not for a wealthy sailboat enthusiast who, with a very large budget, already owner of a Wally boat, asked to develop a powerful boat that has all the necessary requirements to establish itself in the most important international regattas. From this specific request Wally 93 was built.
The biggest giants in the sector have been involved in this project. The head of architecture is the famous designer Rolf Vrolijk of Judel / Vrolijk & Co.
Judel / Vrolijk & Co is a company founded in 1978 with an associated studio with an international reputation formed by highly qualified and experienced designers specialized in the design of sailing yachts for competition and beyond. In addition to taking care of their projects, they also work for external customers, where a perfect combination of shapes and functions is required to obtain optimal aesthetics and product performance.

Wally, on the other hand, has developed the external profile, while the Milanese company San Tabù has collaborated with the shipyard with its craftsmanship, expertise and Made in Italy design. This boat amalgamates the main characteristics of Wally with the unmistakable naval architecture of Judel / Vrolijk.
The boat has been designed to ensure comfort and performance, therefore competitive for regattas and comfortable for cruises.
93 feet long equal to 28.30 meters and 6.65 meters wide this boat also follows the Wally consolidated style, the deck is very clean with free spaces for life on board well separated from those intended for maneuvers.
The project certainly benefits from the experience accumulated by the lines of Wally 107 Open Season (formerly Wallycento Hamilton) leader of the Wally class, multiple winner of the Maxi72 world championship, also designed by Judel / Vrolijk.

Wally 93 has been made with composite materials which uses unidirectional high modulus carbon fibers to decrease its weight and increase rigidity.
The wing of 503 square meters is particularly powerful for its displacement of just 35.5 tons such that the sail / displacement surface ratio is better than that of the Wallycento.
The architecture has been designed to become the most competitive in the Wally class, very powerful upwind and optimized for medium-light wind conditions, capable of starting to plan with 16 knots of wind and exceeding the speed of the real wind with ease.
The propulsion without sail is ensured by a single 255 hp Steyr diesel engine. A lifting keel allows to increase the draft from 4.5 meters to 6.2 meters to optimize the righting moment.
The interior layout was designed to accommodate 6 guests in 3 cabins with private bathrooms. The kitchen, lounge and crew quarters are located halfway up the boat to concentrate the weights as much as possible in the center of the boat. The master stateroom is located forward to increase privacy while the two aft guest cabins. A hallway divides the owner’s area from the crew area.
The choice to make only three cabins is to ensure a lot of space for guests but also a lot of privacy, thanks to the clear separation between the work areas and relationships from those intended for the cabins.

The sailing yacht Wally 93 called Nahita was launched, as perfectly planned by the work plans, in April 2018 at the Performance Boats factory in Marina di Ravenna which engineered it.
In this regard, Luca Bassani, creator, founder and president of Wally declares:
“Nahita, it is light and powerful. Its shapes derive from the experience gained in designing the boats that have won in the Wally class in the past four years.”
“Wally 93 benefits from the experience of Open Season, the leader of the Wally class, multiple winner of the Maxi72 world championship, also a project by Judel Vrolijk.
Wally 93 is very light and powerful with a displacement of just 35.5 tons and an even more powerful ratio-displacement sail surface than Wallycentos. ”
“Wally 93 fully reflects Wally DNA to combine exceptional cruising skills and exceptional performance.
In addition, the bridge is ultra-clean with huge living spaces.
She is so beautiful to fall in love at first sight! “.
Rolf Vrolijk of Judel Vrolijk & Co., head of naval architecture, comments as follows:
“Very powerful, Wally 93 is streamlined for the Wally Class racing circuit (a series of spectacular regattas). Performance is optimized for light and medium conditions: the yacht will have the opportunity to start gliding with 16 knots of wind and easily able to overcome the true wind speed “.

Main technical characteristics
Length overall: 28.30 m
Width: 6.65 m
Draft: 4.5 to 6.2 meters
Displacement: 35.5 t
Upwind sail area: 503 m2
Main sail area: 1059 sq m
Naval Architecture: Judel Vrolijk

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