Places to Visit in Amalfi Coast

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We start from Amalfi Legend has it that Hercules founded Amalfi on the grave of his beloved called Amalfi who had eyes the color of the sea. This legend is the true story it says that Amalfi has ancient origins dating back to Roman times at war with the barbarians. Maritime activities have always been the main economic sources. Amalfi is now the largest town in the center of the Amalfi Coast declared a “World Heritage Site in Italy” by UNESCO.

Catturaamalficosta The most striking part of the town along the sea, then go up and you get to the old town with many shops with souvenirs and local products of which we remember the lemon delights made from the lemons of the terraces of Amalfi. Then after you come to the Cathedral of Amalfi, where a visit is a must.


POSITANO Catturapositano3

The first town on the Amalfi Coast from the north is a unique place to Positano with high turnout also frequented by actors, directors and VIPs who find themselves all in this wonderful place.

Catturapositanodisera Continuing to reach Praiano with its resort, Marina di Praia with an ancient Saracen watchtower. One of the most romantic walks in the spectacular Costiera.Da Praiano part the famous “Path of the Gods”, a long walk.

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FURORE Furore 20Ponte%%% 20sul 20fiordo

Continuing meet Furore. We must say that Furore is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Top view of the road bridge you will be enchanted. In this fishing village was consumed the romance between Anna Magnani and Roberto Rossellini feature of Furore is that the beach is narrow and deep always fresh because the sun illuminates only the early afternoon. The water is crystal clear with the bottom Pubbles. Furore% 20borgo% 20medioevale 20visto%%% 20dal 20ponte Fishing village very beach is used for drying fishing nets. Squid and potatoes is a dish of Furore.
ATRANI 5atrani

Soon after we find the town of Amalfi Atrani which is spread over one square kilometer and retains the typical architecture of the Middle Ages.
The pretty little beach from which still today leave the fishing boats for their hard work and a steep rock face shake the town giving it the classic look from manger emphasized during the holiday season by lighting consists of multicolored lights.

MINORS minori_sera_ Minor, a town rich in history, tradition and attractions paesaggistiche.Città Taste but, above all, a seaside town, Minori is nestled at the foot of the mountains Lattari. The beach is shorter than that of Maiori, just 250 meters, the beach stretches Minor has free and three plants with sun beds and umbrellas. Its southern exposure makes it excellent for a long sunbath.

MAIORI sh-02 maiori

We do not know with certainty the identity of the founders of the town of Maiori. The first traces of permanent settlements date back to ancient Rome where you have the original name of Reghinna Major gave the river that flows into the inlet of today as opposed to Maiori Reghinna Minor gave the smallest of course ‘water which flows into the nearby bay of Minori. Catturasipaggia maiori Maiori has the longest beach, and one of the few beaches of the Amalfi Coast. At the two ends, the free portions. Much of the sandy, however, is occupied by beaches. It is among the popular with families with children.

CETARA Catturacetara

The small houses overlooking the sea. A church and a tiled dome. A Cetara you can taste the anchovy and tuna best of the Amalfi Coast. If you love the convenience and do not want to leave the small village, choose the beach of Marina. Azure water and sun at will throughout the afternoon.

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Vietri sul Mare is the first town on the Amalfi coast, which meets coming from Salerno which is only three kilometers, the last coming from the sea nord.Dal sprouting Two Brothers, the small cliffs of Vietri sul Mare.Nelle streets of Vietri, you can where shopping is almost a rite buy ceramics decorated by master craftsmen.