Ferrari 3.0L V12 – 1995 Ferrari 412 T2 engine singing.


The V12 engine mounted on Monoposto Ferrari 412 T2 of 1995 will be remembered as the engine with the roar of the most beautiful Formula 1 Fans appreciated him over to the power for the unique unmistakable sound of its roar a veritable symphony to the ears of fans . Now that goes to hybrid engines hardly resend an engine sound as nice as that of the V12 Ferrari F1 championship in 1995 he led then by the drivers Jean Alesi and Gerhard Berger. With the V12 engine 1995 Ferrari won just one Grand Prix in Canada and he finished in third place in the Constructors’ because of the lack of reliability in the race but nonetheless found that engine remained at the heart of all fans. We resend the roar of the V12 through a video recorded at the time nell’autodromo Monza.

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