Multiple choice questions on basic # Fifth group excel

We continue with our series of multiple choice questions on excel base.Con this fifth series of ten questions mean it is mainly to focus attention on one of the functions of the family research and reference, as used in ‘current use of excel . With these questions surely you are able to understand what is your degree of preparation of this feature and the correct syntax associated with it.

Visit Washington


Any person for any reason is in the United States of America can not go home without visiting the capital before Washington and its attractions. First of all the famous White House , the official residence of the US president is in the middle of an architectural complex with a lot of Italian style. The White House is connected to the Capitol, seat of the Congress, through Pennsylvania Avenue one of the main streets of Washington.
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Paris metropolitan city

Paris is a large metropolitan city rich European history, culture, museums, monuments, churches and architectural squares.
Even in Paris, like all big cities, should move through the underground network consists of 13 lines that intersect with each other throughout the city. Things to see in Paris are so many then everyone makes their own choices according to the time available and your taste. The following are a number of attractions that many tourists have visited the world but everyone can choose what they like best.
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